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Theme: "The Currency of"

This event occurred on
February 24, 2024
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

We're thrilled to share with you the captivating theme of this year's TEDxMintStreet event: "The Currency of ____." This theme goes beyond the traditional notion of currency and delves into the many facets that define what holds value in our lives, society, and the world at large.

Imagine a world where value isn't solely defined by monetary worth, but rather by the richness of experiences, ideas, and connections. As we explore "The Currency of," we're challenging ourselves to uncover the hidden currencies that shape our perspectives.

2400 Greenland Ave
Charlotte, North Carolina, 28208
United States
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Brittany Raji Alberty

Mamapreneur and Socialite
Brittany Raji Alberty is a proud mamaprenuer & socialite who uses matchmaking as an attraction marketing strategy to connect working moms to the community that they need. Alberty has coached & mentored over 100 women with her programs and partnerships with Urban League Women’s Business Center, SCORE Mentors, Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber and many more entrepreneur support organizations. She have over 10 years experience in non profit organizations championing community by working in black & brown populations specializing in outreach marketing, group facilitation, and community engagement. She was named Best Brand & Marketing Strategist on the top 50+ black marketers on the rise 2022 list by the African American Marketing Association. Alberty also has a bachelor's degree in Communications and certificate of Public Relations from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. Her favorite saying is “community is the future of commerce.”

Carolina Marrelli

Chief Intentionality Officer | Holistic Health Coach
Carolina Marrelli marches to the beat of her own drummer. In fact, she is a drummer....and a guitar player, singer, foil fencer (yes, she plays with swords for fun), writer, artist, and human trafficking abolitionist. But most importantly, she is a happy wife, Mom of two boys and a woman rooted deep in her faith. In fact, she spent over 15+ years in full time music ministry, breathing life and pouring encouragement into the thousands of people in the many churches in which she served. After surviving a deadly health crisis and being taken on a wild ride she did NOT sign up for, Carolina was called to a new form of service; one which required her to hang up her guitar, go back to university and blaze a new trail -- one that had no tour guide or map to help guide her. She is now a Holistic Health Coach and serves women in the area of health and wellness in the corporate -- and sacred -- arenas.

Cybele Safadi

Emotional Intimacy and Attachment Coach
Cybele Safadi is an Emotional Intimacy and Attachment Coach, offering a unique perspective on attachment styles by using art and media to capture the essence of modern relationships. She draws inspiration from her personal journey, shifting from being anxious to earning a more secure attachment style when it comes to love and friendships. With a Master's in Public Policy from NYU's School of Public Service, Cybele's background in policy research and analysis translates to her ability to coach people within complex relationship systems. She offers relatable insights into these dynamics by breaking down scenes from popular TV shows and movies on her TikTok account (@cybele.pov). During her first year at a NYC FinTech, Cybele’s leadership and coaching style won her the “Pursue Happiness Award.” She’s also been a featured guest on podcasts including the popular “It’s A Lot” with Abbie Chattfield.

Dr. Evisha Ford

Dream Curator & Equity Designer
Dr. Evisha Ford, LCSW is a mother, thought leader, and the Founding Executive Director of iCan Dream Center, a therapeutic school in Illinois that serves neurodiverse learners and their families. Dr. Evisha is the author of the book Benches in the Bathroom: Leading a Physically, Emotionally, and Socially Safe School Culture. She began her career serving inner-city homeless youth in Chicago. Dr. Evisha was recruited by Chicago Public Schools, launching her path in education. She is a former Assistant Superintendent, Director of Special Education, and Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership. With a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Aurora University. Dr. Evisha is a national and internationally sought after thought leader and consultant who specializes in trauma-compassionate leadership, cultural and racial equityand topics related to effective school and nonprofit leadership.

Dr. Grace Stephens

Transformation Agent
Dr. Grace Alexis Stephens is currently Chancellor of Generations College, where she once served as one of the youngest college presidents in America. She is the first woman to hold the presidency post at this 120-year-old institution. Prior to joining Generations, Stephens held positions at Duke University as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and as Executive Director of the Comprehensive Education Institute for Duke University Health System. She was an executive-level business developer, profit and loss manager for Kaplan, Inc., and a business relationship manager for Goldman Sachs & Co. on Wall Street. A native New Yorker, Stephens received her B.A. from the State University of New York; an M.A. from New York University; an Ed.M. from Columbia University; an Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania; and she studied at the Institute for Higher Education at Harvard University. She is an ordained pastor and holds credentials at the doctoral level from seminary.

Emily Green

CEO | Founder | Incubator
The Founder and CEO of Grace Communications, Emily Green, has over 15 years of experience leading marketing, public relations, event planning, and business development efforts for companies all over the United States. She has demonstrated a history of success with helping develop new companies and departments as well as extensive event planning and social media experience. She also has been responsible for public relations efforts in top markets all over the country such as Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Charlotte. Her passion for marketing and helping businesses grow is what led her to form Grace Communications. When she’s not leading growth within her agency or for her agency’s clients, Emily loves to spend time with her husband, daughter, and pets. She’s a nature enthusiast who loves running, hiking, and biking.

Holly R. Hughes

Intuitive Healer
Holly Raychelle Hughes is an award-winning author, intuitive healer, and dedicated humanitarian. You may have heard her voice on one of the hundreds of podcasts or networks she's contributed to. Drawing inspiration from her journey, Holly channels her life experiences and utilizes her special gifts to offer unique guidance and healing. Specializing in navigating emotional pivots and life transitions, she firmly believes that one's past is not a defining factor but an integral part of their story, allowing individuals to shape their future. Holly employs a compassionate, step-by-step process to empower clients to reclaim their voices, pursue their passions, and recognize their self-worth. Her book, "REAL, NOT PERFECT: How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self," serves as a transformative guide, encouraging individuals to break free from societal expectations and uncover the version of themselves they aspire to be.

Kathryn Carter

Rockstar Reader Coach
Kathryn P. Carter, M.Ed. is a best-selling, award winning children’s author and founder of the Rockstar Reader Academy©. During her 35-year career, she served as the Director of Language Arts and Testing, adjunct reading professor, reading specialist, and classroom teacher. Currently, Ms. Carter is a consultant, coach, and creator of the Ten Steps to Reading Success© parent workshop. Her goal is to help a million children become rockstar readers.

Khanyisa Mnyaka

Self-Love Coach
Khanyisa's journey began in a world where toxic and abusive relationships were all too familiar. Growing up, she observed the women in her life sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of others. As she grew up and entered into intimate relationships, Khanyisa realized that she too had adopted the pattern of self-sacrifice and self-abandonment. This revelation ignited a deep desire within her to break the cycle, find a path to authentic self-love and help others do the same. Khanyisa is a Self Love Coach on a mission to empower women to overcome people-pleasing, allowing them to live as their most authentic, confident, and empowered selves. Her approach is built upon three fundamental pillars: self-awareness, self-compassion, and healthy boundaries, recognizing that these elements often pose significant challenges for those caught in the cycle of people-pleasing. Khanyisa is a Certified Counselor and Life Coach and holds a BA in Psychology.

Rich Gilliam

Richnovated "Chief Evolution Officer '' of STEM PLUG
Rich Gilliam, known as Richnovated, is dedicated to diversifying the STEM landscape, drawing motivation from his upbringing in Philadelphia, PA. With a background in science and engineering, he lives by the term #embracethejourney, finding joy in helping others discover their transferable skills. An award-winning author and founder of STEM PLUG, Rich excels in advocating for STEM education. He hosts the STEM PLUG PODCAST and serves as President of the RTP Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. Connect with him on, Instagram @richnovated, and LinkedIn Rich “Richnovated” Gilliam.

Shannon Grant

Authenticity Activist
Shannon Grant is a Managing Director on the Senior Relationship Management (SRM) team within the Markets Division of Wells Fargo’s Corporate and Investment Bank. In her role she is responsible for engaging with asset managers, financial sponsors and hedge funds, deepening and broadening their points of involvement with Wells Fargo’s Markets businesses, and other opportunities and partners across the enterprise. Outside of Wells Fargo, Shannon sits on the boards of Alexander Youth Network and Charlotte Wine & Food. She also enjoys mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs historically underrepresented in venture capital, through her affiliation with Golden Seeds Angel Network, Portfolia Funds, Radix Innovation Capital, and other angel investing communities. Shannon received a B.A. with an emphasis in Finance from Howard University in 2007, where she was also a four-year member of the varsity volleyball team.

Tamara Park

CEO of StoryNow
Tamara Park is an award-winning director, published author and patent holder who’s deeply energized by emboldening leaders to live a great story. She has worked on 5-continents—from the Amazon to Zanzibar—and knows what it takes to build swift and sturdy trust, galvanize teams to pull off audacious feats and have fun doing it. By working with hundreds of people (from entrepreneurs in Cuba to EU leaders countering terrorism, fashion designers in Brazil to Parliament Members in Burundi, priests to backpackers she interviewed on her pilgrimage from Rome to Jerusalem), Tamara loves meeting people where they are and inviting them into a bigger story. She revels in bringing together different perspectives to accomplish a common goal. In her work around the world she has seen how stories have the power to help people heal, grow, act and give. Tamara is the CEO of StoryNow who invests her expertise in equipping leaders, teams and companies to live a great story.

Zahn Patin

Zahn Patin (Pah-tan) founded The Wonder Group, a Management Consulting firm focusing on promoting equity through projects and programs that improve the world. The firm implements strategies and programs that transform the ways we live, work, and do business. Zahn aims to close economic disparity gaps by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, community outreach, workforce development, and training initiatives across the Southeastern region of the United States. Throughout her career, she has worked with Fortune 200 companies, like Celanese (Sell-ah-Neese) Chemicals, Novartis, and KPMG. As a thought leader and trainer, she has curated workshops, shaping conversations with construction industry leaders working to destroy bias and systems of racism in the Built Industry. She supported clients like The Green Building Initiative and the Construction Management Association of America, the National Institute of Building Sciences and leaders at Parkland Hospital and Atrium Health.

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