Burleigh Heads
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Theme: Humans for Humans

February 17, 2024
2:00pm - 7:30pm AEST
(UTC +10hrs)
Burleigh Waters, Queensland
This event is open to the public.
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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming TEDxBurleighHeads event featuring the compelling theme, "Humans for Humans." This unique and immersive gathering aims to explore the immense potential of human collaboration and empathy in shaping a brighter future for all. Our fantastic speakers are set to dive deep into the aspects of human nature, offering inspiring insights, innovative perspectives, and transformative initiatives to address the pressing challenges we all face in our world today. Through captivating talks, invigorating presentations, and inclusive discussions, we will explore the essence of what it means to be human and highlight how we can leverage our unique qualities to create a world that is more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable. Join us for a thought-provoking journey of exploring the boundless potential of "Humans for Humans," where you will be stirred, challenged, and inspired to become a changemaker and make a positive impact in your sphere of influence.
Tickets on sale to the public from October 1 2023

Marymount College
333 Reedy Creek Road
Burleigh Waters, Queensland, 4220
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Brie Taylor

Singer / Songwriter / Performer
Brie Taylor has been performing professionally for more than 20 years in Australia and overseas, including some of the largest arenas across America. Brie’s experience includes working as a singer, songwriter, choreographer, performer, session singer, author, motivational speaker, producer, spokesperson, presenter, writer, vocal, performance and life coach. Brie toured throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA for five years in a children’s entertainment group, Rocfish. After relocating to live in the USA, Brie spent three years singing, speaking and emceeing for a women’s conference whose events have been attended by more than five million people. In 2015 Brie started her own singing school called Brie Taylor Vocal & Performance. Brie has taught students from all ages to sing with confidence and vocal skill. Brie believes “everyone can sing” and is on a mission to help spread the word, so more people can enjoy this amazing gift we all share.

Chris Parsons

TV Presenter and Producer/MC/Host/Speaker/Production Company Director
Chris Parsons is an Australian television presenter and accomplished producer with a remarkable career spanning 18 years. His journey in the television industry has encompassed iconic shows such as 'Weekender,' 'Creek to Coast,' 'Great Aussie Road Trips,' and a pivotal role as the host of the national lottery program two nights every week. Chris's work is characterized by an intimate and profound connection with the tourism industry in Queensland. His unwavering passion and extensive knowledge are vividly evident in his numerous hosting endeavors throughout the state, where he delves into Queensland's natural wonders, from lush rainforests to coastal paradises. Beyond his on-screen presence, Chris contributes significantly to the industry. He serves as a director on the board of Southern Queensland Country Tourism, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the tourism landscape.

David McCubbin

Founder and Managing Director, Corporate Dramatist
As COUP Founder and Managing Director, David has pioneered the adoption of skills and disciplines from dramatic art as effective learning and development mechanisms in dozens of blue-chip corporations across banking, professional services, retail, pharma, telecoms, tertiary education, social housing and government. He has designed and delivered countless development programs for senior leaders and provided executive coaching to C-suite execs, CEO's and senior academics. He founded COUP with Annie in 2001. Since then they have delivered programs across Australasia and abroad.

Dr Cher McGillivray

Assistant Professor Clinical Psychologist
Dr Cher Jayne McGillivray is Assistant Professor at Bond University, Director of Seed of Hope Psychology, Keynote Speaker, Author, Researcher and Musician committed to helping individuals flourish for life. She is an advocate for children to be cared for and protected from violence, abuse, and neglect to develop in the best possible way. Dr Cher shares her voice to begin to rebuild the human disconnect from self to focus on the person you want to be than the person you are always trying to fix. Her work stems from a desire to help individuals rebuild their lives passed down from intergenerational brokenness to a generation of wholehearted courageous families. Communicating and connecting authentically with individuals is the key to breaking silence and suppression keeping many from living wholeheartedly if they keep safeguarding their self-authenticity rather than letting it transform them.

Dr Kaushik Ram

Dr Kaushik Ram is a distinguished Neuroscientist, Author and Board Member. Formerly based at Brain and Mind Institute, University of Sydney, Dr. Ram was the project lead for the implementation of AI in clinical workflow. He was responsible for the successful design and deployment of the MS Federated Imaging Repository (MSBIR) - an AI-assisted Neuroinfomatics Platform housing 75,000 multiple sclerosis patients. A sought after speaker, Dr Ram’s evidence-based research has been applied to leadership programs for enterprise and government. He gained international recognition for his pioneering work on the neuroscience of the heart. He is the Chief Scientific Advisor and Board Member at inTruth Technologies merging biometrics and AI for emotion regulation. He has been featured in multi-award winning documentaries and is the author of Hidden World, a book that pushes the boundaries of science and spirituality.

Estelle Hope

Artist and Singer
Estelle is a singer, songwriter, visual artist, teacher and transformational educator with a passion for sparking conversation and social change through the arts. Estelle enjoys living in Townsville with her husband and three children. Her art and videoclips celebrate the beauty and vibrant nature of her environment. Estelle invites us through her work, to connect to our future selves with hope, and to create a life we love through accessing the principles of creation. Everyone is born an artist. Discover why tapping into your creative genius, so often orphaned in childhood, will transform your life.

Katharine McLennan

CEO Confidante
Katharine is an executive, consultant, coach, and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience with over 50 organisations across all sectors of the economy. Inside organisations, she has been the Chief People Officer of CBA and Cochlear. As a consultant, she has focused on the integration of strategy and psychology, working for consulting companies such as Booz, Allen & Hamilton and Heidrick & Struggles. Katharine has assessed and developed hundreds of executives in their ability to integrate strategy, implementation, culture, team leadership, and inner psychology. She proved her operational mettle in one of the largest projects in the world with her role as Head of Operational Planning for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, 1996-2000. Katharine has an undergraduate degree with highest honours in Neuroscience and History (Duke University), an MA degree in Political Science (UNSW) and an MBA with highest honours (Stanford University).

Michelle Cannan

Transformation Coach for Life and Leadership
Michelle is an absolute powerhouse of knowledge, a skillful facilitator & entertaining speaker who illuminates a profound pathway that transforms perceived limitation into actualised potential for every human to know the freedom of their essential nature. She has integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine, NLP, EFT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotic Techniques & Quantum Physics to create a proven 5 phase transformational process known as the SAccess Method ™️ Having guided and supported thousands of people from corporates to creatives, Michelle has a strong emphasis on empowering Emotional Intelligence through her signature techniques to access causative issue to then align personal & professional values to increase productivity, communication, and overall wellbeing.

Relmi Damiano

Creative Director & Intuitive - About My Brain
Relmi serves as the Creative Director of the About my Brain Institute, a leadership and personal development organisation that empowers individuals to lead with confidence, compassion, and purpose by harnessing the potential of their brain, body, and spirit. In addition to her creative pursuits, she has been lecturing and mentoring emerging designers since 2011, initially at Billy Blue College of Design and now at the University of Sydney. Currently, Relmi is engaged in research at the Design Lab of Sydney University, exploring the convergence of strategic design, innovation management, leadership, coaching, applied neuroscience, and biohacking technologies to enhance well-being and foster creativity. Additionally, Relmi possesses a deep passion for intuitive development. She firmly believes that activating one's intuition can unlock a profound sense of purpose and fulfilment in life.

Samantha Dzabic

Executive Consultant
Samantha Dzabic is an experienced Human Resources professional, passionate about organisational transformation with a main focus on the people side of change, especially stakeholder and risk management. She has worked for both public and private organisations as the Head of Transformation. Her interests and research are in leadership development, neuroscience and the impact of technological, political and environmental changes on organisational behaviour. Samantha is currently conducting a project on Ageism with high-profile clients and organisations.

Simon Rowe

Founder | CEO Sleepbus
Seeing the tiredest man he’d ever seen, describing him as ‘tired to his core’, Simon set about finding a solution to help rough sleepers. After spending a scary sleepless night, undercover as a homeless person in a shelter, he knew what ever he did had to actually provide a person with a safe sleep. This meant giving them a door. The first of its kind in the world solution for rough sleepers was born a year later; Sleepbus.

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