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Theme: Empowering Voices for Brilliant Futures

This event occurred on
September 23, 2023
Guatemala, Guatemala

As a group of young students, we hope someday we can see more young voices spreading their ideas all around the world, but for now, we are encouraging the meaningful contribution of ideas among our community. There are many brilliant ideas that can change our current perspective, and sharing those ideas can lead to a greater and more comprehensive world.

American School of Guatemala
11 Calle 15-79
Zone 15
Guatemala, Guatemala, 01015
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ana Carlos Echeverria Salazar

Ana is a dedicated individual whose beliefs and actions are driven by a deep commitment to feminism and women’s empowerment. With a determined passion for equality, she always advocates for the rights and recognition of women in all aspects of life. As a feminist, Ana firmly believes that every individual, regardless of gender, should have equal opportunities and access to all resources. In every endeavor, Ana aims to inspire others to start advocating for women’s rights in Guatemalan society, because the desire to change our society is enough to make it happen.

Andres Alvarez Haese

Andres Alvarez is a current senior at the American School of Guatemala. His topic spoke to him because as innovators, we should collectively think about humanity's future, not as a responsibility, but an opportunity for growth. By day, he is present in many CAG organizations in leadership positions and plays sports as well. During his freetime, Andres loves to read and write as well as work on his pet project, an electric go kart.

Andrés Guillermo Gonzalez Menegazzo

Andrés is a lovely human being that feels passionate about learning in his current senior year of high school. As a naturally curious individual, he prides himself on his studies and knowledge. Ever since he was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) at a young age, Andrés experienced firsthand what learning is to him and how it differs from others. However, he does not let this change how he sees the world. His creativity and artistry separate him from others, and he hopes it will guide him into an amazing career where he can help more people.

Eunha Kang

Eunha Kang, a current tenth-grade student, possesses a keen eye for human relationships and society, which fuels her aspirations to create balance. Her observations are frequently depicted in her artwork and writing. In addition to her creative endeavors, Eunha is currently the vice-chair of the AASCA debate team and a dedicated photographer for the yearbook staff; an enthusiast of self-expression.

Héctor David Téllez Lemus

Héctor Téllez is a current Senior at the American School of Guatemala and forms part of the AP Capstone Diploma Program and Founder of Project ¿Que haría Yo si fuera Presidente? He has a wide variety of interests and hobbies, some of them being cardistry, sports, and videogames. He comes from an integrated and very close family of six that enjoy spending time together. Like many, he has a lot of dreams and hopes for his own life as well as for his country and the entire world. Among his dreams and passions is the desire to create a positive impact in his country, Guatemala.

Isabel Porta

Isabel is an enthusiastic student who is passionate about history and public speaking. She is the current Head Chairman for the High School Debate Team. In her senior year, she wishes to expand upon important skills acquired through the AP Capstone Program; including sharing the findings from her research paper. Influenced by the experience of moving countries many times, she is deeply invested in exploring the ways in which culture defines societies and impacts individual identities, particularly within Latin America. Most afternoons she can be found with her hot cup of tea, probably reading, studying or watching a movie.

Juan Miguel Toledo Villela

Juan Miguel is a curious high-school junior that always tries to delve deep into any topic. He has a passion for psychology and the beautifully peculiar ways the human mind takes in information to make decisions. He loves to overanalyze anything from music and movies, to writing and design. If he isn’t talking all of this over with his friends, you can surely find him playing the piano.

Lourdes Misao Buenafé Morataya

Misao likes reading, enjoys quiet evenings, finds solace and inspiration in tranquility, and holds a deep appreciation for introspection and observation. Misao is an introvert. As an introvert, she is fascinated by the intricacies of human behavior and personality traits. Misao firmly believes in the often-overlooked value that introverts bring to social groups by offering a unique perspective. She is dedicated to spreading awareness and acceptance, striving to create a more harmonious community that embraces the strengths of introverts.

Samuel Eduardo López López

Samuel is a current tenth grader at the American School of Guatemala. His work has led him to participate in leadership courses where he has been able to discover the importance of education in the world. Samuel is a current member of the Math Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta. He is also a member of the school band and is passionate about the saxophone.

Vivian Dayana Valenzuela Yaquián

Vivian is a girl who likes to read, draw, and learn new things. She experimented with these interests and found a passion for discussing issues so that society can improve. She took first aid classes with the intention of becoming a great doctor who serves her community while also aiming to set an example for people in her community. She enjoys challenging herself and being a value-oriented individual who strives for continuous growth.

Organizing team

Deutschmann Fuentes



  • Aika Corazon Baeza Ogawa
  • De-Jen Lin
  • Lizette de Cuello
  • Min Seo Kwon
  • Thais Castillo Mazariegos
  • Woojoo Jonathan Gabriel Kim Garcia