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Theme: Bold Choices

This event occurred on
November 19, 2023
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

Ready for a double dose of excitement?

We are thrilled to unveil not only the iconic venue that will set the stage for our “Bold Choices” event but also the fantastic news that you can already secure your ticket!

Get ready to embrace "Bold Choices" at none other than the prestigious Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. Nestled in the heart of Frankfurt, this historic venue resonates with the spirit of boldness and innovation that our theme embodies.

Mark your calendars for 19 November and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration and reflection. Engage with speakers and fellow attendees who have embraced unconventional paths, shattered barriers, and harnessed the power of bold choices. The fusion of ideas and the stunning ambiance of Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof promise an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil our lineup of speakers and more details about the event!

Steigenberger Frankfurt Hof
Am Kaiserplatz, Bethmannstraße 33
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, 60311
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Standard (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Emilia Dr. Roig

Expert on Intersectionality and DEI
Emilia Roig is a bestselling author and political scientist. She is dedicated to inspiring people to divest from systems of oppression and to shift collective consciousness. She has taught at universities in France, Germany, and the U.S. on intersectionality theory, postcolonial studies, critical race theory, queer feminism, and international and European law. Prior to her PhD, she worked extensively on human rights issues at the UN in Tanzania and Uganda, at the GIZ in Cambodia, and at Amnesty International in Germany - and then decided to leave the field of international development to focus on social justice in Europe. She founded the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) in 2017 and was Executive Director until 2024. She was a jury member of the German Nonfiction Prize in 2020, was appointed Ashoka Fellow in 2019, and received the Edition F Award in 2021. She was elected "Most Influential Woman of the Year" in the Impact of Diversity Award in 2022.

Jesko von Werthern

Ultra Biker
Jesko was born and raised in Taunus. He is a finisher of The Transcontinental Race, Transatlantic Way Bike Race, Race through Poland, Bikepacking Transgermany, Mainfrankengraveller, Greffelründsche and many other long-distance rides. Taunus Bikepacking was born out of his idea to create a local long-distance training loop and has evolved into a yearly event since 2018, when a bunch of friends rode the track in self-supported style for the first time.

Kathrin Eftekhari

Kaye-Ree, a versatile artist with a multicultural background, has found her home in music, blending influences from her Persian and German heritage. Initially a dancer, she later discovered her voice and stage presence. Inspired by legends like Michael Jackson and Nina Simone, Kaye-Ree developed a unique style often described as ‘Global Soul’ by an American journalist. She sees herself as an ambassador, using the medium of art, and music in particular, to convey the profound messages of her heart

Lisa Opel

Lisa Opel, a multilingual author born in Germany, raised in Portugal, and educated in England, has revolutionised the world of literature with her captivating erotic works. Combining light-heartedness, education, and taboo exploration, Lisa's writing rekindles passion and encourages open dialogue. Her diverse background, from working in offices to factories and a fetish shop, has provided her with profound insights into human desire. Featured on esteemed platforms such as WDR, Spiegel Online, SIXX, and global podcasts, Lisa aims to introduce a new genre of literature to unassuming audiences. Additionally, she serves as a strong advocate for struggling mothers, helping them navigate personal transformation. Lisa challenges societal norms, encouraging a deeper understanding of long-term relationships and inspiring individuals to embrace their desires. Join Lisa Opel as she unlocks the power of love through her transformative words!

Lissi Muschol

Conflict Coach
Lissi grew up in a large, vivid, and colourful family, which is probably why she likes people so much. She learned to accept that humans have conflicting needs and feelings. In fact, she believes that conflicts can be huge chances for personal development, genuine relationships, and healthy work environments. Originally Lissi comes from the world of international cinema, where she worked in leading positions on many different (and often daring) arthouse probjects. Over time, the question of how we can create a sustainable and healthy working culture became increasingly important to her. She became a certified mediator, systemic coach and consultant for organisational and individual change. With her program "Creating Culture" (“Kultur Schaffen”) and other workshops and trainings, she is now dedicated to fostering sustainable and future- oriented collaboration. She guides individuals and companies through change processes and supports teams in conflict situations.

Niraj Naik

Pharmacist & Breathwork Expert
A Remarkable Journey from Pharmacist to Wellness Pioneer. Niraj’s story is nothing short of inspirational. Starting his career as a community pharmacist, he embarked on a transformative path that led him to become the founder of SOMA Breath, a globally acclaimed breathwork movement. A personal battle with an autoimmune disease ignited his passion for holistic health and breathwork, enabling him to heal himself. His mission is to address global issues, from depression to chronic diseases, by empowering individuals to find natural highs, happiness, and health. Under Niraj’s guidance, SOMA Breath has become a pioneering force in global breathwork, with over 2000 certified instructors. His unique breathwork techniques are endorsed by wellness luminaries like Ben Greenfield, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani, and Dave Asprey.

Romie Romie

Deeply rooted in the sound of 60s folk music (Dylan, Mitchell, Cohen, Baez) the young duo now combines their divine harmonies with a few more indie and dream-rock sounds, occasionally switching acoustic guitars and upright bass with their electric siblings. This summer they're also going to bring their new backing band SAFE HAVEN to bigger venues and festival shows to complement their sound with drums, Hammond organ, Rhodes, lead guitar and even a third harmony.

Samira Dr. Peseschkian

Having pursued a career in medicine, Samira witnessed the immense impact chronic pain can have on individuals and their families. As both a medical professional and a former chronic pain patient, Samira possesses a unique perspective of knowing what it feels like to go through pain and how to treat it. She explores in her writing and talks about the connections between pain and the brain, and the interplay between the mind and body making this complex topic accessible to a wide audience. Throughout her personal journey as a chronic patient, Samira experienced firsthand the physical, psychological and emotional challenges that accompany a patient. Motivated by a desire to alleviate suffering and empower patients, she embarked on a journey to explore the complexities of chronic pain and its management.

Silvia Wiesner

Consultant - Leadership Advisory
Silvia is a force of positive energy that is contagious. Driven by the idea of leadership for a better world, Silvia works as a Leadership Advisor at Egon Zehnder, consulting top executive and non-executive teams on human answers to complex problems. She is an active DE&I ally, named one of the “Top 100 Women for Diversity” in Germany, who has been forging partnerships across the world on behalf of European Women on Boards, a non-profit organization involved in the sign-off and implementation of the EU Directive on Women on Boards. She is also a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and contributes to various WEF initiatives such as “Defining and Building the Metaverse”. Silvia held leadership positions in Marketing, Sales, and General Management at Unilever before deciding for a career pivot and moving from working in the Consumer Goods industry to consulting. Silvia was born in Austria, where she grew up and studied business administration.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Frankfurt am Main, Germany