Vail Youth
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Theme: Perspective

This event occurred on
April 16, 2023
Edwards, Colorado
United States

All about Perspective in the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point and a particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something; a point of view.

Battle Mountain High School
151 Miller Ranch Road
Edwards, Colorado, 81632
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Battle Mountain High School Drumline

Rhythm Warriors
🥁 Groove Masters Unleashed: The Battle Mountain High School Drumline! 🥁 These beat wizards and the pulse-pounding magicians who command the very essence of music with sticks and skins. Picture this: a fearless team of talented percussionists armed with an arsenal of drums, cymbals, and a contagious energy that could power a small city. Beats, rock your world! Oh, did we mention the dazzling visuals? Our precision moves and synchronized stick twirling will leave you mesmerized. We'll have you tapping your feet, nodding your head, and possibly even attempting a drum solo in your living room! Our infectious energy is like a musical contagion, spreading joy and rhythm wherever we go. So, buckle up and get ready for an auditory adventure you won't soon forget. The Battle Mountain High School Drumline will ignite your senses, electrify your spirit, and show you what it truly means to march to the beat of your own drum. We unleash our percussive prowess upon the world! 🚀✨

Cody Qualls

Touring Singer-Songwriter
Cody Qualls is a globally recognized touring artist and award-winning songwriter. Beginning his professional career at the age of sixteen, he and his group, "Cody Qualls & The Brand New Ancients," continue to establish themselves as a mainstay in the Colorado music scene. A highly versatile headlining act for both festivals and stages across the Rocky Mountain region, CQ & The Brand New Ancients have also enjoyed invitations to select artist series, intimate acoustic venues, and house concerts. In 2022, Qualls was invited to be a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards). Additionally, Cody has been a key part of events around the world, headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater, and Paramount Theater, and making special appearances at Mile High Stadium, Ball Arena, Coors Field, and 1st Bank Center. His most treasured accomplishments are his four incredible children and his marriage to his wife, Marlana.

Isaac Silvers

Isaac Silvers, freshman at Vail Mountain School, was born in the booming city of San Francisco, spending his first 13 years taking the J Train to school, sailing, and rowing on the windy bay. It was his idea to move to the mountains in 8th grade, with no fear of the cold, to start skiing the way only Coloradans can. Isaac will act, sing, and dance across any stage he can find, with the hopes of one day performing on Broadway. Green-eyed and long-haired, Isaac is a big-brother first, an avid scuba diver and gamer, practices lucid dreaming and eats as much ramen as possible. Most importantly, Isaac Silvers is not ashamed to be nice.

Isabel Rountree-Williams

Student Speaker
Divided, over a year and many years to fix, ineffective government, argue and wins, how to fix faster, Isabel too much time to think special, soak in the world, very strong opinions, flat earth, Xamples, isolation & Xpulsions, lack of humanity, respect, do not participate, blame/doubts unchallenged ideas, do not Expect to find humanity, safety in choosing over risk to see no new perspectives, find other side and understand it, individuality, rich, messy, incorporate for a more beautiful world, life into the world. Better off, no huge change, next time, listen/learn.

Kailea Leeman

Student Speaker
Kailea is a Vail Valley native growing up loving her community, nature, and animals. At eleven she started suffering from chronic migraines. Her life has drastically changed ever since.

Kathryn Wilson

Student Speaker
Kathryn Wilson was born and raised in Colorado. She’s a junior at Battle Mountain High School. A proudly annoying youngest sibling, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family, and bother her older brother whenever he’s in town. In her free time, you can find her talking peoples’ ears off at speech and debate competitions, up at 3 am drawing, or wandering aimlessly around in the woods.

Margo Thomas

Ms. Thomas lives in Edwards, CO full time. She discovered art in 2001, starting with human figure drawing and watercolors, studying at the Art Students League of Denver and in Chicago at the Palette & Chisel Art Academy. Her goal is to communicate harmony through visual experiences. Inspired by the Colorado mountains, her subjects are based on nature and family. Mediums of choice include oil, alcohol ink, and acrylics. Some of her pieces have been digitized for large-scale printing and embellishment to fit taste and room space. You can see her works at the Alpine Arts Center in Edwards and the ARTSPaCE Workshop in Eagle. Her works are often on display at Vail Valley Art Guild events. Additionally, she volunteers time in the local arts scene to help promote local artists and events.

Nyx Kamby

A skater, a surfer, and a musician? That’s Nyx Kamby (They/Them) a junior at Battle Mountain High School is a type one diabetic who’s lived in Colorado their whole life. This young person has been struggling with body dysmorphia for a few years. Nyx also plays in the drumline and is a theater fan. Some of his best friends they've found on stage.

Ryan O'Connor

Student Speaker
Ryan has grown up in Vail Colorado; she is currently a junior at Battle Mountain High School. Ryan is an avid soccer player for her school and club. She also deeply values nature and connects with the valley and mountains in which she has grown up. Ryan is very passionate about the outdoors and spends her free time skiing, mountain biking, rafting, and hiking, in addition to conservation work.

Sam Maule

Student Speaker
Sam Maule was born in Vail and has lived in Eagle her whole life. She is creative, adventurous, and passionate about all she does. She is deeply involved in the community, between her leadership positions as a cadet staff sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol, a member of the 4-H leadership council and president of the Hop to It club, and overall life as a Sophomore at EVHS. Other impressive accomplishments she holds include being the poetry interpretation state champion for speech and debate, an accomplished musician in the EVHS Concert Band and theatre pit orchestra, as well as one of 180 students nationwide who was chosen for an Air Force flight school for the summer of 2023, AIM HIGH. Later in the summer, you can find her working as a lifeguard or showing her rabbits at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo.

Sigrid Kiehler

Student Speaker
Sigrid, a sophomore at Vail Mountain School, loves animating, aliens, anything creepy, strange, or baffling, anything related to eyes, and the deep sea. They hope to one day have their own cartoons either about skeletons or aliens exploring space. They have made a stop-motion film called 'The Tea Party' and hope to make many more. Currently, they are working on a pilot episode for a cartoon series based on skeletons and a script for a short film called ‘The Northman.’

Organizing team


Vail, CO, United States