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Theme: Plot Twist!

This event occurred on
April 2, 2023
Waltham, Massachusetts
United States

TEDxBentleyU is all about creating a platform for captivating speakers to share their personal stories and groundbreaking ideas. This year, our event will feature 9 TEDx talks revolving around the theme 'Plot Twist!'.

Our theme encompasses the idea that life is full of surprises that shape the narrative of our personal stories. A career change, a company's rise to success, or a groundbreaking idea are all plot twists that keep us on the edge of our seats, yearning to uncover their true meaning.

Join us at this year's event to learn from our speakers and get inspired!

Wilder Pavilion
Bentley University - 175 Forest Street
Waltham, Massachusetts, 02452
United States
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University (What is this?)
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Andy Aylesworth

Bentley University Marketing Chair + Professor
Andy is a professor and chair of the marketing department at Bentley University. His enthusiastic lectures and innovative ideas on creativity make him a favorite amongst undergraduate and graduate students. On our TEDxBentleyU stage, Andy's enthusiasm will shine through as we learn more about creativity through his speech 'When life gives you lemons...'.

Belén Saldías

MIT PhD Candidate
Belén is a PhD candidate at the MIT Center for Constructive Communication and her research lies at the intersection of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Social Science, and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. In her talk, Belén will walk us through some stunning AI capabilities and show the impact of hidden challenges.

Ben Grannis

Cyclist + Founder of "Eyes Up"
Plot twists on a 7000-mile bicycle ride around the United States were the rule, not the exception, for cyclist Ben Grannis. The ride itself, and Ben's life mission, were born out of a tragic plot twist. Ben is an Eagle Scout, a graduate of Kenyon College, and the founder of Eyes Up.

Caroline Bushnell

Bentley Student
As an economics and philosophy student, Caroline has spent the last two years constantly asking questions to understand why Bentley students choose high-paying careers over happiness. With her knowledge on these subjects, she attempts to persuade people to choose their happiness over everything in her talk, 'The Case for Happiness.'

Erica Holthausen

Writer + High-Visibility Publications Consultant
After working as a lawyer for a few years, Erica's life story changed and she became a writer and high-visibility publications consultant. In this way, she helps leaders to get their ideas out into the world. On our TEDxBentleyU stage, Erica will enthusiastically share her story and bring new insights to the stage.

Linda Stacy

Host of "Work Dope." + National Speakers Association Member
Linda is an experienced speaker and as a member of the National Speakers' Association, well-versed in the art of effective communication. She is also the host of the Work Dope Podcast, which explores the nuances of human behavior in the corporate world. Linda's TEDx Talk is entitled, The Secret to Being Valued in the Workplace.

Logan Carlson

Bentley Student
Logan is a first-year sophomore here at Bentley, originally from Minnesota. He is planning on majoring in Corporate Finance & Accounting with a minor in Business Administration. On our TEDxBentleyU stage, he will discuss his experiences and the psychological connection between post-traumatic growth and self-transcendence.

Raman Shah

Independent Data Craftsman
As an independent data craftsman, Raman Shah saves local governments money using statistics. His passions are building things and helping people grow. Raman will share the story that led him to quit his day job and live these values even more fully.

Sheena Patel

Founder of "Savsani"
Sheena Patel is the founder of a Boston based wellness company, Savsani. She has spent the last 15 years curating initiatives for individuals, athletes, and institutions such as MIT and Harvard to help find solutions to manage stress. Her life's work has led to more energized and productive individuals in every part of their life. She has most recently come out with a Savsani Meditation subscription which follows principals of your Ayurvedic body clock. Sheena's other passions include ikebana, cooking, and living a more equitable and sustainable life. At our event, Sheena will give a talk on finding her personal freedom.

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