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Theme: Light

This event occurred on
October 14, 2023
La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime

In an age that needs both hope and profound change, the TEDxLaRochelle team has chosen Light as the theme for its next event, scheduled for October 14, 2023.

Light is the beacon of light that guides us, enabling us to avoid obstacles. A landmark, not just for sailors. An essential part of our local heritage and history.

Light can also be our relationship with knowledge, the Age of Enlightenment. Our relationship with truth in a doubting world.

It's about fame and its opposite, anonymity.

Light is the energy brought to us by the sun and the life it allows, the stars from which the matter that makes us up comes.

Light is the light of a candle, as TEDxLaRochelle celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023. A wonderful opportunity to get together and celebrate after a few years' hiatus.

It's also about wonder, our capacity to marvel. It's a feeling we've often shared over the years as we've discovered the men and women who come on stage to share with us a little of themselves and what drives them. Inspiration.

But light is also about lightness, delicacy, slenderness, light weight, joy...

Light, these are the objects we're going to have to imagine lighter.

Those uses that we'll have to change or rethink to reduce our environmental footprint.

Light is also about simplicity and slowness.

Awareness, awakening.

Light is what brings lightness to a world that has rediscovered that war could be just around the corner.

It's the hope that behind the clouds, the sun is there; that tomorrow will be day.

Light is the path we invite you to travel together on October 14.

Espace Encan
Quai Louis Prunier
La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, 17000
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Blue Ish

Blue-ish est auteure-compositrice-interprète franco/allemande/luxembourgeoise. Son style, ancré dans l'Indie Pop Rock, reflète une palette d'influences allant d'Edith Piaf à Lloyle Carner, en passant par Pvris et Florence and the Machine. Rêvant d’être chanteuse depuis toute petite, elle se lance dès l’âge de 13 ans et décide rapidement de s’accompagner à la guitare pour gagner en indépendance. Blue-ish se produit essentiellement dans la rue, les bars et les festivals en Europe. Depuis 2022, elle est accompagnée de son groupe avec lequel elle enregistre actuellement. Ici, elle est en version light guitare et voix.

Didier Roche

A multi-talented entrepreneur, Didier ROCHE likes to define himself as a Serial Dreamer. The ordinary business world, the social economy, the voluntary sector and the medico-social sector are all worlds in which he operates. Co-founder and CEO of the "Dans le Noir" group of restaurants and spas, co-founder and managing director of LINKLUSIOn (a marketplace for disabled subcontractors), founder of h'up entrepreneurs to support disabled entrepreneurs, are just a few examples of his desire to bring diversity to life.

Émeline Pettex

Marine biologist
Émeline est biologiste marine. Elle étudie l’écologie des oiseaux et des mammifères marins et s’intéresse aux impacts des activités humaines. Elle a coordonné le premier recensement aérien de la faune marine au large des côtes françaises, pour créer de nouvelles aires marines protégées. Aujourd’hui, elle s’investit pour mieux évaluer et réduire les effets des futurs parcs éoliens sur la faune marine. Passionnée par le terrain, elle a fait de longues missions en milieu polaire. Mais pour ce TEDxLaRochelle 2023, Émeline veut juste nous parler d’amour.

Hélène De Vestele

After an agricultural childhood and immersions in over 150 families around the world, Hélène de Vestele was a ministerial advisor in Argentina. She went on to set up a shantytown empowerment association, which today has become EDENI, one of the first training organizations to support individuals and companies in the ecological and social transition. Hélène is a naturist ecologist who has been committed for years to blending ecology, health and ethics for a more intelligent and coherent approach to our quest for meaning.

Jules Milou

student Engineer
Jules is a student engineer at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers. Since the age of 7, Jules has been fascinated by superheroes and... nuclear fusion! Through his two passions, Jules takes you on a journey into his world, where science and progress still make sense, and where superheroes can inspire vocations! A message for his generation, but also a message for us all: science is useful and not inaccessible!

Lucie Leboulleux

Lucie Leboulleux is an astrophysicist at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, where she works on the observation of exoplanets, those mysterious worlds that revolve around stars other than our Sun. To look at these worlds is to seek to understand our own, and to confront the urgency of preserving them. Despite its popularity, astronomy has the shortcomings of a science that remains inaccessible: in addition to exoplanets, Lucie Leboulleux is committed to opening up her field to as many people as possible, notably through her studies on minorities in astronomy and her involvement with isolated schools.

Patricia Chaudepisse

Drag Queen
But who's behind Patricia Chaudepisse? Or rather, who is revealed by Patricia Chaudepisse! Fayçal, a true all-round artist, is the embodiment of resilience. So let's get carried away by his humor and charm, and set off to shed some of our preconceptions!

Rose-Marie & Ghislain Auclair
The story of this couple began on the benches of a university in Lorraine. Both passionate about biology, they explored genetics and biochemistry, discovering magic and infinite possibilities. After obtaining their respective doctorates, they set off to travel, struck by the absence of plants in many cities around the world. Together, these inseparable biologists decided to use their skills, and their imagination, to reenchant our living spaces. Through their journey and their project, they will take you on a journey into the future, combining plants and bioluminescence...

Sabrina Gas

A few years ago, Sabrina had a near-death experience. She didn't expect her life to be completely turned upside down afterwards. Gradually, however, she observed many changes. A different way of looking at daily life and dealing with events, fears that have disappeared, a lightness that has come to the fore, an application to life... These are all realizations that she would like to share with others.

Yann Carbonne

AI expert
Yann was among the first machine learning enthusiasts in France, striving to make these concepts accessible to everyone. Passionate about artificial intelligence (AI), he has dedicated his career to developing data-driven solutions. After gaining experience abroad, Yann returned to France, eager to merge his knowledge with the local landscape. Explore Yann's vision and the revolutionary potential of AI through his eyes.

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