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This event occurred on
April 5, 2024
London, London, City of
United Kingdom

This event is being produced through innovative LED virtual production technology inside a studio space. Attendees will be part of this technological journey as they witness the integration of the virtual environments that aid the stories being told by our speakers in real time.

Respecting the age-old tradition of storytelling and sharing knowledge, we will add the value of new technologies to that storytelling by creating an immersive space that allows us to enhance human connection and embrace our vulnerabilities.

With that we bring you the stories of our pathfinders through these portals.

We look forward to welcoming you to

11C Dock St Tower Hamlets
London, London, City of, E1 8JN
United Kingdom
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Benz Kotzen

Professor of Landscape Architecture and Nature Based Solutions
Talk title: --- Why and how to drop seeds like bombs --- Dr Benz Kotzen is Professor in the School of Design at the University of Greenwich and a chartered landscape architect with over 25 years' experience in landscape design and landscape planning consultancy, with specific experience in Environmental Impact Assessment and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. Benz's research focuses on real world issues and solving them by combining new and old technologies with innovative and tried and tested natural solutions.

Brona Martin

Electroacoustic composer and sound artist
Talk title: --- Spatial audio explorations with the IKO Loudspeaker Performance --- Brona is an Electroacoustic composer and sound artist from Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Her compositions explore narrative in Electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and spatialisation techniques through the creation of metaphorical and real-world representations of soundscapes where the aim is to reveal particular sonic characters that are not normally the focus of listening. Brona's portfolio of works explore the layers and textures of sounds that contribute to the overall sonic-makeup of specific places both real and imaginary. Through listening, recording, analysing and processing, the layers of a soundscape are studied in great detail.

Catherine Tonry

Senior Lecturer in Computational Science and Engineering
Talk title: --- How added fizz makes metals stronger --- Dr Catherine Tonry is a Senior Lecturer in Computational Science and Engineering. In this role she develops numerical models of physical processes. With 15 years of experience in numerical modelling, she currently applies her skills to the field of metallurgy. She is an expert in the field of using ultrasonic cavitation, using ultrasound to produce clouds of imploding bubbles, to strengthen metals. She also has extensive experience in the field of magnetohydrodynamics, modelling the effects of electromagnetic fields on molten and solidifying metals.

Gregory Brown

Senior Public Astronomy Officer
Talk title: --- Waking Sleeping Giants: Studying the most massive black holes in the Universe --- A passionate science communicator with an expertise in astronomy, experience in cutting-edge research and proficiency in education from early years and primary school all the way to university students and adult learners. After 5 years studying the most extreme explosions in distant galaxies, he moved into the museum sector. At the Royal Observatory Greenwich, he devised, developed, and presented a wide range of astronomy, physics and maths workshops, talks and planetarium shows, first as a member of the formal education team and later in the public astronomy team.

Maria Arche

Professor of Linguistics
Title --- Looms of Language and the future of our kids --- Her research falls within the syntax-semantics interface focusing on Tense, Aspect, Argument Structure and copular verbs. She has studied these topics in the grammar of Spanish and has also investigated their crosslinguistic variation and acquisition.

Simon Legrand

Innovation Supervisor at Untold Studios
Talk title: --- Glimpes of what lies behind the magic veil --- Simon Legrand is a industry-leading VFX artist, with nearly 20 years of experience in his field. His impressive portfolio includes work on blockbuster franchises such as Avatar, Star Wars, Marvel Universe films, Ready Player One, Transformers, and Planet of the Apes. Simon's passion for pushing the boundaries of technology has led him to pioneer real-time projects using game engines. He has worked on advertising, television, film, and special venue projects for top brands such as PlayStation, AFK Arena, and Netflix. Simon remains at the forefront of new initiatives in the VFX industry, always exploring emerging technologies to revolutionise the industry.

Simon Ruffell

Psychiatrist, Ayahuasca Researcher, and Student of Curanderismo
Talk title: --- Psychiatry meets shamanism – a medical doctor’s work with Amazonian ayahuasca --- Since 2016 Dr Ruffell has been working closely with Indigenous communities in the Amazon basin, exploring the effects of the traditional psychedelic brew ayahuasca and the role of ceremony and spirit in healing. Dr Ruffell’s work encompasses two paradigms: the spiritual and the scientific. He is committed to working alongside the Shipibo-Konibo people to translate knowledge of Amazonian plant medicines, where possible, into scientific data and terminology whilst ensuring traditions are respected.

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London, United Kingdom
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