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This event occurred on
May 5, 2023
Melbourne, Victoria

We have partnered with the dynamic Stone & Chalk hub and community for the unique and special experience of attending TED from the point-of-view of an attendee. Plus community expressions and explorations inspired by the theme of possibility, meet and mix with TED fans in Melbourne. Ultimate flex: Bring over your laptops and work-while-you-watch-TED. Request any TED speaker tp watch from 5 days's worth of TED Talks. Flex Timing: Come and leave any time in the afternoon be WOWed, inspired, shocked, indignant, laugh, cry... It's time for TED!

Theme: POSSIBILITY: Much of today’s public conversation is eaten up by zero-sum battles between divided groups. But the world doesn’t have to be zero-sum. At TED2023 we will explore together a strange and beautiful space called the adjacent possible. We'll be guided there by dreamers, inventors and creatives. Innovators, entrepreneurs and builders. Explorers and change-makers. Visionary thinkers and doers from every field of human endeavour. They use the power of imagination to make the world bigger, better, more thrilling, more hopeful. And the incredible thing is … their visions may inspire us to actually make that possible world real. At a time of great challenges, this is the antidote we need. Come dream with us!

Stone & Chalk
121 King Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
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TEDxLive (What is this?)
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Melbourne, Australia