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Theme: Navigating Through Change

This event occurred on
May 27, 2023
Tai Po, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Navigating Through Change
We are living in a continuously changing world. Some changes will bring us rewarding experiences while some may pose challenges. No matter what happens, human life will continue, and navigating through change is our mission in life.

Whether people choose or are forced to change is inevitable. Learning how to navigate through the either exhilarating or exhausting change is a skill everyone learns in their life.

At TEDxEdUHK 2023, we've gathered an exceptional lineup of speakers to explore the theme of "Navigating through Change." Together, we'll embark on a journey to better understand how we can adapt, innovate, and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Education University of Hong Kong
10 Lo Ping Road
Tai Po, Hong Kong, 0000
Hong Kong
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Ellen Liang Yim Chee

Mandarin teacher, Powerlifter, & University Student
Ellen Liang Yim Chee is a Mandarin teacher and powerlifter. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Positive Psychology in Education, with the goal of becoming an esteemed educator in higher education. Her professional and athletic journeys are exceptional, and she firmly believes in the power of personal growth through change. Ellen remains resolute in pursuing her aspirations and hopes that her inspiring story will motivate others to do the same

Fariha Salma Deiya Bakar

Community Leader & Social Justice Advocate
Bakar Fariha Salma Deiya is a highly respected community leader and social justice advocate who focuses on advancing the rights and welfare of Ethnic Minorities and creating a more equitable society. With extensive professional experience in Government Advisory Committees, the Legislative Council, and the Tertiary Education sector, she has spearheaded numerous campaigns and initiatives that promote inclusivity and equal rights for marginalized communities. As an active leader in various social groups, Deiya understands the importance of navigating change and adapting to new environments. Her exceptional work has earned her recognition from reputable publications, organizations, and television shows worldwide, and she has been invited to speak at over 350 conferences and events, where she shares her insights on social justice and community engagement.

Gabriel Franchi

Interational Prechool Headmaster
Gabriel is a passionate educator with over 12 years of experience in education, business development, and project management. Language education and cultural exchange have transformed his life and shaped him into a caring, energetic, and committed individual. Ever since his first international experience, he has taken as his life goal to support people and organizations in their learning and development journeys. With his background in Psychology and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, he shares insights on the value of approaching change with a childlike spirit of playfulness, curiosity, and creativity. Through his years studying and working abroad and traveling to more than 35 countries around the globe, Gabriel has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of experiential learning and the importance of fostering a love of learning and personal growth in young people.

J Lou

Content Creator + Actress
J Lou is a content creator and actor with a global audience, having amassed over 1 million followers across social media platforms. J Lou began garnering worldwide attention after her video "My Boyfriend Repeats After Me In Cantonese" went viral on Facebook in 2018. She was studying at university in Hong Kong at the time. Said video was the first of its kind whereby the complexity of Cantonese was demonstrated in such a manner, peaking global online users' interest in Cantonese. J Lou has since appeared in multiple TV shows, interviewed celebrities such as Rihanna and Ed Sheeran, appeared in the movie "Say I Do To Me", spoke at Harvard University, Meta, and more. This will be J Lou's third TED Talk, where she will be sharing how she navigated through the world of social media, by beginning her chapter with her phone taped onto her bedroom wall.

Ryan Lam

University Student
Ryan Lam is a university student and prospective early childhood educator as he's finishing up his PGDE with specialised in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong. Ryan cares deeply for people of all stages in life through till death. Having studied Funeral Services Education, he took care of the deceased and their families needs. On the side he did wedding videography for his friends and clients. Currently he is involved with the emotional regulation of children in early years. In 2018 his life was changed by a contest where he won the grand prize airplane tickets to Hong Kong. Since then, he has been pursuing his goal of becoming an early childhood educator in Hong Kong.

Yılmaz Köylü

Yılmaz Köylü is a lecturer in the Center for Language Education at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Second Language Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington in the United States. He has 16 years of teaching experience in various universities in Turkey, the US, and in Hong Kong. As a language educator and researcher, Yılmaz Köylü’s overarching principle in teaching is empowering students to be lifelong learners. With the overarching principle in mind, a key parameter in Yılmaz Köylü’s teaching is adapting and evolving based on new teaching and learning contexts. Latest developments in artificial intelligence have unearthed its wide ranging and fascinating capabilities, which will transform teaching and learning. Thus, as a language educator and researcher, he is committed to making the best use of AI to empower the next generations.

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