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Theme: Sustainability Through Diverse Lenses - Approaching a Holistic Future

October 25, 2023
5:30pm - 7:30pm +08
(UTC +8hrs)
Singapore, South West
This event is open to the public.
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In this edition themed “Sustainability Through Diverse Lenses: Approaching a Holistic Future”, our speakers will explore the multifaceted dimensions of a sustainable world through five insightful sessions.

Hear from esteemed pioneers and changemakers actively making strides toward a sustainable tomorrow: Brice Degeyter, Founder and General Manager of Bizsu, Dr Anna Itkin, Managing Partner and Consultant of The Inceptery, Jack Sim, Founder of BoP Hub, Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu, General Manager of Longchamp Singapore & Malaysia, and Prof Karoline Strauss, Professor in Organizational Behavior at ESSEC Business School.

ESSEC Asia Pacific
5 Nepal Park
Singapore, South West, 139408
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Anna Itkin

Co-founder & Managing Partner, The Inceptery
Anna has spent nearly two decades at the vanguard of scientific research and innovation in both academia and industry. Anna’s hunger to blend scientific principles, progressive ideas, and business has led her to acquire new skills, qualifications, and expertise at some of the world’s leading institutions. Anna believes business, governments, and industry can be vehicles that carry change, so long as the journey makes sense in a world where capital is king. In 2016, Anna co-founded The Inceptery to inspire business model innovation and address the pressing need for organizations to simultaneously become economically, socially, and environmentally responsible, resilient, and regenerative. For Anna, there is limitless potential in the circular economics of sustainability. Her mission is to help businesses to unleash and realise what’s on offer by exploring new ways to reach people and profits, minds and milestones.

Brice Degeyter

Founder & CEO Bizsu
In 2016, living in Bangkok, Brice got shocked by how badly we were treating our environment as much as amazed by the solutions and opportunities that are offered to us to change the game. He then decided to devote his energy and career to make decarbonisation a reality. He founded Bizsu in 2019 to offer profitable and easy-to-adopt solutions to companies. They support now 30 of the biggest companies across Singapore and Asia-Pacific. Through his devotion, Brice shows another side of what sustainability means.

Jack Sim

Founder BoP Hub
Jack Sim is the World Toilet Organization, the World Toilet Day initiative and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub. Formerly from the construction industry, he decided to devote the rest of his life to social work after attaining financial independence at the age of 40. Jack was named one of the Heroes of the Environment for 2008 by Time magazine. He also founded the BOP HUB and a series of social businesses and startups. He is now constructing a 65,000 sq ft World Trade Center for the Poor in Singapore to coordinate an effort to transform the 4 billion poor into a massively efficient marketplace to end global poverty.

Karoline Strauss

Professor ESSEC Business School
Karoline Strauss teaches Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management across different programs at ESSEC. Karoline's research interests broadly focus on individuals' relationship with the future. Her research on future work selves explores how individuals create the future in their mind and will, and how this helps them in managing their career. In her research on proactive behavior she investigates individuals' attempts to influence their own future, and the future of their organization, such as by contributing to innovation or sustainability.

Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu

Managing Director, Longchamp Singapore & Malaysia, Founder of Emotional Inclusion
Mollie Rogers Jean De Dieu is the General Manager of Longchamp, in Singapore and Malaysia, and founder of non-profit Emotional Inclusion. She is also author of “Emotional Inclusion, A Humanizing Revolution At Work”, published in September 2023. A seasoned veteran of the people industry spun over a two-decade long corporate career, Mollie champions a new paradigm of workplace leadership with Emotional Inclusion that requires companies to recognize and care for the humanity of the individuals they lead by investing in tailored, emotionally inclusive mental health pillars. Mollie’s work, through her organization and its programs, draws on the latest research in positive and behavioral psychology, leadership development, and organizational change. Through her Emotional Inclusion podcast, Mollie hosts renowned global leaders who are advocates for emotionally inclusive workplaces.

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