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Theme: Innovation Through Introspection

This event occurred on
March 23, 2023
Queretaro, Querétaro

Young minds are full of unique ideas and experiences. Embracing the voice to express them is the path to spark change and innovate the world that surrounds us. Some of the greatest ideas only rise from deep introspection; going back to the past to shape the future. In this TEDxYouth event, high-school students show how they are creating change in their communities while diving into their own identities.

JFK American School of Queretaro (virtual event)
Sabinos 272, Jurica
Queretaro, Querétaro, 76100
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Farah Nasta

High School student
Hi, my name is Farah Alexa Nasta Caloca from 11A. What inspired my topic for the TEDx “3 seconds of bravery” is how little things affect life and how you can control your own destiny. I am passionate about this topic because it has shown me how I can make my life better. I can’t wait to show how everyone can write and change their own story, and teach people this is very empowering. If you want to learn more about a way to pursue your dreams, this talk is for you!

Luis Xavier Montes de Oca

High School Student
My name is Luis Xavier Montes De Oca Campos, and I am an 11th grade student. My talk is titled "Fall in love with your own life.", exploring a new approach to daily life and approaching every experience, no matter how mundane, from a new and exciting perspective. Once I realized there was no reason for me to fall into a routine that, with time, became less enjoyable, I decided to take action: stop the cycle in which so many people get used to their lives, missing out on a lot of the joy and excitement that is often ingrained and hidden. The best way I could think of to take this action? Falling in love with my own life, I choose to share my personal experience with this approach and share my vision with as many people possible. Hope to see you there!

Macarena Rodriguez

High School Student
My name is Macarena Rodriguez Alexanderson. I am a 10th grade student. In my TEDx talk, "Service with passion” I will take you through my experience in a service learning program in which I volunteer my time to play with little girls who were relocated from their families. Being with these girls has opened my eyes to a whole new world, and I want to share this with you and hopefully inspire others to do the same. I have learned so much from this involvement and have created a bond with the girls that I am extremely thankful for. If you are interested in getting involved and making an impact in yourself and others, join me. Hope to see you there!

Maria Quelhas

High School Student
Hi! My name is Maria Ferreira Quelhas, I am 17 years old and in 12th grade. I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, but later I moved to Dubai, and now I am living in Querétaro. I love traveling, getting to know other cultures, and making connections! As an immigrant, adapting to new environments is always a challenge but there is always a positive impact on my life. However, some of the most common stereotypes include the idea that immigrants are taking away jobs from citizens, that they are more likely to commit crimes, and that they are not willing to assimilate to the culture of their host country. These stereotypes are not only untrue but also perpetuate harmful biases and discrimination against immigrants. I hope I can make you see this through my talk, “removing the negative connotation behind the word “immigrant”.

Sofia Avila

High School student
Hi! My name is Sofia Avila. I am in 11th grade, and I am so excited to be a part of TEDx this year. I love being able to transmit the passion I have for medicine and how it can help everyone get to know themselves better and take care of their health. My talk, “Beating stereotypes and evolving with medical advances in relation to genome mapping to prevent syndromes and diseases” will help me transmit the importance of the genetic panel in one’s life. Getting to know YOU, gene by gene, and having the ability to potentially change your life, together creating a healthier tomorrow. It will be an honor to see you there in your journey to get to know yourself.

Yeryeong Hong

High School Student
My name is Yeryeong Hong, and I am currently a senior. I have always been interested in finding my true self, and not long ago realized that it is possible to do so by meeting new people and interacting with others. I would like to share with you that there will always be "the one person" who can help shape your perspective and identity. I have experienced a turning point in my life with the help of the right person, and I hope you can join me as I guide you to find yourself through new perspectives through my talk “Finding yourself through social relationships.”

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