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Theme: Into the Unknown

This event occurred on
April 19, 2023
Daegu, Daegu Gwang'yeogsi
South Korea

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Daegu International School 22, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu Daegu, Daegu Gwang'yeogsi, 41021 South Korea
Presentation Hall (Fourth Floor)
Daegu, Daegu Gwang'yeogsi, 701-170
South Korea
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Youth (What is this?)
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Apple Jun

Apple UYoung Jun is a freshman at Daegu International School. She is South Korean, born and raised by South Korean parents. However, Apple is taking a different approach to life as a South Korean, attending an international school and growing up in a largely westernized community in an East Asian country. This has given her the opportunity to escape the infamously rigorous yet restricting educational system of South Korea and spread her wings, allowing her to dabble in her many interests, including journalism, researching, and MUN. Moreover, she is able to delve into a variety of cultures in an open and accepting environment. Despite these benefits, she cannot deny that growing up in a different way than most South Koreans has gradually isolated her from the place she calls home to the extent where she questions her nationality. She is looking forward to sharing her ideas on what nationality means at the TedX event.

Betty Lee

Betty is a senior at DIS characterized by her love for discussions, art, and--though controversial--pineapple pizza. Passionate about anti-racism, Betty is currently leading Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR). Though the one to start the club, she marvels at the community of SOAR and the changes it was able to bring. From the inside jokes to the uncomfortable discussions it embraces, SOAR is a family that Betty is proud to be a part of. As a senior, Betty has recently experienced what may be the epitome of 'Into the unknown': college admission. Through TEDx, Betty wishes to share the valuable lessons that she had the privilege of embracing as a leader, a senior, and a human being.

Chanjun Park

CJ is a curious and ambitious 7th grader who is always eager to learn and explore new things. In addition to his passion for music, he also has a strong interest in writing and journalism, as evidenced by his contributions to the Jets Flyover, a student-run newspaper. He also enjoys coding and is always looking for new challenges to tackle. Attending his first TEDx event is a major milestone for CJ, as he is excited to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sharing ideas and making a positive impact on the world. He is eager to learn from the speakers and gain new perspectives on a variety of topics.

Chris Ryu

Chris is a freshman at Daegu International School who loves music and sports. He can play a variety of instruments, including the piano and guitar, and enjoys creating music in his free time. Chris also loves playing basketball and soccer with friends and is always looking for ways to get involved in pickup games. With his diverse interests and skills, he is willing to make a positive impact wherever he goes. This year's TEDx theme, 'Into the Unknown,' provides him with an opportunity to examine what he has learned in his calculus classes: the complex nature of infinity.

Courtney Cameron

Mrs. Cameron is the Principal of Daegu International School. She started her career as an elementary school teacher in Washington, D.C. She went abroad to conduct educational research as a Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan. Prior to moving to Korea she worked as the Manager of School and Community Partnerships for Seattle Public Schools and later as the Strategic Education Advisor for Seattle Housing Authority where she collaborated to improve academic outcomes for students experiencing housing instability. She holds a B.A. from Georgetown University, an M.P.A. from Syracuse University, and a Principal Certificate from Eastern Washington University. Mrs. Cameron is driven most by observing the wonder of a student deeply engaged in learning. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, studying Korean, and trying new recipes. Her family of five includes three DIS students who are avid readers, adventurers, and lego builders along with Mr. Cameron who is a dedicated science teacher at DIS.

Elizabeth Ryu

Elizabeth is a senior at Daegu International School. She has a variety of interests, spanning the humanities and hard sciences. She is a managing editor of Jets Flyover, founder and president of the Daegu Student Animal Association, and vice president of the National Honor Society. Elizabeth is looking forward to learning more about biology in college. In her spare time, she tries out new baking recipes. In her TedTalk, Elizabeth will discuss the unknown consequences of humans hacking biology.

George Balint

Science Teacher
George Balint is a current High School Chemistry and Biology teacher at Daegu International School this year. Originally from the New York City area, he earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University at Buffalo with a double major in Philosophy and Sociology. Although his degree was not in science or education, George went on to learn both the art of chemistry and the art of teaching through the New York City Teaching Fellows Program, through which he received his teaching license and eventually his Master’s degree. After half a decade of teaching chemistry in NYC, he moved to Korea in 2020 and has taught science at other International Schools, as well as English in Korean public schools, since then. He is currently halfway through an intensive graduate school program with the goal to earn his administrative license and one day become a school leader.

Jimin Shin

Jimin is a middle schooler at DIS who pushes herself to try and experience a variety of different topics. Jimin has been interested in psychology and literature. She loves writing her diaries and having deep conversations with others. She is currently trying to improve her public speaking skills and be more confident. She hopes to improve by practicing TEDx speaking. She is excited to share her thoughts and experiences in this year’s TEDx event.

Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim is currently a sophomore at Daegu International School. He was born in Seoul on November 22, 2007, and moved to Daegu right before 6th grade. He has a specialized interest in biology and computer science, but also is interested in education and technology. His public speaking experiences such as the SKAC Debate contests and academic seminars were intriguing to his life. A perfect opportunity to share his thoughts, Kevin will discuss the unknown world of future education, with a focus of educational technology.

Leanne Yoon

Leanne is a freshman at Daegu International School just starting out her public speaking career. She was born in Colorado and grew up in Canada, Dubai, and Korea. Having started public speaking last June, Leanne is up for a new challenge and an opportunity to share her journey filled with twists and turns across the globe this year.

Nayoung Kim

Nayoung Kim is a sophomore at Daegu International School. She was born in South Korea but lived most of her childhood in Italy, where she got to experience a different and unique one from her nationality. She has always been curious about the future and how today's generations will shape it. She loves to listen to music, hang out with friends, and inform herself about what’s happening worldwide. Her recent interest has been climate change, as it is a recurring and very severe problem. Through the TEDx event, she hopes to share her view of how climate change shapes our future and what today's generation should do to have a brighter and happier future. She hopes she can be one of the voices that will contribute to a better future and make the unknown more predictable.

Niha Banerjee

Niha Banerjee is a freshman at Daegu International School. She has considered herself to be a global citizen since she was born in the states. She has an Indian heritage and lived in South Korea for most of her life. She loves traveling around and uncovering new aspects of the world. During her free time, she listens to music, reads fascinating novels, and hangs out with her friends. She has interests in advanced technology, design, education, and the environment that led her to challenge herself to think in diverse perspectives. From a young age, Niha was fascinated by the phrase: “Into the Unknown."

Solah Han

Solah Han is fresh out of freshman and just took a step into high school in Daegu International School. She moved between the United States and South Korea. She loves to participate in numerous clubs like Students Organizing Against Racism (SOAR), Model United Nations (MUN), Student Council and a whole lot more. Continuing her journey as a guest speaker in 2022, she returned as a proud member of the TedX club. Now, she is up on stage for another year as a TedX speaker, slightly more confident than last year. She will tell a personal story of traveling to a foreign country as a South Korean at a young age.

Sophie Lee

Sophie Lee is a 8th grader at Daegu International School who is savoring her last year of middle school. She is a Korean girl born in Daegu, South Korea. Some of Sophie’s major interests are in music and choreography. She’s especially passionate about songwriting and she listens to music 24/7. Sophie has always been a talkative person with incessant topics, which motivated her to talk in this TEDx event. With her overflowing curiosity, Sophie will be talking about how the future shapes people and explore deeper into the perception of destiny and fate. She will be sharing her experiences of unrealistic moments that she has always been looking forward to revealing.

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