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Theme: Empowerment

This event occurred on
May 20, 2023
Cincinatti, Ohio
United States

Welcome to TEDx Princeton City Schools, an event dedicated to exploring the concept of empowerment and how it can positively impact our lives and communities. Our speakers will share their stories and ideas on how to tap into your inner strength and make a positive difference in the world.

Our lineup of speakers includes renowned authors, entrepreneurs, activists, and innovators who have all made significant contributions to their respective fields. They will share their personal experiences and insights on how to overcome challenges, develop resilience, and harness the power of positive thinking to achieve personal and professional success.

We will hear from leaders who have transformed their lives through resilience, innovation, and creative problem-solving. They will share their journeys, including the obstacles they encountered and how they overcame them. We will also learn how they use their experiences to inspire and empower others.

This TEDx event is an opportunity to engage with diverse individuals and participate in a dynamic exchange of ideas. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, activist, or simply seeking inspiration to overcome your own personal obstacles, TEDx Princeton City Schools promises to deliver thought-provoking discussions that will inspire and motivate you to unlock your full potential.

Matthews Auditorium
150 Viking Way
Cincinatti, Ohio, 45246
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Blessing Fanegan

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati this April and I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine as a psychiatrist and researcher. Currently, I work with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center researching suicidality in black youth, suicide treatment options for teens, and using artificial technology to predict school violence. I am a published author of a systematic review on religiosity’s relationship with suicidality, stigma, and mental health care utilization in Black Americans. I also have two separate roles where I work as a research mentor for programs aimed at increasing researcher identity and participation for groups historically underrepresented in STEM; one of these programs (YBC or Youth Built Change) is run through the University of Cincinnati and the other (MyHealth) is run through the University of Michigan.

Brandon McIntosh

I graduated from High School with a 1.6gpa. I was gifted to play basketball and Xavier University offered me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I had to sit out my freshman year to focus on being a student. It was tough and by far one of the most challenging things that I have done. Unfortunately I almost failed out of College once I got there due to feeling sorry for myself. I manage to wake and started taking responsibility for myself and my action. As a result I graduated in 3 years. That experience as a student athlete lead me to create a blueprint, a manual for my son. This ideal turned into a book -"Take a deep breath and focus 10 ways to be relentless" Since graduating from Xavier University with a degree in Criminal Justice. I have almost over 20 years of youth & family services ranging from Hamilton Co Job and family service, Hillcrest training school, LIghthouse Youth Service, National Youth Advocate Program, Home based services, anger management counselor.

Connor Korte

I am a passionate prevention professional with a storied career in the field of social services.

David Mackzum

School Principal
I am the Principal at PCMS. The time is now to eliminate high stakes state testing tied to district ranking report cards. The resources put towards testing can and should be dedicated to Social emotional learning and also hands-on learning experiences that gives students transformational experiences that are hands on.

Francisco Galan

High School Student
I'm a ninth grade student that's been attending Princeton since elementary. I strive to be above average and be productive every day. I used to do soccer and boxing but plan to get back into it.

Gina Ruffin-Moore

Training Administrator
Gina Ruffin Moore is a passionate supporter of educational social justice to ensure all students are prepared for college, a career, and life success. Her strong commitment to strengthen schools stems from a desire to continue to attract and retain top students and build on academic, fine arts and athletic programs. Her political career includes a four-year stint as a member of the Woodlawn Village Council. Gina attended PCSD schools and is a graduate of Princeton High. She attended Ohio University, where she earned a Bachelor ‘s of Science degree in Journalism, with a concentration on broadcast news, public relations and political science. She has a Master’s in Education with a concentration on Human Resources, Development & Training from Xavier University. She has worked most of her career as in training and public relations for local municipal government and at the University of Cincinnati. She was an on-air news reporter for WLW-AM, WAKW-FM, WMOH-AM, WUBE-FM, WGRR-FM and WCIN-AM.

Lilli Edmiston

High School Student
I am a 9th grader with All As and am a part of the tennis team, orchestra, choir, key club, and student council. Outside of school, I participate in theater programs, I take violin and piano lessons, and like writing music, playing my guitar, hanging out with friends and family, and reading.

Malinda McReynolds

School Principal
When COVID-19 hit in 2020, although I performed my administrative responsibilities primarily from home, I also participated in professional development opportunities. I interviewed and was accepted into a local program called, "School Board School," created by former Cincinnati Public School Board member Elissa Hoffman. Throughout the experience, I learned more about child advocacy agencies, how to stand up as a Board member or educator for students rights and the ultimate purpose and functioning of schools than I could ever imagine.

Michael Sullivan

After receiving a diagnosis of autism last year I have been conducting a great deal of reading into the subject to better understand how my autism has shaped my life and how I can better accommodate my needs in pursuit of my goals as a parent, a spouse, a professional, and as a member of society in general. This has led me to more closely examine the autistic practice of ""masking,"" or concealing autistic behaviors while mimicking allistic behaviors. Due to my background in cognitive anthropology I found myself analyzing the myriad ways in which all people mask their behaviors as part of everyday life - from concealing nervousness during a job interview to projecting confidence on a first date to laughing at a weak joke just to be polite.

Michelle Starr

I am a woman of color, degreed professional with 25 years experience working with global leaders, an author on inclusion, former TEDxCherryCreek presenter, and am determined & passionate about helping the world become better for all and future generations.

Natasha Hurt-Hayes

I have served in education for 20+ years in a variety of roles and school frameworks. It has been my life's passion to create spaces that not only allow for voice and choice but employ equitable practices that foster cultivating genius within students and staff alike. At the root of student achievement and teacher burnout is collective teacher efficacy and culture.

Neveah Johnson

High School Student
I am 17 years old, born in Detroit, Michigan and recently relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a creative and adventurous spirit that loves to learn just about anything and everything. I enjoy doing strenuous activities such as gymnastics, dance, and softball. Also during my free time I enjoy taking long walks, drawing, singing, reading, and learning new languages as well as various cultures and religions. And my greatest ambition is to experience and explore the world and myself, the ups as well as downs, while learning and growing constantly in every aspect of myself, meanwhile spreading a smile wherever I go.

Scott Lawson

High School Student
I have the goal of wanting to become an aerospace engineer when I grow up, as I have learned (and continue to) the importance of hardwork and dedication in finding any goal. I was able to leverage that in my own life, using my understanding of physics to create a more devastating curveball to make up for my slow fastball. This science made me lead my summer team in strikeouts. Although baseball is just a game, its lessons of equality, in that anyone can find a way to be successful, even if they are lacking in a few categories can help everyone.

Tom Burton

School District Superintendent
Mr. Tom Burton, superintendent of Princeton City Schools, is a proven and dynamic school educator, well known and praised for his leadership. He believes that creating a collaborative environment with all stakeholders will help ensure that each child's needs are met. Serving as an educator since 1987 and at Princeton City Schools since 2015, Tom lives out the Princeton mission to empower each student for college, career, and life success. By being flexible, collaborative, and open to new learning, Tom feels we can truly inspire our students to be prepared for the real world and ensure that they make the world better than it is now. Tom is a sought-after speaker with recent engagements at the American Association of School Administrators, Institute for Education Innovation, National Superintendent’s Forum, Harvard University, and others. In July 2021, Tom was elected as one of three new members of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Educational Advisory Council.

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