Mellen Street
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Theme: The Power of Inclusion

This event occurred on
November 18, 2023
Hampton, Virginia
United States

What's your story? What are your ideas worth sharing? Call for speakers deadline is May 1st.

"Because of inclusion, I'm here" #TenochHuerta

The Power of Inclusion is something so powerful and because of it we have creativity, businesses, design, scientific breakthroughs, and more. It is the fabric and glue and is the theme of

The Call For Speakers deadline is June 1, 2023

American Theater
125 E. Mellen Street
Hampton, Virginia, 23663
United States
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Anthony & Kaidyn Dodson

Anthony Dodson is an international Keynote Speaker, Author, and Financial Literacy coach based in Houston, Texas. Despite facing adversity from a young age, he has emerged as an inspirational figure, determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Raised by his grandmother due to his parents' incarceration, Anthony experienced the loss of friends to gun violence and suicide during his high school years. These experiences, coupled with growing up in an inner city with limited financial resources, have given Anthony a unique understanding of the challenges faced by young people in such communities. As a family man, Anthony collaborates with his daughter, Kaidyn, to create the "BTB Method: Bonding Through Business," which integrates financial literacy, relationship building, and profitable family businesses.

Archi Marrapu

Archi Marrapu is an exceptional 16-year-old innovator and entrepreneur who possesses an unwavering passion for technology and its potential to revolutionize healthcare. With a keen focus on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Archi has embarked on a remarkable journey to transform the medical field. Her groundbreaking research and innovative projects in oncology and biomedical engineering have garnered global recognition and left a lasting impact. . In addition to her individual achievements, Archi is deeply committed to promoting STEM education and empowering young girls and underrepresented communities. She actively engages in advocacy work, tirelessly working to bridge the gender and diversity gaps in the field. Through her captivating storytelling and personal experiences, Archi emphasizes the critical role of innovation and AI in transforming healthcare outcomes.

Asa Jackson

Asa Jackson is an American artist, curator, and director based in Virginia. As a multidisciplinary artist, Jackson’s work explores the cross section of textile from various countries, peoples, time periods, and personal histories. His works are often anthropological studies, representing the lives of myriad people, their collective and individual stories. By cutting and sewing fabrics together, Jackson metaphorically mixes cultures, time periods, people, and places into unified works of art.

Barbara H. Smith

Speaker and Corporate Trainer
Barbara H. Smith, known as the “Celebrity Speaker Trainer,” is an Amazon bestselling author, award- winning international speaker, executive coach, and trainer. She is an actor, corporate business strategist, and tv show host. Her winning edge originated at the intersection of pursuing Undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer information technology and her life experience as a black female in a white-male- dominated industry. With THIS as her foundation, she founded BHS & Associates, LLC in 2016 and offered customized corporate training programs and workforce development along with personal executive coaching.

Charleene Closshey

Sound Therapy
Charleene Closshey is a classically trained musician, intuitive composer, and storyteller. She conducts music from beyond, using specific hertz frequencies to evoke energy shifts for listeners, weaving classic western harmonic structures with esoteric principles. Charleene is a musician’s sound healer. She is able to seamlessly integrate decades of classical music studies with quantum healing modalities, whether working one-on-one with individuals or with the masses across radio airwaves. Charleene’s mainstream pop music tops Billboard Top 40 charts. She has performed on Broadway, starred in films, sung opera in Rome, and even duel fiddled with Charlie Daniels. She produces albums with multi Grammy winning teams and composes film scores. Her compositions are lauded to “break the mold.” and her music has even been blessed by the Pope.

Chazeray "Chaz" Jackson

Motivational Speaker
Chazeray "Chaz" Jackson is grateful to be called a former D1 collegiate football athlete, a son, brother, cousin, husband, father, teacher, and motivator! He is the best-selling author of several books focusing on boosting morale and leadership. Chaz is a passionate certified leadership speaker, coach, DISC model facilitator, dynamic podcast host, and licensed healthcare professional.

Dr. Brianna Gaynor

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Brianna Gaynor, Psy.D., is a force to be reckoned with in clinical psychology. She is a top-tier clinical psychologist and transformational speaker. Her simple yet powerful mantra: "Finding peace in every situation," has earned her accolades and widespread respect. Dr. Gaynor's approach is direct and uncompromising, with a dash of audacity that sets her apart. She connects instantly with people and has an almost uncanny ability to inspire individuals to find their inner resilience and strength, no matter how difficult their situation may seem. Her passion for mental health advocacy and her uncompromising drive to stop the stigma around mental health has made her a leader in the field. But beyond that, Dr. Gaynor is a call to action - an inspiration to harness the audacity and energy needed to pursue your dreams boldly and without reservation.

Dr. Shanea Thomas

Social Worker
Dr. Shanéa Thomas, LICSW is a bold lecturer and seasoned scholar-practitioner with more than 18 years of professional clinical social work experience in the Washington D.C. metro area. Dr. Thomas’ main commitment in the field is training and strategizing with social workers, educators, and service providers around building safer therapeutic and educational spaces for all people. This is especially for those working in communities that are underserved and under-resourced. When creating organizational change through strategic planning, Dr. Thomas' work unapologetically centers marginalized voices with community organizations and healthcare institutions to help shift power, privilege, and organizational accountability.

Emily Kramer-Throckmorton

Adaptive Fitness Trainer
Emily Kramer Throckmorton, is a certified Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer with 12+ years of coaching all fitness levels. She specializes in training injured athletes, whether it's acute or long-term. She is dedicated to defying the odds and helping those with physical or mental disabilities train to get their independence back from their injuries. Emily is eager to spread the word about Adaptive Fitness and how to bridge the gap between healthcare and functional fitness for individuals and she wants to make a difference in the world by including our adaptive athletes and our abled body athletes.

Hoss Tabrizi

Wealth Advisor and Motivational Speaker
Hoss Tabrizi is an impact focused motivational speaker, wealth advisor, athletics coach, an Amazon Bestselling author, and radio show host. As a devoted husband, father of three, and loyal son, Hoss is also committed to a future and world where others discover the best within themselves and live out their true potential. In 2015, Hoss launched his financial planning business, where he skillfully works to enhance his clients’ lives personally, professionally, and financially so they can achieve the lifestyle and dreams they never thought possible. Hoss Tabrizi’s personal, life-long mission is to help people find and become the best versions of themselves.

Jamie Vanek

Jamie Vanek made the unexpected career leap from teaching elementary students to learning the construction industry in 2007. In construction, she discovered a passion for project management and team leadership. As President of Etolin Strait Development Group, a general contractor serving federal customers, Jamie is a female leader in the construction industry. She has been featured in Construction Business Owner, Construction Executive, ThriveGlobal, and other digital publications about breaking glass ceilings and leading in a male-dominated industry. Through her experience in construction, Jamie has taken a deep dive into small business experiences, stories, statistics, and strategies to formulate a framework for managing administrative functions. Jamie is passionate about breaking down barriers and creating opportunities. By clarifying the admin functions and redefining traditional roles, leaders can leverage the potential in their businesses to grow stronger.

Jennifer Dove

Authenticity Coach
Jennifer J. Dove has worked to empower and uplift women for over 20 years. She is dedicated to helping successful women get to their next level through aligning their core values, their authentic voice, and their true vision. Jennifer is the author of the Book, “Ready for More: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Fearlessly Authentic”. Jennifer is also a certified Life Coach, a Transformational and Authenticity Coach, a sought-after speaker, and she works with audiences to propel them to their next level of success through her program ‘Align to Elevate’. Her passion for working with women has been demonstrated through developing and facilitating programs, being an advocate, and working to ensure equity for all women.

Julie Delucca-Collins

Business Coach
Julie is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, and author dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses. With a passion for helping women establish and expand their brands, Julie has become a trusted advisor for many women. Certified in Tiny Habits, Julie leverages her expertise to guide individuals toward positive behavioral changes that lead to lasting success. Her coaching prowess extends beyond this domain, as she is also a Thrive Global Certified coach, providing holistic guidance to her clients whenever they need them. Building on this success, she is preparing to release the audiobook version and has plans for future publications. As a dynamic speaker, Julie has captivated audiences with her insightful talks and has been featured on prominent media outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. Her expertise has also been recognized on a broader scale, as she is a member of the Governor's Counsel for Women and Girls in CT.

Justin Little

Mental Health Advocate
Justin Little is a mental health expert and speaker certified in psychological first aid from John Hopkins University. He hosts “The Mental Wealth Podcast” heard in 50 + countries which focuses on robust mental health conversations. Justin has also spoken nationally across the country, sharing his mental health journey and inspiring thousands. He currently is a board member for a mental health non-profit, “Lee Thompson Young Foundation, that focuses on suicide prevention and education in schools. Justin is particularly passionate about mental health for men of color, partnering with non profit Black Men Heal as their social media outreach coordinator. Finally, Justin is proud to be sponsored by BetterHelp, the country's largest online therapy company — offering reduced therapy solutions for his listeners and followers.

Mylira Green

Mental Health Advocate
Mylira Green is a Certified Complex Trauma Professional, functioning as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who serves as a psychotherapist, Confidence Coach, Master Healer, and Transformative Speaker. She strives to provide the world with preventative services to lower the rate of suicidality worldwide. She founded M. Green Enterprises, LLC, where she heals leaders to build a better workplace. Her goal is to provide training and consultation to businesses looking to revive the lives of their employees by taking an interest in their holistic health. Mylira has also recently birthed The Metamorphosis Healing Experience, LLC. She works with individuals to become unstuck and motivated to reach their goals while owning their gifts confidently.

Nathaniel Ross

Certified Life Coach
Nathaniel X. Ross is a highly-rated motivational speaker and life coach with over 30 years of experience as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator. As a certified international life coach, Nathaniel helps men and women worldwide to amplify their life's purpose through personal and professional growth. His dynamic story of poverty, growth, wealth, and foundational principles in his book, The American Dream "From the Streets to the Boardroom," gives an impactful message of determination and hope to overcome life's challenges for a better tomorrow. Nathaniel is the CEO of Choice Program, LLC, Founder of Abundance Legacy, podcast host, and an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Sir Jame Gray Robinson, Esq.

Motivational Speaker
Sir James Gray Robinson, Esq. is a third-generation trial attorney who specialized in family law and civil litigation for 27 years in his native North Carolina. Burned out, he quit in 2004 and has spent the next 20 years doing extensive research and innovative training to help others facing burnout and personal crises to heal. He has taught wellness, transformation, and mindfulness internationally to hundreds of private clients, businesses, and associations. He is a licensed attorney and a highly respected speaker, writer, TV personality, mentor, consultant, mastermind and spiritual leader who is committed to healing the planet.

Vanessa Hill

Women's Maternal Health Advocate
Vanessa LaTanya Hill, MFA, MPH, PMP is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Nana, Inc., a nonprofit focused on the engagement, training, advocacy, and empowerment of seasoned women’s health. An author, health advocacy consultant, and holistic coach, she has previously served in academia, media, and as a creative services director and producer. Vanessa has received honors in patient and community engagement and a Key Contributor Award from Sentara Healthcare System where she serves as Health Equity Project Manager. She serves on the Patient Education Committee and Legislative Affairs Sub-Committee of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology/Foundation for Women’s Cancer, is the Program Planning Chair for the American Public Health Association’s Caucus on Public Health & the Faith Community and is an advocacy partner for the International Gynecology Cancer Society and co-Chairs the Breast and Women’s Cancer Committee for the Regional Cancer Disparities Collaborative.

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