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This event occurred on
June 25, 2023
Shibuya-ku, Tôkyô

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Our lives are a recording.

Despite our hope to view what was once recorded as our present life and alter the story we tell strangers, deep down we know that is impossible.

The value of our recordings is based on their irreversibility: what has already happened and the possibilities of what could have happened.

Time. Youth. Conflict.
Human nature leads us to regret what we haven’t done, more than what we have done.

We record, replay and remember moments that will never come back. While we can edit and externally change the recordings, the truth stays the same. These moments make us.

It’s time to uncover the past, discover the now, and explore the continuity of our lives.

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Shibuya QWS
2-12-12 Shibuya Scramble Square (East Building)
15th Floor
Shibuya-ku, Tôkyô, 〒150-0002
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University (What is this?)
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Adrian Francis

Imagine the significant impact that a small piece of knowledge could make to your perception of the world around you. Countless moments in history have been lost to time; even now, past realities continue to wither away from our collective consciousness. Adrian Francis, an inspiring filmmaker with a documentary about the seldom remembered Tokyo Firebombing has a story worth listening to. Discover the dwindling memory of the history that he wishes to recount and why it is so important to not forget it. Join us on the 25th of June to learn how rekindling the past can brighten the future.

Hiroki Kiyokawa

Master of Lacquer Restoration Art
How much do you really know about Japanese culture? Have you ever thought about what this culture seeks to teach, or what messages it conveys? Searching through Japanese culture, Hiroki Kiyokawa has become a teacher, and master of the Kintsugi art form. In order to think about our destiny 100 years ahead of us, we must look 100 years into the past. Kintsugi as an art form not only takes the embracing of cracks into art literally, but also is a symbol of long lasting beauty, with the power of the Urushi material. Highlighting this classical culture of Kintsugi, Kiyokawa spread his word on embracing these cracks and creating something anew. Join TEDxWasedaU on June 25th, as Kiyokawa and his talk take the main event stage.

Jazmine Sachiko Ross

Founder of Sachi-Coastal
Nationality, race, hometown, place of origin, and ethnicity. The relationship between these "roots" and identity is very strong. Jasmine Ross, who has roots in multiple countries, speaks about how individuals perceive their identity in today's globalized world, drawing on her past experiences. Her speech challenges the exclusivity of contemporary society towards people with multicultural backgrounds.

Masayuki Kobayashi

CEO of Rurio Inc.
Have you ever considered the mutualistic relationship of culture and its people? Masayuki Kobayashi, a recent graduate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Tohoku University, dives into this complex concept and raises concerns towards Japan’s decreasing population in rural areas, causing traditions and cultures to degrade along with it. Or, is it alternatively the lack of culture that is causing these beautiful towns to diminish? Let’s find out what Masayuki has to say about this pressing issue on June 25th at TEDxWasedaU’s Main Event and consider the impact you have to maintain the cultural significance of your town.

Temmy Latner

Freshman at Waseda University
Have you been through numerous online classes, meetings, or work hours during the pandemic? Meet Temmy Latner, a freshman at Waseda University studying economics and physics, who will share her 10-year experience as an online school student before the pandemic. Her talk aims to change people's perception of online education as isolated and unproductive. Join us on June 25th to meet Temmy in person and learn how online school, when done correctly, can be a real asset.

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