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Theme: Disrupting Foundations

This event occurred on
December 3, 2023
Hartford, Connecticut
United States

Seven great talks about many different topics. Visit tedxhartford.com for more information.

Hartford Marriott Downtown
200 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, Connecticut, 06103
United States
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Allison Peck

Employee and employment speaker
edefining Success: Working Less for a More Fulfilling Life! 🌱💼 It’s time to challenge time-honored notions of success. A traditional definition of success is climbing the corporate ladder, working long hours, and accumulating wealth. Yet research shows that younger generations are increasingly valuing a “soft life” where they work just enough to fund their hobbies, enjoy peace of mind, and spend more time doing what they love. While this trend may seem controversial to some, Allison Peck⚡️ believes it’s a positive development. She’ll challenge us to redefine success together to create and embrace a fulfilling life!

Ben Peeri

Life after Death Data
Data After Death: How Our Legacy Can Live Into Infinity 📚 Every time a person departs, it feels like a library engulfed in flames, with precious knowledge lost forever. But what if we could use blockchain to preserve this treasure trove of wisdom? 🌍💡Instead of succumbing to the fate of forgotten memories, Ben Peeri explores multi-generational preservation 📖, meticulously safeguarding every individual’s knowledge and memories. 📲✨🔐 This virtual haven unlocks the true potential for legacy in the digital realm, granting us a glimpse of immortality that our world has long yearned for. Could it offer us the power to carry our essence across centuries, inspiring future generations with our experiences, insights, and cherished moments? 💫💭

Daniel Bracken

Daniel Bracken, who will challenge our perception of limitations 🔴🛑 Can you do 500 pushups, run a 6-minute mile, solve PhD-level algebraic equations or feel comfortable taking the stage in front of hundreds of people? Chances are your answer is “no” to at least one of those examples. Yet, despite that, there are certainly things you excel at. The point is, we all have limitations, but isn’t it interesting how, as a society, we tend to label specific types of limitations with the often negatively connotative word “disability”? Daniel Bracken invites us to reconsider our perspectives on limitations and showcases how our response to them has driven some of humanity’s most significant innovations, pushing us to evolve.

Forrest Iandola

AI has been turning industries upside down, and the revolution continues! From transforming art to creating breathtaking music, the possibilities seem endless. But hold on tight, because our next speaker will share his insight into the next leap that is upon us: Television and Film! 🎬📺 Forrest Iandola will delve into the realities of #AI and why imagining the unimaginable is no longer a distant dream. With the progress we’ve seen so far, it may not be long before Artificial Intelligence absorbs Hollywood. 🎥✨ Ready to embark on a journey of building a business and brand you truly love? It’s not just about financial success, but also a spiritual journey that challenges you to your core. You’ll confront social norms, expectations, education, self-awareness, and habits along the way. 💪✨

Latoya Cooper

One common challenge women entrepreneurs face is the fear of offending others, which can hold them back from becoming industry game-changers and realizing their full vision. However, it’s important to recognize that this struggle is not about individual skill but about the societal norms and expectations that govern women’s lives. 💥 Successful women understand that pushing boundaries and defying expectations can lead to meaningful conversations, build trust, and connect us with like-minded individuals who crave the same strength and authenticity. Join Latoya Cooper as she explores the path to overcoming the fear of ruffling feathers; closing the opportunity gap for courageous women.

Nicole Semeraro

Is it time to rewire your approach to healthcare? 🏥 US Healthcare costs represent over 4.3 trillion dollars and 18.3% of our annual US GDP. This number is staggering and growing considerably every year. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare was at the forefront of many political and financial conversations. People are ready to take control of their healthcare but don’t know how to do it affordably. The sheer complexity of the system, and the lack of transparency, take away the power that we, as consumers, have in every other industry. �In this talk, Nicole Semeraro will address how we can better navigate our healthcare system and become consumers of healthcare to reduce healthcare spending and still get quality care. She will share four ways to navigate our fragmented system better and ask the right questions so you can feel empowered to take care of yourself and your family.

Nithin Eapen

Demystifying DeFi
Discover new possibilities as Nithin Eapen demystifies Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the groundbreaking paradigm leveraging distributed ledger technologies services for lending, borrowing, and market making. 🚀 In the current system, our money and associated services are tightly controlled, often leading to implications that go unnoticed or unaddressed. But with decentralized peer-to-peer financial transactions, such as Bitcoin, a new era emerges, challenging unfair ecosystems and opening doors to a fairer future. 🌍💪 Curious about the impact this paradigm shift will have on transaction realities, both now and in the future? Remember, money is more than just a means of exchange – it’s a language that shapes our interactions. So, which language will you choose to communicate your financial aspirations?

Stelios Stavrianos

As technology advances and information flows at lightning speed, we find ourselves facing an internal struggle to respond instantly. But have you ever wondered if immediate answers are always the key? Stelios Stavrianos will explore the remarkable power of silence in communication. Whether it’s through written words or spoken language, silence has the potential to profoundly transform our interactions. 💬⏸️ Imagine choosing not to speak, embracing those thoughtful pauses, or even interrupting a conversation to revisit it at a later time. These acts of silence can work wonders in fostering deeper understanding and connection.

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