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Theme: «Ocean : Multiply»

This event occurred on
November 2, 2023
Cowes, Isle of Wight
United Kingdom

How we Humans are much more powerful than what we allow ourselves to believe. Powerful to have an impact. Powerful to multiply our impact.

ISC Island Sailing Club
70 High st.
Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 7RE
United Kingdom
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Chris Marshall

Professional Futurist | Behavioral Scientist | Decision Coach
Chris is a leading voice on the power of playfulness and the paradox of pausing. He is also the author of the award-winning book Decoding Change, as well as the creator of the Pause Play Move Method helping entrepreneurs and decision makers push forward, make better decisions and avoid #burnout in fast-paced complex times. Connect with Chris Marshall on LinkedIn Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media and TEDxCowes

Giles Cadman

Ecopreneur and Non-Executive Chair/Chair, Cadman Capital/ Urchinomics
Giles Cadman is an active Blue Economy investor, thought leader and innovator with 20+ years of experience in private equity and fund management. Giles’ journey from #climatechange denier to passionate ecopreneur is not only inspiring but provides others with a practical model on how to develop #sustainable , profitable, ethical and replicable solutions to combat the impact of global warming and restore our #oceans and marine ecosystems Connect with Giles Cadman on LinkedIn Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media

Ilona Selke

international best-selling author of 7 books | passionate seminar leader | dolphin whisperer
Ilona's work has taken her across the globe, teaching seminars for over 35 years, living near a dolphin beach in Hawaii for 12 years, running a Dolphin Watch Boat in Florida, leading the weekly TV show Quantum Living on the WBTV Network, building and managing the Shambala Retreat Center in Bali, together with her husband, and being the CEO of Living From Vision since 1990. The two are now sharing their time between the USA and Bali. Her five bestselling books have been translated into 10 languages. She also has co-authored two bestselling books, including Success Blueprint with Brian Tracy, and The Big Secret with Jack Canfield. Two of her books are on #dolphinswisdom , meditation, and #problemsolving . Her expertise in manifestation, mental #wellbeing, and Holodynamics has been featured on television and radio shows, and she has been interviewed and quoted in numerous books and films. Connect with Ilona Selke on Facebook Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media & TEDxCowes

James Ellsmoor

Serial Entrepreneur | Writer | Advocate for Island Sustainable Development
James Ellsmoor is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, writer, and influential advocate for island sustainable development. He is widely recognized for the #success in his work in renewable energy and sustainability, having contributed extensively as a columnist for Forbes and regularly interviewed for international publications. Every project he does is not just #hope for the islanders around the world but a quality life. As a sought-after speaker and consultant, James's expertise, and ability to communicate complex concepts drive positive #change and shape the future of sustainable development on a global scale. Connect with James Ellsmoor on Instagram @jellsmoor Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media and TEDxCowes

Katherine Baldwin

Wellbeing & Mental Health Speaker | Trauma-Informed Coach | Addictions & Burnout Expert | Author
Katherine Baldwin is a wellbeing and mental health speaker, a trauma-informed coach specialising in self-love, healthy relationships, addictions, #selfsabotage and burnout and the author of ‘How to Fall in Love’. Katherine shares her struggles with an #eatingdisorder, dysfunctional relationships, stress, imposter syndrome and breakdown, as well as the tools that helped her to transform, to support and inspire others to love themselves, grow in self-esteem and confidence, create fulfilling lives, find healthy love, and achieve their full potential while staying well. Through her work, she aims to break the #stigma around mental health and addiction and inspire people to live authentically and wholeheartedly. Connect with Katherine Baldwin on Instagram @katherine.baldwin Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media and TEDxCowes

Lauren Vaknine

Master holistic life coach | health writer | wellness educator | speaker | host of the Reconditioned podcast
Lauren Vaknine is a master holistic health and life coach, wellness educator, health writer, speaker and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast. As a leading voice in wellness in the UK, Lauren uses the experience and knowledge she gained during her 3-decade long journey from severe #disability to complete #wellness, to help people heal and transform their lives. Aside from her extensive first-hand experience of healing #illness, Lauren is also trained in NLP, CBT, EFT, nutrition, life coaching & Divine Feminine healing. Lauren believes that it makes no difference which aspect of your life you’re hoping to uplevel, it all requires the same, whole-person approach. Connect with Lauren Vaknine on Instagram @LaurenVaknine Credit: Video production team: Baked Bean Media and TEDxCowes

Lisa Blair

Adventurer | Climate Activist | Author | Speaker
Lisa, the fastest person in the world to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around Antarctica, spent 92 days navigating blizzards, cyclonic winds and waves the size of a 5-story building. A challenge that only two others had ever undertaken before her and one that she almost didn’t survive but with determination and dedication to her cause of #ClimateActionNow Lisa was able to take 10 days off the original record. Today, amidst survival challenges, she collects outrageous microplastic data, unveiling the urgency for Climate Action. Lisa's mission extends beyond records and is now a powerful platform to inspire change. What we know is that action needs to be taken and a greater awareness needs to be reached. Lisa’s project CLIMATE ACTION NOW focuses on #mindset change and actions we are taking or can be taken as individuals towards a solution by utilising the power of ‘note’ sharing. Connect with Lisa on all socials at #lisablairsailstheworld You’ve never seen a talk like this one!

Shanaya Rathod

Professor of Psychiatry | Online Educator | Author | Speaker
Prof Shanaya Rathod is a Psychiatrist, visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science, University of Portsmouth. She’s been the Director of Research for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust for 11 years, Mental Health Clinical Lead for Wessex Clinical Research Network and Academic Health Sciences Network until 2022. She’s also been a Fellow of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. She's passionate about #mentalstrength and believes in her mission "Mental #wellbeing is everybody's business". She describes the journey of self discovery and building resilience through her health literacy channel on Youtube using the concept of the Mindlens or the prism with which we view the world. Shanaya also talks about the #stigma towards mental health and illness and how that stops many from getting help on time. She’s published many books and written numerous papers in peer reviewed journals. Connect with Shanaya Rathod on LinkedIn Credit video production: BakedBeanMedia & TEDxCowes

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