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Theme: Action: The Fundamental Breakthrough

This event occurred on
May 27, 2023
Bandung, Jawa Barat

In this TEDxITB, the audience will be encouraged to take action. To take their first step towards their dreams, to stop daydreaming and to start actualizing them. TEDXITB will share how one can plan the journey to achieve their dream, the steps they can take, the failures they will face, and the ways to bounce back and keep striving.

Action is usually represented as the actualization of one's goals. While an action's success is not guaranteed, inaction will ensure failure. Dreams might inspire but only action creates breakthroughs. As aspiring human beings, everyone must have their own ambitions and goals. In order to materialize them thoroughly, everyone should scheme their plan appropriately and be prepared for every possible outcome.

To continue the previous journey of TEDxITB, , we want to encourage the audience to start taking action. To take their first step towards
their dreams, to stop daydreaming and start actualizing them. Through TEDxITB 6.0, hopefully, the audience could get to know how to plan their journey, take the steps, face the failures, manage the risks, find ways to bounce back, and keep striving. So that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Balai Kota Bandung
Balai Kota Bandung
Bandung, Jawa Barat, 40117
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Indra Rudiansyah

PMO of mRNA and Viral Vector Vaccine Project
Envision a golden Indonesia, a nation thriving with innovation, prosperity, and boundless possibilities. But to reach this extraordinary future, we must first address a critical issue: the lack of exposure and understanding of research-based professions within our society. Research is key to unlocking our potential, driving collaborative development, and propelling us toward independence. It is time to ignite a knowledge revolution, spark a fire within our hearts and minds, and rally behind the unsung heroes of progress—the researchers. Let us embark together on this quest, for the future of a golden Indonesia starts with nurturing a culture that cherishes researchers and their extraordinary contributions. Technology and InnovationTechnology and Innovation

Nailah Shabirah

Executive Director at Meraki Asa
The young generation needs to realize that social intelligence is very beneficial whether you’re an individualist or collectivist. Most problems come from ourselves and how we behave toward the outside world. The wisest thing to do is to develop the intelligence in these two things. Social intelligence can make them more sensitive to their surroundings and have better emotional management towards themselves and others. Mastering it surely can help the young generation to grow as better people for themselves and society.

Reza Hasfinanda

Founder and CEO of PlusTik
In a world teeming with life, lies the breathtaking tapestry of biodiversity. Human activities often cause species extinction and ecosystem degradation. The consequences are dire: reduced soil fertility, tainted water, and increased vulnerability to disease. Protecting biodiversity is vital for the planet's sustainability and the well-being of all creatures. It involves preserving habitats, stopping invasive species, and promoting sustainable land use. Protecting biodiversity is crucial for the sustainability of the planet and the well-being of all living creatures, and involves preserving habitats, preventing the introduction of invasive species, and promoting sustainable land use practices. Together, we weave a brighter future, championing biodiversity for the flourishing of all.

Rifan Ibnu Rahman

Co-Founder of Swara Gembira
Indonesia and its divine culture can and will take the world’s breath away. In this day and age everyone may be famous for the smallest idea. But imagine taking a big idea, a beautiful material and taking the right actions to build a whole new impact for the culture and economy. With the rise of media industries in Indonesia, we have so much to dig and build. So if anyone has a potentially big idea, don’t let it go to waste and not share it with the world. But also work with the right people to achieve beyond expectations.

Rizky Arief

CEO of HMNS Perfumery
Long shot, a venture or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate. It's impossible for us to know what the future holds, there could be a lot of failures and mistakes along the way, but it's up to us to decide whether we want to give ourselves a chance to fail and embrace those failures to reach the greater goal or not. Who knows how much we could change and maybe redefine our own terms of success in the process.

Zhaffari Luthfan

Chosen Student Speaker, Ex-Head of External MTI ITB
I witnessed my organization dying in front of my eyes. As the pandemic hit, the online transition opened up many opportunities for students, whether it’s other organizations nor internships. MTI ITB, an IE and EM student union, is no longer the first option for its members to develop themself. Members didn’t perceive the organization as something beneficial and people aren’t motivated. In a quest to generate motivation by increasing the organization’s perceived value, I introduced a new concept of marketing to sell this organization: Human-Centered Marketing. MTI is great because of the people inside it and the people of MTI is great because they’re nurtured by MTI. Little did I know, my vision created a whole new era of MTI ITB now. A small vision to a breakthrough in the student union world.

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Aisya Muhali

Bandung, Indonesia


Bandung, Indonesia
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