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Theme: Disorder

This event occurred on
May 27, 2023
Putignano, Puglia

At first Chaos came to be. Thus begins the Theogony, a poem by Hesiod describing the origins.
Disorder, or Chaos, presents itself as an enormous chasm, a void where everything is undefined and infinite. Chaos indicates the empty space from which everything begins. Before there was nothing and there was everything.
Order and disorder. It is impossible to conceptually define one term without the other, the two coexist: there is order in chaos and disorder in order. Order can and must coexist with disorder, be complementary to it.

Today, amidst war and climate change scenarios that have reshuffled and disrupted the maps of our existence, navigating between order and disorder is proving increasingly difficult. With this third edition of TEDxPutignano, we have chosen to look up and let ourselves be fascinated by the generating force of DISORDER, which has within it a principle of transformation. As always on stage dreamers and observers of the world will guide us through their disorder to open up the new paths of tomorrow.

Teatro Comunale
Corso Umberto I n. 34
Putignano, Puglia, 70017
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Anna Rizzo

After studying cultural anthropology at the University of Bologna, Anna Rizzo takes part in archaeological excavations in different historical contexts, such as in Italy, Canada, Tunisia and Spain. She has been researching inland areas at risk of abandonment for 13 years now. She collaborates closely with local communities and pays attention to the people that live in these places. Such an approach allows her to give a voice to ‘the invisibles’, namely kids, women and old people. Her dream is to live her life travelling the world, inspired by Fileas Fogg, her favourite literature character from Around the World in Eighty Days.

Dalila Bagnuli

body positive activist
While studying Media studies at university, Dalila Bagnuli is a body positive activist and intersectional feminist. During lockdown in 2020 she opened her own Instagram page where she talks about her body and fights against fatphobia and social pressure on aesthetics. Her mission is to make other people who do not conform to beauty standards less lonely and heard.

Elena Cuoco

Elena Cuoco is the Head of Data Science Office at European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) and member of the Cosmology Group at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa since 2018. She worked in various fields of data analysis on gravitational waves; indeed, she is part of the team that discovered them for the first time and that won the Nobel Prize in 2017. She is also an expert on noise reduction methods and signals detection analysis and a machine learning enthusiast.

Lucia Abbinante

expert of youth policy
Lucia Abbinante is an expert of youth policy and social inclusion. She has a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Media studies and facilitates participation and intergenerational processes to boost cultural and social changes. She was the first woman to be director of the Associazione Nazionale Giovani, the governmental body for the Italian Erasmus+ program,es. She was also one of the main activists of Radio Kreattiva, the first antimafia web radio for schools.

Maurizia Triggiani Beatrice Zacco

marketing consultant + expert in commercial strategy
eatrice Zacco is a marketing consultant and Maurizia Triggiani is a writer and expert in commercial strategy. Together, they work on content creation, ethics and awareness in the digital world. Together with Marco Bottarelli, they founded Discorsionline.it and Dofit.it, an online platform focused on on-demand training, nutrition and sustainable wellness for people of all ages. The values of the platform are based on qualities that are rare to see nowadays on the internet, namely respect, moderation, positivity and equality. They hosted a Podcast called ‘In equilibrio sulla vita’, a safe space where people are led to understand the importance of knowing how to disagree when discussing hot topics with respect and love, instead of hate and aggressiveness.

Nadia Lambiase

expert in circular economy and ethical finance
40 years old, mother of Lorenzo and Cecilia and entrepreneur with a social vocation, she is a curious person who loves “connections”. After working 10 years at Banca Etica, she obtains a PhD in Innovation for the circular economy at the University of Turin and founds Mercato Circolare, an innovative start-up with a social vocation that offers consulting and training services in the field of circular economy.

Nausicaa Dell'Orto

football player
She is the Italian national flag and tackle football teams captain. Together with her teammates, she founded the first women's tackle football team in Italy 12 years ago and has been promoting American football in Europe ever since, giving a voice to many passionate women like herself. She also works as a sports documentary producer for DAZN. In 2019, she was nominated for Emmy Awards. In 2020 Forbes listed her as one of the 30 under 30 leaders of the future. In 2022, the NFL named her a Flag Global Ambassador. In 2023, she worked on her fifth Super Bowl.

Pierpaolo Salino

expert in media literacy and disinformation
He works with the newspaper "Pagella Politica" since 2021, designing training courses on media literacy and disinformation in collaboration with Italian and European high schools and universities. Graduate in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna, he specialised in audiovisual language at the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. He is a founding partner and member of the Board of Directors of the company Archilabò, which deals with inclusive education and social innovation.

Silvia Ranfagni

writer + screenwriter
Author, writer and screenwriter. She worked as assistant director with Bernardo Bertolucci, Anthony Minghella, Giuseppe Tornatore and many others. As a screenwriter she worked with Carlo Verdone, Ferzan Otzpetek, Lamberto Bava, and has been nominated twice for the David di Donatello award. She was a lecturer in Creative Writing and Screenwriting at Rufa, Rome University of Fine Arts, from 2017 to 2019. She wrote for “MicroMega”, “il Venerdì di Repubblica”, “Marie Claire” and other newspapers. She also published the novel "Corpo a Corpo" . She is the author of the SPOTIFY podcast "Corpi liberi".

Tommaso Perrone

Professional journalist and editor-in-chief of LifeGate newspapers. Expert on climate crisis issues, with a focus on solutions. He started a newsletter called 'the Climatarian' to provide a "metabolised" view of the climate crisis. The name is a translation of an American neologism that appeared in 2015 and is - now - also in use in Italy.

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