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Theme: T.H.I.N.C. : Transform, Hustle, Introspect, Nurture, Create

This event occurred on
March 19, 2023
Neemrana, Rajasthan

How does the intrepid flow of time couple with the pressure of its impregnable passing influence us?
It makes us realise the futility of our presence and thus awakens an innate desire rooted deep within us to attain fulfilment. Ushering us towards a new adventure, Putting us onto the path to bring about change in our being, and making us aware of what we need to hold on to and let go of.

This adventure of evolution cannot be undertaken without the conscious choice to transform ourselves.

Transform implies a major change in form, nature or function.

It is an undertaking that stems from our desire to become anew.
It is the realisation that one can not only dream of a better tomorrow,
but paint it into reality as well.

It is setting sights and taking action to render reality as per our vision.


Painting our dreams into reality is a possibility accomplished only with hustle being inculcated in the fibre of our being, as then progress becomes an imminent reality.

It aids us as we venture forth into the adventure of attaining our aspirations and inert desires.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle.

The process of introspection involves looking inward to examine one’s own thoughts and emotions. It isn’t simply knowing, it is understanding oneself and that makes all the difference.

To understand oneself is to silence the chaos and find peace in our being, it is only through a careful understanding of ourselves do we venture onto this path of betterment.


When we plant a seed, for it to blossom into a sapling, care and nourishment are vital.
Similarly, while the path of introspection unearths qualities, hidden inwards,
fruition can only be attained through our abilities being nurtured.

Transforming into a better self doesn’t just mean discarding the qualities which hinder our growth, it also means nurturing the ones which put us further on the path to betterment.

C- Create:

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

Creativity or creation has a unique approach to making us humans understand our niche. It encompasses a well-defined equilibrium of thoughtfulness, imagination and balance in general.

Shattering the societal mould through the influx of our creativity can be done by nurturing the fruits of our thoughts, that is, introspection. Our thoughts lead to a conscious transformation of ourselves, which can only be attained through the hustle we undertake.

So lets T.H.I.N.C to evolve to build a better tomorrow than the today we behold!
To reach the limits untouched and the paths undiscovered.

NIIT University
NIIT University
Neemrana, Rajasthan, 301705
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Aastha Tiwari

Sports Commentator, Podcaster & Radio Jockey
Aastha Tiwari, a student, is pursuing her dream of becoming a keynote speaker. She is a well-known podcaster, novelist, and Instagram content producer. She has expertise as an anchor for the YouTube news channel Kalam Kranti, and she has worked as a sports jockey intern at Radio Maharani. She has a deep love for cricket and co-wrote the book "Long Life of Inspiration." Through her win in the international debating championship, Aastha has established her competence in debate. She has also won a national prize for public speaking and is a 3-time national level and 1-time world level abacus champion, demonstrating her superior abacus talents.

Anuranjita Kumar

CEO of WeAce
Anuranjita Kumar is a human resource veteran with over twenty-six years of experience working across the globe and managing various assignments. She is the founder of WeAce which is a platform providing women mentoring and opportunities to excel professionally and personally. She is an accredited executive coach and a gifted author who has launched her second book – ‘Colour Matters?’ primarily addressing the issue of racial and color discrimination still prevalent. Her earlier bestseller book ‘Can I Have It All’ addressed the opportunities of being a woman in today’s life – and the need to open oneself to accept these as privileges. Anuranjita has been recognized and featured on The Economic Times ‘Women Ahead List 2018’.She has also been recognized as of the ‘Most Powerful Women Leaders’ by Fortune in 2013, and Top 100 HR professionals by World HRD Congress in 2015.

Deepak Pareek

Content Creator & Entrepreneur
At the ripe age of 19, Deepak is a first-gen entrepreneur. He has built a following of more than 150000+ people across various social media platforms. his enthusiasm for content creation nurtured Deepak's Iceberg Creations, a media company and film studio dedicated to producing high-quality content.

Dr. Aqsa Shaikh

Doctor, Transgender Rights Activist
Dr. Aqsa Shaikh is an out and proud trans woman. She is one of India’s First Transgender doctors. She is an Associate professor of Community Medicine, Nodal Officer for the Covid Vaccination Centre, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Jamia Hamdard, Delhi. She is part of the iHEAR initiative at Sangath India which undertakes research and project implementation for the inclusion of the Transgender and Disability community in the healthcare sector. Aqsa successfully petitioned Delhi Commission to protect child rights to pass orders banning unnecessary sex-normalizing surgeries on intersex children. Dr. Aqsa Shaikh firmly stands on the essence of her name, "the farthest dream” for she believed in herself and achieved her dream of becoming a doctor despite the challenges faced in her journey of identifying herself.

Ganesh Sahai

CTO of Nagarro
Ganesh Sahai is an IIT & IIM alumnus with around 25 years of industry experience having worked with companies like Adobe & Oracle. He is currently working as the global CTO at Nagarro which is one of the fastest-growing software services companies on the planet. He is an entrepreneur and has numerous ventures. He has a keen interest in the latest developments in technology and business environments and keeps sharing about the same along with personal analysis about different teams and communities. Innovation is his passion, and his innovative approach has gotten sixteen ideas approved for patents. He has authored multiple courses and launched them in collaboration with the “Times of India” group and at Udemy.

Harsh Goela

Co- Founder of Goela School of Finance & Stock Market Investor
Harsh Goela is a distinguished professional with a deep-seated passion for spreading knowledge about the functioning of financial markets. He is a Co-founder of Goela School of Finance LLP, holds an MBA in Banking & Finance, and has completed multiple courses from renowned experts in the field. Harsh's commitment to his work is exceptional, and he has earned recognition for his efforts. At the young age of 24, he became a public speaker and delivered two TEDx talks on stock markets. His expertise in comprehending the irrational behavior of human beings in the stock market is highly commendable.

Pravishi Das

Actor, Model & Conflict-Resolution Coach
Pravishi Das, is well-known for her sophisticated on-screen attitude, has been in a number of TV ads, as well as the films No Smoking, Rang De Basanti, and most recently, the web series Made in Heaven. She receives a ton of praise from both the general public and critics. She is the ideal illustration of a celebrity shattering the conventions of show business and has played several roles in theatre and on screen, including in the National Award-winning Konkani film "Waterbaby" .

Sushma Gaikwad

Co-founder Ice Global, Wizcraft MIME & Sukhoon
Sushma Gaikwad is an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience and has co-founded enterprises such as Ice Global, Wizcraft MIME, and Sukhoon. In addition to being an entrepreneur, she is also an experiential communication specialist, a leadership coach, and an educationist. At the helm of Ice Global, Sushma has worked on strategic projects with leading corporate houses such as the Tata Group, Mahindra Group, and DHL. She has also worked on various Learning and Development initiatives with UST Global and Atlas Copco to name a few. She co-founded Wizcraft MIME in the year 2017 with a vision to provide quality education in Media and Education. She has also co-founded Sukhoon, an initiative dedicated to holistic wellness and well-being. Sushma, a born visionary, has aimed at driving a positive change at the grassroots level and has instilled thought leadership and driven transformation in students.

Tapesh Kumar

Youtuber & Pilot
Ascending towards the destination you envisioned is a feat, achieved by seldom few. From being one of the youngest captains in the world in 2018 to a phenomenal Youtuber, known as the "Boeing Boy" with insights in aviation. Tapesh Kumar has spent his years honing his ability through relentless perseverance in the field of aviation.The pilot is the best at hand-flying and has received his basic training at Madhya Pradesh's Chimes Aviation Academy.

Vijay Prakash Sharma

Vijay Prakash Sharma has a unique voice, which is marked by smoothness, versatility, and emotive power. The song "Teri Yaad" by Vijay Prakash Sharma has been nominated in the Top 5 best Music debut in GIMA 2015 under the category of non-film music. He was the Winner of the Channel V TV Show Popstars in 2014. He has done more than 1000+ Live Shows. He has been a part of the industry for a while now and has credits from brands like T-Series, Zee Music Company, Unisys Music, and a few more. He also has a passion for teaching and has been teaching for over 10 years now Offline & Online in his VPSP Music Academy. Not just students from India, but he also currently has students from all across the globe including the countries like USA, UK & UAE to mention a few.

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