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Theme: 探奥索隐|Into the unknown

This event occurred on
May 13, 2023
Beijing, Beijing

As the renowned naturalist and French novelist Zola once said, "The full meaning of life lies in the endless exploration of unknown things, in the continuous addition of more knowledge." From the moment ancient humans made fire by drilling wood, all exploration of the unknown stems from the longing for a better life. Every progress and development we have experienced has benefited from our predecessors' brave exploration of the unknown.

2023 is a new beginning and we need more courage and strength than ever to explore the unknown. We believe in the power of exploration!

Into the unknown

If you are exploring the unknown and struggling to move forward.
If you are forging ahead and breaking through the clouds and rain.
Whether you are an explorer of society and humanities,
Or an explorer of technology and art, or an explorer of history and culture······

Join us for the spirit, experience, and unparalleled courage to explore the unknown. We have the story that needs to be heard in 2023! Ideas worth spreading~

Xijiao Hotel
NO.18 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District
Beijing, Beijing, 10010
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Hongyan Zhang

Associate Professor of Peking University
Doctor of Management, School of Education, Peking University; Master of Business Administration, Paris High Business (HEC), France. During his study abroad, he campaigned to become the president of the MBA Student Union, the first Asian to be elected in the past 100 years since the establishment of the school. As an expert in English education and testing, he is the executive director of the Special Purpose English Professional Committee of the China English-Chinese Comparative Research Association, the editorial board of China ESP Research, and was certified as an Expert in New ETS in China and TESOL Expert in 2009. He has been engaged in English teaching and testing for more than 20 years and has written 16 books, among which sold out with millions of sales. As well as more than 200,000 face-to-face students, he has also accumulated more than 300,000 learners on well-known domestic and international platforms through the lecture "English Speech and Demonstration".

Ji Qiu

Artist, Chinese contemporary Zheng player, master supervisor of the National Music Department of China Conservatory of Music, and visiting scholar at Columbia University in the United States.
Qiu Ji premiered nearly 100 contemporary works created by composers at home and abroad. Her performance was included in dozens of records released at home and overseas and her performance footprints spread to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, Asia and Africa. The overseas media recognized it as a "perfect combination of technology and art". She has created a number of works and released solo albums of more than 50 original Zheng instruments works with different musical styles, such as "Qian Zhong Fu", "Shu Yan - Qiu Dacheng, Xu Xiaolin's Collection", "Qiu Shuo... Qiu Ji Playing Zheng", "Pink Lotus - Qiu Jinan's Zheng Music Album", "Shui Xian Zheng instruments Portfolio", establishing a new image in terms of technical height, musical dimension and cultural thickness.

Peixi Han

9 years old young talent, first prize of "Star of Outlook" English Speaking Competition at Chongqing
This 9-year-old bookworm has a strong desire to explore the future of the universe and its life forms. Owning a unique visual expression ability, she loves to explore and express her understanding of the world with visual arts. Through a lot of independent reading and data inquiry and exploration, she completed the timeline drawing of the origin of the universe and the origin of life. In March 2021, she won the Best Original Visual Award at the Poster Design Competition of the San Diego International Children's Film Festival. Excellent bilingual expression ability and strong support from her parents are decisive in her amiable and cheerful character. She has won many speaking competitions. Flexible learning ability allows her to play the violin, from which she learned about the music styles of various periods and won first prize in the violin in many competitions. She also likes logical thinking brought by mathematics and won The Mathematics League Honer roll certificate in 2022.

Peng Wu

Illustrator, selected by "Bologna Illustration Exhibition" three times.
Mysterious Illustrator - Chocolate Radio Master of Arts. Selected into The Oscar "Bologna Illustration Exhibition" three times, she is the first artist in mainland China to participate in the exhibition for two consecutive years. In 2023, he became one of the main visual designers for the 60th anniversary of the Bologna Children's Book Fair. As a picture book author, she has published many books, such as Wuxun Painting Collection - FM Chocolate Radio, My Grandpa and My Grandma, and Oil Painting Stick Creative Painting. maintaining close cooperation with Penguin Langdon, LonelyPlanet, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, Zhejiang Children's Publishing House, Sichuan Tiandi Publishing House, Tianjin People's Publishing House, Tomorrow Publishing House, Zhiri, InStyle Youjia Pictorial, Lohas, etc. Her picture books were selected into the 17th Wenjin Award and the Nami Concours Nanyi Island Book Illustration Biennale in South Korea.

Wei Wang

Young philosopher, researcher of the World Original Cultural Research Institute.
Young philosopher, and researcher of the World Original Cultural Research Institute. Once working for CCTV and being engaged in the media business for a long time, he was influenced and inspired by many aspects and finally began to focus on philosophical learning and study. At present, he is mainly committed to the research and exploration of metaphysics, and language philosophy. He is the author of monographs "The Thoughts of Metaphysics" (Sanlian Bookstore Press), "A Brief History of Philosophy of Language" (in the publishing process), and "Whether the Form of Aristotle is Individual or General" and "The Matrix? Metaverse? The brain in the jar? Is our world fictional? ".

Xiaoping Peng

UNESCO awarded "Folk Craft Artist", Vice president of China Academy of Painting - Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute
Beijing Dough figurine Peng, vice president of China Academy of Painting - Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute. He began to learn dough making as a young boy of 3 years old. Among the national intangible cultural heritage projects, Peng Xiaoping is the only one who inherits the miniature walnut dough-making artistry, which can be called "the fabulous craft in Beijing". UNESCO has awarded him the title of "Folk Craft Artist" and he has spread intangible cultural heritage in dozens of countries and regions. He demonstrated this intangible dough sculpture skill for 21 world leaders at the welcome dinner of APEC held in 2014 in Beijing.

Yaping Deng

Olympic champion, table tennis grand slam winner, and top-ranked woman in the world for eight consecutive years from 1991.
Olympic champion, table tennis grand slam winner, who won eighteen world championships and four Olympic championships during her fourteen years illustrious career. She was the top-ranked woman in the world for eight consecutive years from 1991 (The longest time for a continuously top-ranked female table tennis player, the record was kept by her). As a lifelong learning practitioner, after her retirement, she obtained her bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University, master's degree from the University of Nottingham and doctorate from the University of Cambridge.

Yuhao Song

Former Microsoft security department engineer, a current entrepreneur in security industry. As a co-founder, he established a famous security research team, Keen Team.
After graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Fudan University with a master's degree, he has been a network security guardian for 15 years. Former Microsoft security department engineer, and a current entrepreneur in the security industry. As a co-founder, he established a famous security research team, Keen Team, and successfully identified technical vulnerabilities such as Tesla cars and iPhone software. The team was widely recognized at home and abroad and was later wholly acquired by Tencent. He is now a CSO at Mind Network, providing privacy computing solutions for Web3. The chief referee and host member of the famous GeekPwn safety geek competition in China, mainly responsible for the technical review of the participating projects. The Awesome Competition is committed to popularizing safety knowledge and research results. The CCTV News "News Survey" produced and broadcasted two episodes of the documentary "I'm a Hacker" for the 2017 Awesome Hong Kong Event.

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