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September 23, 2023
Jaipur, Rajasthan

A labyrinth is “ a complex combination of paths in which it may be difficult to find one’s way.” Similarly, the TEDx Labyrinth theme embodies the complexity of life, where countless choices can make it difficult to find our way. It centers on navigating challenges, exploring intricate paths, and finding innovative solutions, while at the same time, celebrating life's complications. The Talks may normalize the idea that life can be confusing, but embracing the challenge is encouraged rather than being stuck. Since the theme is inspired by labyrinths, representing puzzles, mazes, and journeys, it may focus on seeking understanding, growth, and transformation. A wide range of subjects can be covered under the topic emanating from the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, to navigating personal or professional challenges, and even understanding the intricacies of human behavior and their emotional states, so that we can help our audience unlock the hidden doors of boundless opportunities. It all depends upon your perspective of what can reflect a labyrinth.

Kartik Khandelwal
Jewel of India Stock Exchange, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, opp. Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302017
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Ajay Data

In a world driven by connections, he aims to build a legacy of trust and collaboration by blending empathy, innovation, and integrity. Founder and CEO of Data Infosys Limited, he has created a unique identity in the field of IT, which has led him to great heights in a short span. He has been awarded the ‘Guneejan’ Award by the Hon'ble Governor of Rajasthan, the ‘Man to Watch in 2004’ by Times of India, and various other titles.

Amar Ramesh

Leaving behind the cubicles of engineering to chase the vivid hues of his photographic passion was similar to stepping from the shadows into the light. What started as a photographic exploration of India's temples unexpectedly metamorphosed into a lifelong journey through the kaleidoscope of wedding photography. He stands as the visionary behind Studio A, a "creative wedding photography" atelier, where, in each click, he forges a mosaic of memories, artfully fusing the tiles of tradition with colours of modernity! In essence, echoing the sage counsel of Grant Cardone, he lives by the creed: "Be obsessed or be average”!

Ankita Sharma

Ms India Weelchair 2017
From India’s first wheelchair user influencer to being the first runner-up of Miss India Wheelchair 2017-18, she has been an endless fount of inspiration to all of us! Transforming her scars into a crown of courage and conviction, she is the epitome of hard work and ingenuity. Moreover, she is also a motivational TedX speaker, willing to reshape society's perception of individuals with disabilities. She wholeheartedly embraces her steadfast life mantra: “life is beautiful”, and loves to live it out with unwavering zeal, fully and eternally!

Anubhav Jain

Navigating through roles as diverse as an engineer, an investment banker, and a television presenter, his career journey resembles an unfolding story of boundless versatility and ever-evolving chapters. Let's listen to his account of how, despite encountering a labyrinth of closed doors and challenges, he bid farewell to the world of banking. He found a career that not only mirrored his passion but also propelled him to achieve pinnacles of remarkable heights.

Anusha Jalori

Anusha, the maestro of mic, the architect of amazing events, and a networking genius! With an unwavering passion for public speaking, she has an infectious confidence and a mind full of boundless ideas. Her captivating speeches leave audiences spellbound, while her event planning prowess turns every occasion into a masterpiece. Join her journey to discover the tenacity she cultivated through her school difficulties- a testament to her unwavering spirit and determination!

Arv Srivastava

In every facet of existence, in every room, in every corner of life, there’s a beacon of light, and that’s Arv Srivastava. With an aura exuding warmth, he is like the soothing breeze on a scorching summer day, a presence that instantly becomes everyone's favorite, wherever he ventures. With work ethics as strong as the roots of ancient oaks, he stands as the pillar of integrity! But what truly sets Arv apart is his ability to offer the world’s best advice; his words are like that precious compass, guiding others through life's labyrinthine paths.

Era Dutta

Intrigued by the terms 'psychiatrist' and 'psychologist' from a tender age, she was captivated by the way an individual's body language could offer insights into their inner thoughts. Today, she stands as an award-winning Mental Health Ninja doctor, achieving the dreams she held since childhood. Her journey has been nothing short of remarkable; she has graced the TEDx stage twice, contributed to numerous research journals, and earned mentions in prominent publications like Hindustan Times and Navbharat Times. Her interviews with esteemed platforms such as Times Of India and Huffington Post have allowed her to disseminate awareness about mental health by sharing her own ‘not so bollywood like’ yet intriguing anecdotes and experiences!

Palakh Khanna

Alongside embodying the roles of a social entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor, teacher, and environmental advocate, she is also a world record holder, being recignized in BW Wellbeing's prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Her diverse palette of achievements extend further as she's been acknowledged among the Top 75 Education and Career Influencers 2023, and has been featured on LinkedIn News twice, honored with features at The Times Square, US Times Now, The Hindu, Global Indian, Times Of India, and other illustrious platforms. Undeniably, she is a youth changemaker.

Paresh Gupta

Mr. Paresh Gupta, is the Chairman of Global Centre for Entrepreneurship & Commerce(GCEC). He is a first attempt Charterd Accountant and also an MBA from London school of business and finance. He has been a mentor to some world's best start-ups and a financial modeler from Operis UK, rated amongst the top 20 credit research analysts team in Europe.

Raisha Lalwani

A homemaker by day and a writer by night. Her passion for writing ignited during her early years and has flourished ever since. Her irresistible urge to transform thoughts into written words reached its zenith with her first novel, "The Diary on the Fifth Floor”, which skillfully blurs the boundary between reality and fiction; it sends shivers down everyone’s spine with its captivating literary prowess!

Shaine Soni

Miss TransQueen India 2020
Shaine Soni, the reigning Miss Trans Queen India 2020, had an enchanting childhood where she fashioned paper crowns and played pretend as a beauty queen. Yet, life wasn't always a fairy tale for her. She displayed a unique flair for fashion by fabricating her mother's old clothes into fashionable attire for her beloved Barbie dolls. As she grew older, Shaine's journey was marked by tenacity and unwavering passion. Her path to success as a celebrity stylist, travel maven, and fashion designer was laden with obstacles and hardships. But, defying bullies and difficulties, she transformed them into stepping stones. Her list of accomplishments, amongst her intricare mosaic-like life, includes serving the role of president at IAWW India, winning the Miss Tourism Queen International (MTQI) Pageant 2021, honoring as a state icon during the Delhi Elections, and taking on the role of CEO at Miss Trans Queen India.

Varun Sridhar

CEO- Paytm Money
Steering the ship called Paytm Money, the biggest digital Wealth Management Platform in India, his leadership commands attention and charts the course ahead. He brings a treasure chest of expertise in being instrumental in driving the digital transformation of top retail banks in India and abroad, for nearly two decades. His legacy also includes his leadership at Finshell India, where he orchestrated the introduction of two fintech platforms, realme paysa and oppo kash. In the early stages of his career, he also made significant contributions to renowned international banks like the Deutsche Bank and the Citibank where he honed his expertise.

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