x = independently organized TED event

Theme: L'(In)connu.

This event occurred on
April 19, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Cachan, Île-de-France

TEDxESTP takes place in the first engineering school in France in the construction industry. For this 6th edition, the main theme is "L'(In)connu".
This theme "L'(In)connu" is part of the union of two sets: the known and the unknown.
The known is part of the current state of our knowledge. What we know today in the different areas of knowledge.The unknown includes everything we don’t know. These are conscious (we know we don’t know) or unconscious (we don’t know we don’t know
know not). Thus, the union of these two sets brings together both our axioms and beliefs the more entrenched, than our most distant assumptions and predictions. It is up to us to check if we are right, to know if we really know what we are
thinks he knows. This theme is an invitation to look at the world from a different angle, to update our cognitive biases,
to step back on the future that awaits us or to dig up forgotten knowledge, until understand the potential limits of knowledge.

28 avenue du président Wilson
Cachan, Île-de-France, 94230
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Arthur Pillias

Engineering student.
A student of ESTP Paris, he has his heart on his hand. Faced with the unknown of existence, Arthur chose the path of faith and religion. He is not there to convince but to tell you about his personal journey and learning about life experiences. Far from the traditional dogmatic vision of religion, he wants to show us the nuances of these institutions. And maybe, the first answers to the unknown riddle

Durcia Massoukou

PhD candidate in biology , Master of neuroscience
PhD candidate in biology, Durcia Massoukou is passionate about what’s going on in our brain, in an attempt to explain the reality that we observe daily. Being used to being on stage, he also has a passion for scientific popularization

Sebastien Carassou

Doctor of astrophysics, specialized in the evolution of galaxies, and independent scientific popularizer.
Sebastien Carassou of the YouTube channel "The Sense Of Wonder" shares with us this motion of astonishment and wonder in the face of the unknown and the sublime. So, what could be better than astrophysics to feel such emotions in the face of the vastness of the universe?

Thomas.C Durand

author, biologist, youtuber
Thomas C. Durand, known as 'La Tronche en Biais' in youtube, is one of the leading figures of zetetic in France. Its goal: to help its audience to discover the cognitive biases and other spurious arguments of everyday discourses and give us the keys to forge a real mental hygiene.

Yannick Cremer

author and Youtuber
Yannick Cremer of the youtube channel 'Faut le dire vite' described as an amused look at our deep nature... and our desperate attempts to escape it. Between philosophy and the phenomenon of society, Yannick invites us to question these small existential crises that dot our existence. Just remember the saying of his little skull: Memento mori

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