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This event occurred on
February 25, 2023
Mansoura, Ad Daqahlīyah

The paradox theory is one of the scientific theories that many scientists and philosophers talked about, including Einstein, it is in fact a very confusing matter, as you may be confident about something and the exact opposite happens (that is, it is a self-contradictory statement), and the English philosopher Mark Sainsbury said about it that it is "a conclusion It may seem unacceptable, derived from hypotheses that may seem acceptable, by reasoning that may seem acceptable.
The paradox is a phrase that may be correct or a group of phrases that carry the meaning of contradiction or negation! One of the most famous paradoxes is Pinocchio's paradox, which arose when he said: "My nose is now growing," which means that this is technically correct, but it is also wrong, and so on endlessly!

Dr. Magdy Abu Rayan Conference Hall
29R5+M44، ميت خميس وكفر الموجي، المنصورة، الدقهلية 7650030
Dr. Magdy Abu Rayan Conference Hall, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University
Mansoura, Ad Daqahlīyah, 7650030
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Ameera El-Bayyar

English Trainer/Content creator
"To have another language is to possess another soul" Yes, the English language was the second spirit possessed by our speaker Ameera El-Bayyar, who accompanied the great educational content known as inEnglish and a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, English Department, Mansoura University.

Hindawi Elsayed

Change opens the eyes of individuals to broader and broader horizons than they are accustomed to. There is a permanent gap between what a person desires and what he possesses, and this gap becomes an engine that arouses in the individual the desire to change all conditions. And because our theme for this season is the paradox, we must know that the dream of striving for change is not what you see in your sleep, but the dream is what prevents you from sleeping. Our speaker tonight does not know sleep or surrender! Who doesn't know Hindawi El Sayed, our beloved fighter, famous content creator and nurse? Don't miss out on hearing his inspiring story and maybe one day you'll be our next fighter!

Mariam Amr

“Writing is a human condition in which reality mixes with imagination… through which we escape from the bad reality to the idealism of imagination.” Mariam Amr, a student at the Faculty of Languages at MSA University, and author of the book "All of You Are Me", which consists of 12 short stories dealing with societal issues and reflecting daily hopes and fears, which is evident in Maryam's choice of this type of romantic drama, and Maryam hopes that readers will see themselves and their loved ones In these short stories, and the collection of short stories was launched at the Cairo Book Fair, 2023. We are on a date with Mariam to delve into writing and paradoxes more and more!

Mohamed Gamal

"It is very difficult to remain a student in life" Mohamed Gamal is a student at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura University, and the current vice-President of the Students for Egypt team at Mansoura University. Mohamed will tell us how to balance student activities and university studies and More about time management!

Mohamed Saheen

Mohammed Shaheen is one of the distinguished young people. Started adventures in the depths of the desert since 2014. that time when there was no one interested in this content, but he remained at work until he reached a large number of followers and not only that, but he began to provide advice to those who want to have experiences in the desert and how to deal with the dangers that occur there. He brilliantly showed us a saying: "And every adventurer wins the pleasure".

Mostafa Atef

English Trainer
"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" This is indeed what Mustafa Atef applied, as his world was broad-minded, full of information, and he helped us in his different, and fun style to change all the mistakes we learned as a child about the English language, with this famous content that won the admiration of many followers.

Mostafa Yehia

Art is a way to capture the world, so what if a person mixes science and art into a single entity? This is what Mustafa Yahya did, A graduate of the Faculty of Arts in the Department of Media at Mansoura University. A journalist specializing in video journalism. The owner of a great imprint in the sports field. He is the presenter of the program "Khash Ala Al-Daksh" on the Al-Youm Al-Sabeaa news website, and was able to leave a great impact on the hearts of viewers.

Pakinam Gheeta

Artist/Dental Surgeon/Brand Owner/Content creator
"The secret to success is always to move forward." That's what Pakinam Geetah did, Pakinam is a dentist, and not only was she a doctor, she worked to be a Dental Instructor at ALEX university... Painting is one of her main passions, And she wanted to share her love for drawing by creating @Peeks art on Instagram, she’s also the owner of “Peek’s Phever” her clothing brand, specially dedicated to “embrace the unique self you are” Through her journey, she became an inspiration to a lot of people out there!

Sam Samouy

Certified fitness trainer
This is what Sam Samouy, a fitness trainer, who holds an ISSA certificate in fitness training, has trained many different age groups, and achieved overwhelming success in his field, He is the owner of Sam Samouy's YouTube channel, which contains nearly half a million subscribers, in addition to reaching 20 million views, and he continues to achieve his achievements!

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