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Theme: Redefining the Future

This event occurred on
November 18, 2023
DELHI, Delhi

This year we step into a realm of visionary innovation at TEDx's grand event, where the theme, "Redefining The Future," becomes a guiding star for the brightest minds of our time. In a world where change is the only constant, we invite all to embark on a journey that will challenge their perceptions, ignite their imagination, and redefine the horizons of possibility.

This TEDx event is not just about discussing future trends; it's about shaping them. Brilliant thinkers, charismatic artists, and inspirational activists will come together on one stage. Picture conversations that unveil the secrets of sustainable living, disruptive technologies, and groundbreaking artistry.

With riveting talks, electrifying performances, and meaningful connections, "Redefining The Future" transcends the ordinary to inspire, empower, and revolutionize. Here visions will become reality, where innovation knows no bounds, and where the future is not a distant dream but a present journey. TEDx: Where the future finds its voice.

DELHI, Delhi, 110085
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ayesha Alam

Director, CFO- Mitti Cafe
.Ayesha Alam, Director and CFO of Mitti Cafe, hails from Kolkata, shaped by a service-oriented background. Schooled at Pratt Memorial, she pursued Economics, followed by an MBA in marketing. After a stint at Sharp Electronics, she bravely transitioned into entrepreneurship. Her first venture, ZAHARA (2013), thrived in ethnic wear, spanning international clientele. As the first lady District Rotaract Representative (Rotary International district 3291), she spearheaded transformative community and environmental projects. Despite focusing on profits, Ayesha integrated social impact into ZAHARA, promoting craftsmen's products. In 2020, amid the pandemic, she joined MITTI Cafe, progressing from Head Operations to CFO. Ayesha, now a social entrepreneur, seeks to generate employment for people with disabilities, fostering awareness and celebrating their strengths. For her, the shift from wealth creation to social impact is unparalleled.

Bansuri Swaraj

Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Ms Bansuri Swaraj, an Advocate at the Supreme Court of India with 16 years of legal prowess. Enrolled in 2007 with the Bar Council of Delhi, she embarked on her journey after earning a B.A. (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Warwick. Following this, she delved into the study of law at BPP Law School in London, qualifying as a Barrister at Law and earning a call to the bar from the Hon'ble Inn of Inner Temple. A proud alumna of the University of Oxford's St. Catherine's College, Ms. Swaraj seamlessly blends her diverse academic background with an impressive professional career. Renowned for her eloquence, she navigates contentious litigation with finesse, handling cases ranging from contracts and real estate to tax, international commercial arbitrations, and criminal trials. In addition to her thriving private practice, Ms. Swaraj serves as the Additional Advocate General for the State of Haryana, adding governmental responsibility to her dynamic legal repertoire.

Beena Lawania

Vice President, With Waste Pvt Ltd
Dr. Beena Lawania, a seasoned CSR professional with a Ph.D. in Strategic CSR, holds certificates from ISB, Hyderabad, and GRI Amsterdam. Specializing in CSR consultancy, she excels in policy development, planning, measurable outcomes, and ESG reporting. Certified by IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India, she's published in international journals and authored a CSR book. As Vice President of Strategy and Sustainability at Waste to Art Private Limited, she leads pioneering projects like the Waste to Wonder Park. Committed to social impact, she initiates health camps, sanitary vending machines, and student counseling. Her expertise lies in aligning businesses with CSR, needs assessments, effective implementation, fostering corporate-NGO collaboration, and delivering comprehensive CSR and ESG reports.

Bhanu Pathak

Financial Influencer, Podcaster & Management Consultant
Mr Bhanu Pathak, a Management Consultant at Wipro, is renowned for simplifying complex financial concepts, amassing a dynamic community of 1.5 million+ followers. Recognized on platforms like ET Now, Money Control, and LinkedIn News, he showcases expertise acknowledged in various distinguished publications. Beyond consultancy, Bhanu hosts the "Batlaiye" podcast on YouTube and Spotify. His impact extends to delivering 100+ powerful speeches at esteemed institutions like IITs, NIT, SRCC, and corporate events, earning him over 40 prestigious awards. With a multifaceted presence in financial education, consulting, and public speaking, Bhanu is a seasoned professional making waves in both traditional and digital media.

Rakesh Khatri

Nestman of India & Founder Trustee, Eco Roots Foundation
Mr Rakesh Khatri, renowned as the Nest Man of India, is a documentary filmmaker turned environmentalist. Since 2007, he's been dedicated to ecosystem conservation, specifically addressing the decline of bird species like sparrows. His innovative bamboo, cloth, and jute nests boast an 85% adoption rate, resulting in over 6.8 lakh nests made. Conducting 6000+ workshops, he directly impacted 15 lakh attendees, earning him acclaim and the title "Nest Man of India." As the Founder & Managing Trustee of Eco Roots Foundation, he received the National Science Award 2020-21 for inspiring environmental consciousness among youth. His diverse recognitions include Limca Book of World Records, Earth Day Star Network, and the Shining World Compassion Award. He is also a recipient of the Sabera Social Leader of the Year Award 2022 and Green Leadership Award 2023.

Siddhant Sibal

Diplomatic Correspondent
Mr Siddhant Sibal, an accomplished journalist since 2009, embarked on his career as a business journalist with the esteemed DD News before ascending to the role of diplomatic correspondent at WION today. His journalistic prowess shines through in his meticulous coverage of Indian Prime Minister Modi's foreign tours and major global summits. From navigating the complexities of international relations to reporting on pivotal events like the Israel-Hamas conflict, Siddhant has consistently strived to deliver the most significant global news. His dedication and keen insight make him a notable figure in the world of journalism, weaving compelling narratives that transcend borders and capture the essence of crucial global developments.

Tarun Mishra

Founder- Help Drive Foundation
Mr Tarun Mishra Founded HelpDrive Foundation in 2019, that exemplifies compassion and commitment to social justice. Focused on empowering women, supporting children and the elderly, the organization has become a key partner for government agencies, donors, and volunteers in Gujarat. Initially centered on orphanage support and child rights, HelpDrive has expanded its scope to include education and animal welfare. Tarun Mishra's childhood compassion for the overlooked in society drove him to establish the foundation. Despite its growth, the organization remains dedicated to its core mission—providing vital support to marginalized populations. The tagline, "Our little time can change someone's life," reflects the organic growth of an initiative that started with a simple goal: helping those in need.

Varun Khurana

Founder & CEO, OTIPY
Mr Varun Khurana, Founder & CEO of Otipy, leads a groundbreaking farm-to-home delivery service transforming India's agricultural supply chain. With $40 million in funding, Otipy utilizes AI for demand prediction, ensuring farm-fresh produce reaches consumers within 12 hours. Khurana's entrepreneurial journey includes founding Crofarm, a sustainable agri player, and serving as CTO at Grofers. He co-founded Mygreenbox, acquired by Grofers, and played a pivotal role at Location Labs. An IIT Delhi computer science graduate, he earned acclaim in national engineering exams, published patents, and led Wirkle Technologies. Khurana's trajectory highlights commitment to sustainability, innovation, and nurturing India's startup landscape.

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Delhi, India