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Theme: True North

This event occurred on
June 9, 2023
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

True north, directing the lines of longitude along the Earth’s surface, points towards the geographic North Pole. Be it cruising around the sea, or hiking in the backcountry, true north is crucial to navigation, keeping you on track.

Finding your true north, however, takes more than a compass. Its needle spins round and round, but it could only point to where it is bound: the magnetic north only. It also varies over time, and changes over locations.

You need to locate your definite north, your true north. And this year, you are not alone. TEDxHSUHK invites you to a journey where a line-up of speakers, each holding tight to their own inner compass, is here to enlighten us with their true-north stories. While the majority might be content with heading to the magnetic north, our speakers are here to share with us how their seeming deviation and reorientation to their true north could be an even more rewarding journey.

You may sometimes lose your way. You need true north to lead your way.

Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 852
Hong Kong
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Harold Yip (葉文琪)

Co-founder of MilMill; dream-maker; businessperson
Mr. Harold Yip started his entrepreneurship in waste and recycling in 2009 by co-founding Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID). SSID is the first company to introduce IOT technology in the waste and recycling industry in HK. It has also set up HK’s first pulp mill, Mil Mill, to recycle beverage cartons. Mr. Yip holds a BBA degree and an EMBA degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before his own startup, he gained valuable experience working for several multinational companies, including Double A as General Manager, Lyreco HK as Managing Director and Jardine/Dairy Farm Group in senior management positions. He was awarded the Distinguished Marketer Award from the Hong Kong Management Association in 2006.

Jacky Tong (唐浩然)

Actor + Video Creator + Short Film Director + Singer-songwriter
Jacky Tong Hoo-yin graduated from the Film and Television Academy of HKAPA. In 2019, he auditioned for and was unexpectedly cast as one of the main characters in the TV drama "Limited Education". His acting and sunny appearance caught the public’s attention, leading him to participate in various film and television productions. In the film "Say I Do to Me" which was released recently, Jacky played “Tsz Chun”, a devout Christian who is deeply in love with the female lead. The character's personality and background are vastly different from that of "Young Biu" in the film "A Light Never Goes Out". Jacky worked hard to delve into the characters. In 2021, Jacky joined the YouTube channel "Trial&Error" and began working on both behind-the-scenes and on-screen roles in short films. He hopes to hone his skills and seize chances to showcase different aspects of himself. Also, Jacky is now striving towards his goal of becoming a director, hoping to bring satisfying works to the audience.

Johnny Hui (強尼)

Football Commentator; TV Host; Actor
Throughout the course of his career from Cable TV to free-to-air TV, Johnny has been a football commentator, a TV host and an actor. Johnny has reached a wide spectrum of audience and gained further recognition as the host of the acclaimed TV reality show“King Maker” series. In recent years, Johnny has also set foot in the area of acting where he made impressive appearances in various dramas as well as movies. A top-up of his resume, Johnny finished his first musical theater and published a book “I am what I meet”. It is safe to say that with his free from anxiety and curious nature, Johnny Hui will continue to mark on every discipline he has set his mind to.

Kearen Pang (彭秀慧)

Playwright; Actress; Director
Kearen Pang is a prominent figure in the Hong Kong arts industry. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and became a full-time actress in Chung Ying Theatre Company. Kearen's "one-woman-shows" have become a major success. Her first solo show, "29+1," debuted in 2005 and has been brought back on nine separate occasions since, plus tours in Beijing and Macau. Her second one-woman show, "goodbye BUT goodbye," won her the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Drama Awards in 2007. Kearen also engages in screenwriting and has won awards for her work. In 2016, she directed her first movie, "29+1," which won several awards. Her second film, "Mama's Affair," ranked third out of the top ten Hong Kong movies in 2022. Kearen's contributions to the arts have earned her numerous accolades, including the Best New Director Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Pak-him Chu (朱栢謙)

Actor; Musician; Band member
Having graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Chu Him has been accumulating extensive experience working with various drama groups throughout his career, such as being a full-time actor with the Chung Ying Theatre Company, an Artist Associate at the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Leader of the Creative and Production Team in Actors' Family. He has been nominated for several awards, including The Best Original Lyrics (Composition & Lyricist) at the 21st Hong Kong Drama Awards and Best Actor (Comedy) at the 23rd Hong Kong Drama Awards. He has also ventured into film and TV drama performances. In recent years, Chu Him has also taken on a teaching role, offering open acting courses for those who are passionate about acting. Chu Him also made a great attempt at solo plays. In 2022, he co-founded "Conjoined Alley Production Limited" with Mr. Mathew Cheung to continue his artistic endeavors.

Phaedrus Lam (阿京) & Chucky Chan @Mill MILK

Content creators + Hosts
Phaedrus has diverse experiences in music, writing, and visual media. With a background in music journalism, he has written reviews for a range of newspapers and magazines and curated various music performances. He has also worked as an editor, journalist, and advertising copywriter, with a particular focus on fashion and lifestyle publications. Phaedrus has made a name for himself in visual media, beginning his career as a video journalist and now serving as a content creator at Mill MILK. Chucky is also a content creator at Mill MILK, specialising in producing a wide range of video content that captures the heartwarming stories and events of Hong Kong. After gaining professional experience in various industries, including advertising, fashion magazines, supplements, and travel journalism, Chucky has taken on multiple roles such as planning, hosting, and producing.

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