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Theme: Future? Future!

This event occurred on
May 19, 2023
Jersey City, New Jersey
United States

"Future" has become such a loaded word.

For some it carries so much promise and excitement, for others it’s an opportunity to talk about unrealistic and wishy washy agendas and ideas, but for the majority it’s simply a word that incites endless anxiety and stress.

It may seem that everything around us — politics, news and social media — are all slowly defeating our optimism and presenting this bleak picture for our future lives. This spring, we want to change that.

We’re going to explore stories and ideas that will restore our optimism in “tomorrow,” help us return to the things that matter most in our lives, and more importantly, present solutions and paradigms that will guide us in building a future worth getting excited about.

An exciting future is not something to hope for. It’s something to create.

Jersey City Theatre Center
165 Newark Avenue Entrance from, Barrow St
Jersey City, New Jersey, 07302
United States
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Adrienne Rivera

Adrienne Rivera is the founder of Breath of Gold, a business that certifies people to become breathwork facilitators. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners to support them by using breathwork to take their business and life to the next level. Adrienne is also a speaker, best-selling author, and founder of the 12 Week Breath of Gold Journal. She travels the world and leads numerous leadership and breathwork retreats.

Alana Lintao

Alana Lintao is a content creator, student, and model. She is widely known for her short-form videos and has worked closely with companies such as Meta, YouTube, Amazon, Uber, and more. Dedicated to using her platforms to spread laughter and joy, she hopes to continue to leave a positive impact on her audience’s lives through her content online.

Brian Nandy

Brian Nandy, originally from Malaysia, is a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. His therapeutic approach is to help clients align their vision of success with healthier beliefs.

Lindsay O'Neill

Lindsay O'Neill is the founder of, Certified Culinary Medicine Chef, Wellness Coach, Board Member of #HalfTheStory and career Al/Data Technologist. Throughout her 20+ year career Lindsay has run teams that built platforms to automate marketing decisions using Big Data in milliseconds. So when she got sick with a chronic inflammatory disease, she turned to her expertise in data collection and utilization to help figure out the cause of her illness and address it effectively. During her career, she was hailed by Forbes, CBS and Crains NY as a top entrepreneur. Lindsay's SmallHinges.Health Method utilizes efficacious data to identify the most important, yet simple, changes to make your diet and lifestyle for optimal health, happiness and success.

Livi Redden

Livi Redden is an author, speaker, and podcaster who guides teens and twenty-somethings on how to intentionally steer their lives through the power of emotional development, mindfulness, and accountability so they can live the fulfilling, joyful lives they deserve.

Megs Shah

Megs Shah is an award-winning entrepreneur, technologist, mom and a survivor of child sexual abuse with over 20 years of experience building digital and data products. Through her platform, The Parasol Cooperative, globally recognized by the UN Women and Forbes, she hopes to protect lives through technology and raise awareness among survivors and their families.

Nova Pierre Louis

From Immigrating from Haiti in 2021 to getting her BS in business at 19, Nova Pierre Louis knows a little too much about fast-paced change. Nova is a young social entrepreneur is dedicated to simplifying pathways to empower and elevate the upcoming generation.

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