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This event occurred on
June 23, 2023
Vancouver, British Columbia

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Magee Secondary
6360 Maple St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4M2
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6M 4M2
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Aiden Han

Aiden, a student at Collingwood School, has amassed over 5 years of debate experience in various formats. Competing in Canadian National Debate Format, Public Forum, British Parliamentary, and Worlds Schools debate, he has earned individual and team awards at renowned tournaments hosted by Harvard, Yale, UBC, Georgetown, and Princeton. Alongside his passion for debate, Aiden enjoys basketball, music, and public speaking. These diverse interests contribute to his well-rounded development. With his extensive experience and articulate communication, Aiden excels in the world of debate while embracing other enriching pursuits that enhance his academic journey.

Andy Wang

Andy Wang, a grade 11 student at PW Secondary School. During my free time, I find joy in playing table tennis and the piano. They are my outlets for self-expression. In the midst of the pandemic, I had the wonderful experience of teaching theory. It was a rewarding opportunity that allowed me to grow personally. Sharing my knowledge and helping others navigate through challenging times was fulfilling. Playing table tennis and the piano brought me happiness, and teaching theory during the pandemic was a meaningful experience that contributed to my personal development. I'm grateful for these opportunities that have enriched my life.

Angela Tao

Angela Tao, a remarkable student at LBSS, excels as a leader with diverse talents. She shines as a member of the school's basketball championship team, holds a ski instructor level 1 license, and has trained in badminton with national team member Hao Tian. Angela's musical accomplishments include winning gold medals, playing flute in the Vancouver AiYue Youth Orchestra, and achieving proficiency in piano. Committed to community service, she volunteers and founded a charity club. With exceptional academic performance, Angela Tao stands out among her peers as a well-rounded and accomplished individual.

Athena Yu

Athena Yu delves into the complex nature of success, challenging conventional definitions that often equate success with external achievements like wealth, fame, and conquests. Drawing on her own experience as a squash player, she illustrates how success can be an internal and deeply personal experience, defined by resilience, personal growth, and meaningful connections. She urges her audience to focus on internal fulfillment, embracing their unique journeys, values, and aspirations, rather than succumbing to societal pressures and external validation. Athena concludes by emphasizing that success is not merely a destination but a state of being, encapsulating authenticity, fulfillment, and purpose.

Cayla Gao

Cayla Gao, a grade 10 student at Stratford Hall. Besides my studies, playing the piano is my passion. It brings me immense joy and serves as an outlet for self-expression. Through music, I find solace and fulfillment. The piano allows me to explore my creativity and connect with others through my performances. It's a language that transcends words and touches people's hearts. When I play, my goal is to create a meaningful connection with the audience, evoking emotions and sharing moments of joy and contemplation. Music has a powerful way of bringing people together, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my love for the piano with others.

Darren Zeng

Darren, a student at Richmond Secondary High School, is an exceptional individual with a passion for physics and computer science. He has already completed over 4 Advanced Placement (AP) courses in just one year, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. Darren's dedication to these subjects has been recognized with the prestigious Cayley reward from The University of Waterloo. Apart from his studies, he enjoys coding games and expanding his knowledge through TEDx public speaking videos online. Darren's impressive achievements and diverse interests showcase his drive for personal growth and intellectual exploration.

David Fisher

Award Winning International Speaker | Top Communications Coach | Storyteller | Life Coach | Creative Human
David is a highly accomplished professional in Speech Communication, holding an honors degree. As the CEO of Kingfisher Communications, he has garnered prestigious awards for his exceptional speaking skills. With a profound expertise in speech communication and coaching, David has successfully motivated countless individuals to make transformative changes through small, actionable steps. His unique approach revolves around empowering others to embrace vulnerability through purposeful storytelling. By striving to foster a more compassionate and interconnected society, David aims to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond our imagination.

David Jiang

David Jiang, an extraordinary student at University Hill Secondary School, consistently excels in the University of Waterloo's CCC competition, receiving consecutive awards for three years. His linguistic talents shine through his championship in the 30th Vancouver Chinese Essay Competition, while his musical versatility is evident through his consecutive victories in the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival piano competition. David's leadership skills are evident in his roles as a school badminton team member, Badminton and Literature Clubs' president, and Math Connect student-tutoring organization leader, reflecting his well-rounded and accomplished persona.

Eric Sun

Eric Sun, a student at University-Hill Secondary School, is a remarkable individual with a passion for music and community service. He dedicates his time to volunteering for charitable events and has co-founded the nonprofit organization "Havenarise Youth Foundation." Through this foundation, Eric focuses on supporting homeless children and addressing the issue of opioid overdose among children. Additionally, Eric showcases his artistic talent and commitment to preserving cultural heritage as a teenage leader in the event "Paintings on Rock about the Century-Old History of Vancouver." His dedication to making a positive impact on society is truly commendable.

Eric Changbean Kang

Eric Changbean Kang, from Maple Ridge, Canada, is an accomplished individual excelling academically and in leadership roles. He is the President of the THSS Extreme Math Club, leads the THSS Robotics Club, and has won awards in math competitions. Eric is also a skilled athlete in badminton and short track skating, with achievements in baseball. He volunteers at hospitals and the ice rink, and is the founder of the Sunrisers Foundation and Claw for Humanity Technologies. With aspirations to become an oral maxillofacial surgeon, Eric combines his academic excellence, leadership, and dedication to making a positive impact on others.

George Liu

George is a dedicated student with a keen interest in both soccer and physics. He finds fulfillment in staying active, developing his teamwork skills, and nurturing his ambition. Physics enthralls him as he delves into exploring the fundamental laws and origins of the universe, nurturing his critical thinking abilities and fostering a sense of curiosity. He can forge meaningful connections, build lasting relationships, and contribute to a sense of community. Driven by curiosity and ambition, he consistently seeks to expand his knowledge, asking questions and seeking fresh perspectives. George's determination inspires him to set challenging goals and continuously push his limits.

Ivy Lin

Ivy Lin, a rising 9th grader at Crofton House School. Ivy has a diverse range of passions and talents. She can be found playing on the badminton court, rowing alongside her school team, hitting the slopes every winter weekend, and serving as a delegate at Model United Nation conferences. However, Ivy’s interests extend beyond these activities. She has developed a strong ability to present her ideas through her active involvement in business competitions, Model United Nation conferences, debate tournaments, and public speaking fairs. With her multifaceted talents and drive to innovate, Ivy intends to share her ideas and hopes to inspire others as well.

John Cheng

John Cheng, a dedicated student at Vancouver College, has been honing his public speaking skills for over five years. He actively engages in Model UN and competes in various public speaking contests, showcasing his exceptional talent. Recognized for his outstanding expressive abilities, John has been awarded the prestigious Best Facial Expression accolade from PAPS. He cherishes his leisure time by socializing with friends and indulging in anime through the renowned platform, Crunchyroll. John demonstrates his commitment to physical fitness as an esteemed member of the VC swim team. His distinct and humorous personality has earned him the endearing title of "comedian" among his friends.

Julia Guo

Julia Guo, a grade 11 student at Magee Secondary School. Julia cannot wait to watch the TedxYouth event play out in June and the various ways that success will be presented. Having been at this school since grade 8 and seeing it progress through the many years, Julia believes that Magee offers the perfect environment for such an event. From the welcoming people to the kind, understanding teachers, it is the Magee community Julia values. Currently, she contributes to the school environment through running the school magazine in order to share student and teacher voices, hoping to create a closer knit community.

Kevin Liu

Kevin, a student at Vancouver College, is an accomplished individual with a diverse range of interests and achievements. With over two years of debate experience, he has participated in the SFU debate competition in the Oxford style. Kevin is also a former BASA student, holding a level 3 certificate in speech arts and drama from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Kevin actively participates in math contests and has received awards in the Fryer and Beaver Computing Challenge. Beyond his intellectual pursuits, he finds enjoyment in playing golf, snowboarding, and swimming. Kevin's well-rounded nature and commitment to excellence are truly admirable.

Kitty Sun

Kitty Sun, a student at Point Grey Secondary School, is known for her determination, positive attitude, and impressive achievements. She has won numerous awards for her exceptional public speaking skills and has showcased her artistic talent in various competitions. As a compassionate individual, Kitty volunteers as a Love Ambassador at the British Columbia Children's Hospital, supporting children in need. She is also a skilled dancer and boxer, continuously challenging herself. Kitty's commitment to excellence and her diverse range of talents make her a standout student at her school.

Leo Fu

Leo Fu, a student at Delta Secondary School, is a remarkable individual with a wide range of interests and talents. His passion for drawing allows him to express his creativity with finesse. Leo's dedication to ice hockey showcases his athletic abilities and fosters his willpower and determination. Leo is an avid reader who spends hours in the library, particularly engrossed in physics and math books. He actively engages in volunteering, making valuable contributions to his school community. With his multifaceted strengths and diverse interests, Leo stands out as a well-rounded and accomplished student.

Leon Hong

Leon Hong, a dedicated sophomore at Point Grey Secondary School, exhibits a remarkable array of talents and passions. Alongside his commitment to academic excellence, Leon finds great fulfillment in playing the cello, showcasing his finesse on the basketball court, and embracing the challenges of running. Notably, he has honed his presentation skills through active participation in business competitions. With his diverse talents and unwavering determination, Leon Hong possesses a bright and promising future ahead.

Max Yang

Max, a student at Vancouver College, is an accomplished individual with a wide range of talents. With over 5 years of experience in math contests, he has garnered numerous awards. Max is also active in debate and model UN, participating in events like VMUN and VDA in-house debates. As a badminton athlete, he has competed in tournaments over the past three years. Furthermore, Max has been playing the trombone in the school band since grade 7 and has participated in the whistle music festival with the VC school band for two years. His diverse skills and dedication showcase his well-rounded nature and commitment to excellence.

Osborn Song

Osborn, a grade 8 student at St. George's School, is well-versed in the art of debating and public speaking. He thrives in collaborative environments and enjoys working with his peers as well as engaging with new acquaintances. Osborn has a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on his community. He believes that his strong communication skills and unique talents can be harnessed to inspire and influence others, ultimately fostering meaningful change. With a keen understanding of the power of effective communication, Osborn is dedicated to utilizing his abilities to serve as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Peter Dai

Peter Dai, a compassionate and community-oriented Grade 10 student at University Hill Secondary School, emigrated to Canada last summer. Firm in the belief that setbacks are stepping stones to success, he is an active participant in the school choir, basketball team, and serves as a Media Management Leader for TedxYouth. He also leads local events such as Paintings on Rock and VIVA Donate for disaster relief. As president of the Light-spreading Foundation, he leverages his leadership skills nurtured in China, where he was a class leader and a prizewinner in the CCF Olympic competition. He's an enthusiastic volunteer, relishing every moment of service.

Robbie Genius

Motivational Speaker | Author
Robbie is a Leadership expert, Speaker, and the founder of a digital platform for self-development and storytelling. Robbie thrives on helping others to understand who they are and identify what they want for their lives. He sees greatness in everyone, and his goal is to help others see greatness in themselves. Robbie started his career as a Math Teacher in the mid-90s and has transitioned to leadership training on personal and professional development. Robbie is extremely energetic and a go-getter, working every day to improve himself and his services to others. He enjoys being behind a microphone, cracking jokes, and kicking it off on the soccer field.

Sherry Chu

Sherry, a passionate grade 10 student at Point Grey Secondary, possesses a deep love for animals and aspires to pursue biology as her major next year. Her dedication to the subject is evident in her enthusiasm for understanding the intricacies of the natural world. Beyond her scientific pursuits, Sherry has a keen interest in honing her skills in public speaking and debating. Embracing new challenges, she is preparing for her inaugural experience as a speaker at TedX, where she can share her insights and ideas with a wider audience. Sherry's strengths lie in her commitment to animal welfare and her ability to articulate her thoughts persuasively, making her a standout individual with a bright future ahead.

Sonia Li

Sonia Li, a Grade 10 student enrolled in the Prelude program at Sir Winston Churchill, possesses a remarkable wealth of knowledge and a range of diverse experiences that enrich her academic journey. She approaches her education with great enthusiasm, constantly seeking to acquire new skills, actively engaging in community service through volunteering, cherishing meaningful moments with loved ones, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to personal growth. Participating in TedX holds immense significance for Sonia as she views it as a transformative opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and enhance her communication skills, ultimately paving the way for her success.

Sophia Hu

Senior Student
Sophia Hu, a rising senior at Episcopal Academy, is a multifaceted student with a wide range of interests. In her free time, she enjoys immersing herself in true crime podcasts, honing her skills on the squash court, and expressing her creativity through bullet journaling. Sophia’s academic process is evident in her knowledge of data science, which she uses to research social issues she is passionate about such as DEI related issues and healthcare equity. Known for her positive outlook and optimistic attitude, Sophia approaches challenges with determination and a can-do attitude. Her enthusiasm and resilience make her a valuable asset to any team or endeavor she undertakes.

Stanley Markotich

Professor at Simon Fraser University| Educator
Dr. Stan Markotich, a distinguished professor at Simon Fraser University, specializes in the Balkans. With a graduate degree from Indiana University, he served as a Serbian analyst at Radio Free Europe in Munich before continuing in Prague. Dr. Stan M.'s expertise grew as a research analyst at the Open Media Research Institute in the Czech Republic and with the International Crisis Group in the Balkans. Having witnessed the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, he has authored numerous scholarly articles and book chapters, currently working on a memoir. As the Educator, Dr. Stan M. passionately supports students in achieving their academic aspirations.

Victor Zheng

Victor, a resilient and empathetic student, leads by example, striving for excellence in all endeavors. Highly adaptive and a skilled team player, he excels under pressure. Passionate about fostering connections, Victor maintains a stellar 4.0 GPA at St. George's Senior School. As President of the Business Club Junior Branch, he manages all operations and led a team to a notable 10th place at the miniEnterprize 2023 competition. Additionally, Victor shines as a competitive rower and student coach, earning a bronze medal and a nomination for Sportsman of the Year. Committed to intellectual growth, he is a valued member of the exclusive Competitive Math Program.

Weihan Wang

Weihan, a grade 10 student. As co-founder of Sunshine Squash Club, Weihan has had the privilege of working alongside three exceptional Canadian junior squash players since establishment in March 2020. Weihan is committed to making a positive impact, donating all funds raised to organizations in need. Weihan is an outstanding and outgoing leader at school. He consistently demonstrates a diligent approach to his responsibilities and is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. His leadership qualities, combined with his altruistic nature, further enhance the positive impact he creates both within the club and throughout his school community.

Zaria Xia

Zaria Xia, a Grade 10 student at Kitsilano Secondary School, boasts over a year of experience in speech and debate, having actively participated in diverse formats such as Public Form and Big Questions. While excelling in these areas, Zaria's interests extend beyond the realm of public speaking. On the ice rink, she showcases her skill and teamwork, finding solace and joy in sports. When it comes to expressing her artistic side, Zaria's creativity flourishes as she wields a pencil and paper. Alongside her sports activities, Zaria actively engages in business competitions, exemplifying her entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking skills.

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