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Theme: Kaleidescope

This event occurred on
March 16, 2023
Singapore, Central Singapore

All the tiny glass pieces are the pieces of our lives coming together to create a colorful and unique image.

Roy Bennett Theatre, United World College South East Asia
1207 Dover Road
Singapore, Central Singapore, 139654
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Youth (What is this?)
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Frank Zhang

Student speaker
Frank Zhang is a current Grade 11 student who joined the UWCSEA community in 2019. Having been learning to code since primary school, he has a passionate interest in digital technology. As a researcher on how AI can be used to help the underprivileged, he has seen first-hand the benefits of technological advancements - and, in recent years, the potential complications they bring. Through this TEDx talk, he would love to share his knowledge on how we can coexist with them now and beyond. Other than his love for computer science, he is also a talented musician, playing the drums since the age of 5.

Geraldine Tan

Dr Geraldine Tan is the Director and Principal Psychologist of The Therapy Room. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (California) as well as a Masters in Applied Psychology (Singapore), and has more than 2 decades of experience working with individuals with a multitude of psychological problems. Her clients span from the young ones with learning disabilities like dyslexia and autism to adults with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. In her upcoming Ted Talk, Dr Geraldine will be using psychological theories to share how certain chapters of our lives are like broken pieces of a kaleidoscope - broken on their own but beautiful when pieced together. Join us to learn tips on navigating through difficult chapters of our lives.

Jenni Russell

Motivational Speaker
Jenni Russell spent nearly 20 years on a mission to find out what was causing her chronic pain. Along the way, she woke up from surgery to find her leg was paralysed. Jenni was told she would never get better. Today, she is an international keynote speaker, travelling the world, and inspiring people to live with the purpose that comes from pursuing your dreams.

Lynn Tan

Lynn Tan is an Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry since 2003 and the Founder of eco-conscious personal care brand THE POWDER SHAMPOO™️. All the products are based on a powder-to-foam, vegan, water-, sulfate-, silicone- and paraben-free formula that uses 0% plastic in its packaging and everything is 100% recyclable. In Lynn’s upcoming TedTalk, she’ll share what compelled her to evolve from a traditional for profit only Entrepreneur into a Planet First Ecopreneur on a new mission to plant 1 million trees and revolutionise the personal care with healthy products that are good for you and good for earth.

Olivia Jensen

Lead Scientist at the Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk at the National University of Singapore
Olivia Jensen is Lead Scientist at the Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk at the National University of Singapore. She is a social scientist who works on risk perceptions, with a focus on environmental risks. Olivia likes evidence-based decisions, in-depth interviews and taekwondo. Olivia doesn’t like fear-mongering, confusing risk metrics and traffic jams.

Samantha Majiedt

Student speaker
Samantha Majiedt is a grade 12 student from Namibia. Having lived there her whole life, she is now in her second and final year at UWCSEA. Growing up in Namibia she has always been surrounded by the same people and the same ideas. However, she has been met with various cultures and opinions after coming to Singapore. And not always positive. Having been exposed to stereotypes around her country and the African continent, Samantha deconstructs these biases, specifically around the African individual and continent. Looking at it all from an international and individual perspective, she challenges the persistence of these stereotypes and reveals how they may impact our identity. With a passion for dance, learning and having a good time with her friends, she hopes to demonstrate how external factors may influence our identity before we can.

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