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This event occurred on
May 20, 2023
8:00am - 12:00pm +07
(UTC +7hrs)
Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai

With the challenges faced by the youth in today’s generation, there is a strong need to discuss relevant topics that enable them to ignite the desire to make a change. Recognizing everyone’s ideas and insights provides diversity and varied perspectives. This year’s IGC School’s TEDx event revolves around CONVERGENCE, where issues related to society, environment and gender will be covered. TEDxYouth@IGCschoolTBD will allow the youth to converge on the ideas worth spreading that will enhance youth strengths and resources to promote positive outcomes.

IGC School- Thai Binh Duong Campus
154/20 Hung Dao Vuong, Quyet Thang Ward
Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai, 810000
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anh Duc Tran

Tran Anh Duc is a Tan Phu Primary - Middle - High School student with an impressive range of interests. Not only is he passionate about bodybuilding and improving his self-confidence, but he also has a curious mind that drives him to learn about wildlife and the world around him. In addition to these interests, he has also taken notice of the rapid evolution of technology and its impact on our lives. With his talk, he aims to share his insights on this topic and explore the various stages of technological development.

Ba Minh Ngo

Ngo Ba Minh is a student from IGC Tay Ninh Primary - Middle - High School and is driven to excel in public speaking, striving to become more persuasive and confident. Along with his language skills, he is also a talented member of the school's music and swimming clubs. He firmly believes that providing equal opportunities to all is the first step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Bao Thy Vo

Vo Bao Thy is a high school student studying at Thai Binh Duong Primary - Middle - High School, and at sixteen years old, she already understands the importance of gender equality. She believes that each person is unique and has their own characteristics; therefore, we need to respect and value them. She has taken a personal interest in researching hate speech and ways to help its victims and prevent its spread. As a young teenager, she is dedicated to making a positive impact and stopping harmful actions.

Duangtawan Chinyee

Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Duangtawan is a sixteen-year-old student at Ambassadors Bilingual Academy concerned about poor air quality in his hometown. He is a high achiever in academics when earning several awards and participating in local English competitions.

Hoang Bao Pham

Pham Hoang Bao is a grade-11 student at Le Quy Don-Tan Mai High School with a passion for learning languages, acquiring knowledge, and sharing his ideas. He has participated in various speaking competitions and school activities, honing his skills as a communicator. At the TEDxYouth event, he wants to spread a message about creating a world where everyone can achieve their full potential and be proud of our achievements.

Nguyen Xuan Dien Tram

Tram Nguyen Xuan Dien is a remarkable grade 9 student from Thai Binh Duong Primary - Middle - High School who has a burning passion for change and a great appreciation for modern literature and classical art. “This girl is on fire” - that thought may come up in your mind as you watch her onstage.

Thanh Tu To

To Thanh Tu is a Trinh Hoai Duc Primary - Middle - High School student. He is passionate about computer-aided design, drawing, traveling, skateboarding, and socializing. He is a high-achieving student and works as a freelance designer, collaborating with individuals and small studios worldwide.

Thuy Anh Phi

Phi Thuy Anh is a passionate 12th-grade student from Ban Mai School. Through extensive research, she has discovered that many cities around the world are struggling to collect and recycle urban solid waste properly. Thuy Anh strongly believes that scavenging is a highly effective solution to this problem and is dedicated to raising awareness about it. Join her in the fight to create a better planet for all.

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