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Theme: Heads or Tails?

This event occurred on
March 5, 2023
London, London, City of
United Kingdom

NOTE: The event date has been moved to Sunday March 5th, 2023.

“The vision of time is broad, but when you pass through it, time becomes a narrow door” - Frank Herbert, 1965.

We all grow up being told that we have endless possibilities ahead of us to make our life into what we want it to be. As we grow older, we are still confronted with those endless possibilities but we look with grievance at the roads that we can no longer follow.

This conference will focus on the beautiful nodes of existence that forced our speakers to make a decision. Decisions that seem so black & white and up to chance that reminded us of the simple figure of ‘Head or tails’ to summarise them. It is a research into personal agency, determination, and chance.

We encourage the young students and adults joining us to find a space of comfort and discussion in our conference and bring their beautiful experiences to this topic.

Who is this event for?
Everyone is welcome to join! However, this event is specially directed at students and young professionals due to the nature of the topic and discussion that we are trying to spark.

Come alone or in group, our conference is open to anyone desiring to engage with the topic and the speakers.

Greenwood Theatre
55 Weston Street
London, London, City of, SE1 3RA
United Kingdom
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Colette Dauchez

Student at King's College London
The fear of the unknown is a reassuringly common human experience. In my talk, I wish to take the audience through the reasons for which humanity is scared of all things unpredictable, to some extent or another. I hope to enlighten the audience in the importance of letting go to reduce general fear and anxiety in our societies. As for me, I’m a first year student in religious and political studies, which I have enjoyed so far, especially regarding its complexity. I love studying and breaking down difficult theoretical concepts, and finding a reason and an explanation for everything. I love watching movies and reading books, as they expand my knowledge and appreciation for the physical world and its beauty, but also the creativity and the expression of artists.

Fatema Bushra

English Student at King's College London
A literature and gaming enthusiast, Fatema is a second year English undergraduate at King's College London. She's a fairly creative individual who's passion resides in the arts, namely reading writing and performance. Some of her most notable achievements are: co-creating an environmental activism campaign that left over a million impressions across various social platforms, winning a government funded scholarship to study Software Engineering and writing 20,000+ words of fiction that she swears will never see the light of day. Her talk is centered around her personal journey with confidence, and how it has transformed her life. Her talk aims to reassure everyone that having confidence is accessible to all personalities.

Hayley Nolan

Hayley Nolan is a Tudor historian and author of the corrective biography Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies.She has worked with the House of Commons launching the #BeMoreBoleyn campaign, highlighting Anne Boleyn’s overlooked political efforts. Hayley has also partnered with numerous heritage sites including Historic Royal Palaces (Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace), Eltham Palace and Anne Boleyn’s childhood home of Hever Castle. She collaborated with Houses of Parliament for the 2017 General Election campaign and was also invited by official French organisation, Atout France, to research Boleyn’s early life at the Chateau Royal de Blois, France. Hayley became the historical researcher, writer, and presenter of vlogumentary mini-series The History Review, and its spin-off iTunes podcast. She has also collaborated with social media app Tiktok creating official history videos for their #LearnOnTiktok Hashtag, having now built an audience of over 200,000 followers.

Imani-Lara Lansiquot

Olympic athlete
Imani-Lara Lansiquot is an Olympic sprinter hailing from South-East London. Competing primarily over the 100m and 200m, Imani has also amassed a growing number of medals as part of the 4x100m relay. She is an Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth medalist. Her 100m best of 11.09 secs, ranks her fifth on the UK all-time list. Imani recently graduated from Kings College London in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience. She is also an avid writer away from the track, with her debut play “Armour of Gaza”, an ode to her hometown of Peckham, published during Tokyo 2020. Imani has written various articles that put female empowerment from a grassroots level first, rallying for young girls, in and out of sport, to realise their full potential and break through fears around failure.

James McIntosh

Founder of Knit McIntosh
James McIntosh is a self-confessed fidgeter. Living in the present moment using traditional mindfulness-based interventions is impossible for someone with a brain that constantly runs at 50MHz. A world award-winning food writer, TV presenter in China and Global Ambassador for AGA cookers, James was living his dream. That was until 2015, when he was confined to bed with what was diagnosed as a ‘moderately severe depressive episode’. A lost career, a failed company, panic attacks, low self-worth and esteem. Add into the mix the death of parents and suffering from homophobic and narcissistic abuse. Was the answer to simply rebuild his life, one stitch at a time?

Ngozi Cadmus

Mental Health and Leadership Expert
Ngozi Cadmus is a Mental Health & Leadership Expert, a dynamic and highly trained Psychotherapist, a Business Strategist, a qualified Senior Social Worker, and an experienced CEO and Founder. She is also the CEO & Founder of Frontline Therapist, an affordable and accessible culturally sensitive online counselling service for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Individuals and all Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds nationwide. Her company, Frontline Coaching, offers data-driven EDI & well-being solutions to develop business strategies, policies and decision-making practices. We provide mental health therapy & leadership coaching to Black, Asian, and mixed heritage employees, ensuring a sustainable pipeline of Black & Asian professional talent. Cadmus coaches women of faith to become leaders in their communities. She is also currently undertaking my doctoral research into the success factors of Black women leaders in British companies.

Tareq Layka

Dentist, Peacebuilder. Student at King's College London.
Dr. Tareq Layka is a dentist, activist, peacebuilder, and lecturer in Global Health, Political Science, and Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution from Syria. His work and research focus on the intersection of health, peacebuilding, politics, and their security implications, especially in complex contexts. He worked extensively with organisations both on the ground in Syria and abroad and regularly lectures to audiences around the world. Currently, he is completing an MSc in Global Health, Social Justice and Public Policy at King's College London.

Virginia Bagnoli

Senior Manager at the Climate Group
Virginia works as Senior Manager at the Climate Group, an international non-profit founded in 2003, with offices in London, New York, New Delhi, Amsterdam and Beijing. Its mission is to drive climate action, fast, for a world of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With her talk “Come join the great climate workforce” Virginia will talk about how both working in the climate charity sector or bringing the climate crisis to the workplace could be ones of the best things you could do to fight climate change. She holds a MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics. Originally from Milan, Virginia has been living in London since 2014.

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