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Theme: Unseen Perspectives

This event occurred on
June 17, 2023
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates

“Vision is the art of seeing that which is invisible to others.” We unveil to you the 2nd edition of TEDxYouth@DPSDubai. The chosen theme for the event is, ‘Unseen Perspectives’ staging speakers voicing their views and experiences on a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from technology to climate change to a glimpse of what all may be.
Join us on this psychedelic journey which will lift the curtain over our eyes and open the doors to what transcends the seen.

Delhi Private School Dubai, Sandeep Hall
First Floor
Dubai, Dubayy, 00000
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Alyssa Menezes

Alyssa, brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly announces her participation in TEDxYouth@DPSDubai. She radiates excitement at the opportunity to contribute to this esteemed event. Alyssa's true passion lies in being of service to others, and she finds immeasurable joy in witnessing the impact of extending a helping hand. Her experiences have profoundly shaped her perspective, illustrating the transformative power of service and influencing her actions. With an invitation to the audience, Alyssa eagerly encourages everyone to embark on this extraordinary journey together. She believes in exploring the boundless power of our actions and embracing the transformative force of the ripple effect. Alyssa looks forward to sharing this incredible journey with all attendees at TEDxYouth@DPSDubai.

Joshikaa Subrayan

I am Joshikaa Subrayan from DPS Dubai. A passionate dancer, basketball player and an eloquent speaker. Public speaking has been my hobby since forever and I hope to inspire those around me to step out of their comfort zone. The human mind is a tricky part to control, it can change the way we perceive ourselves and our tasks if we don't train it to perceive in the right way. I eagerly anticipate the TEDx event at DPS and look forward to connecting with the audience there.

Maya Govind

Maya Govind, a high school senior, is an inspiring and captivating speaker with a passion for political discussions and public speaking. Maya shares that the thrill of captivating an audience with her words has always left her buzzing with excitement. She overflows with enthusiasm as the opportunity to express innovative ideas and unite young minds arises. This confident and curious speaker is ready to embark in a journey of ideas, creativity, and limitless possibilities on the TEDxYouth@DPSDubai stage.

Mohammed Zafar

Zafar, a vibrant student hailing from OOB, stands out with his visionary outlook and remarkable intellectual depth, exemplifying the notion of being "ahead of the curve." Renowned for his insatiable curiosity and inclination to explore diverse fields, Zafar effortlessly immerses himself in the realms of debating, film-making, quizzing, and robotics. His multifaceted interests extend to the domains of physics and computers, where his natural leadership qualities shine through. As a passionate tech enthusiast, Zafar nurtures his aspirations by constantly seeking fresh opportunities and pushing his boundaries, fearlessly embracing new challenges that come his way. With his unyielding drive and eagerness to learn, Zafar embodies a true embodiment of a dynamic and forward-thinking individual.

Nitya Gayatri

Nitya, a senior from GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai, introduces herself as an enthusiastic musician with a fervor for spicy food, particularly Indian food. Alongside her love for music and culinary adventures, she holds a deep passion for public speaking. In an exciting turn of events, Nitya seizes the opportunity to express herself and share her thoughts with the world through a TEDx talk at TEDxYouth@DPSDubai. This significant platform allows her to convey her unique perspective on Carnatic music, shedding light on the unseen aspects of this art form. Nitya aims to delve into the individual personalities and emotional spectrums embodied by each Raga, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on mental health. With her participation in this event, Nitya feels a sense of pride, knowing that she joins the ranks of remarkable women who stand on that prestigious stage, sharing ideas that are truly worth spreading.

Orion Sandeep

Orion Sandeep is a bright and multifaceted young speaker. He has a wide array of interests ranging from Mercedes Formula 1, to video games, to music and dance and he even has a strong passion for MUN. Although, has he competed in several international business competitions and attended multiple conferences, Orion confesses to being family oriented and spends most of his time with his friends. This all rounder wishes to ignite a fire in those around him and get onto platforms where he can build an impact. He is a talented student and is excited to share his views on the topic “we’re only as good as the world lets us be”.

Rethesh Kumar

Rethesh Pradeep Kumar, a student at Cambridge International School, Dubai, is a budding entrepreneur with a passion for public speaking. The year 12 student is always looking for experiences to broaden his horizons and make a positive difference in the world. He wishes to inspire those around him by sharing his insights and aspirations to solve real world issues. The young innovator has carved a path with his never-ending interest and drive to overcome any obstacles in his way. He will be taking to stage at TEDxYouth@DPSDubai to share his passion and motivate with his words.

Saanvi Panjabi

Saanvi is a student of DPS Dubai. Besides being an avid reader and a singer, she likes showcasing her artistic side by writing poems and short stories. However, her love for speaking overrides everything else. Being an active participant in MUNs, she aims to voice her opinions for the better, and help contribute towards societal welfare.

Tanisha Philip

I'm Tanisha Philip from Gems Founders School. I'm a 17 year old high school senior with a passion for writing and reading.I'm also a self taught musician. My areas of interest include the social sciences, english, media and journalism and I aspire to be a journalist in the future. I eagerly anticipate the TEDx event at DPS and look forward to connecting with the audience there.

Vivin Chrysostor

From the depths of the unseen, arises a light, a beacon shining from a universe yet to be discovered by the common man. It sparkles the vivid brilliance in the eyes of one man, a seeker of the path to discovering the hidden truths of this world, through the magnificence of biological processes and chemical uncertainties. As Vivin stares into the abyss that for the naked eye is a tale unknown, he discovers the central dogma of life. Vivin is passionate about his conquest to exhibit that the answers to the universe lie within our own palms, literally. His zeal for biochemistry and microbiology have opened his mind to a perspective of life unlike any other, that extraordinary sights are not meant for ordinary eyes. Strengthened by his aquatic discipline and molded by his instrumental prowess, Vivin has grown as a result of the profound metamorphosis of the mind and soul, the body and spirit, into a creature of faith and courage.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates