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Theme: Outside the Box

This event occurred on
February 18, 2023
Doha, Ad Dawḩah

Thoughts shape our world. Innovation and all the ideas that have revolutionised our way of life, all came from someone who decided to break the mould and think 'outside the box'. We have all at some point hit a wall during our thought process or have had our ideas limited by the expectations of following the norm. This confined us to a box. Adapting to the norm and only being able to explore the four walls around us. With this year's event, our 6 speakers explore how in one way or another, they have realised that the box doesn't have to limit anymore. To inspire our audience to find a new route and not have their future limited by what they think 'the box' tells them to do.

Msheireb Downtown Doha, Ad-Dawḥah
Doha, Ad Dawḩah, 00000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Arkana Budiarko

Arkana Andriadi Budiarko is an 8th-grade student from the Swiss International School of Qatar. Despite his young age, He has already won more than 30 video competitions on a national level, more than 80 national and international Olympiad medals in English, science and math, some scholarship awards, and many other competitions in public speaking. Arkana was a vice chairman of the fulfilment of children’s rights at Balikpapan’s Children Forum in Indonesia and is actively participating in MUNs programs with several awards. Currently, Arkana is an active contributor to the voice of youth UNICEF website. With his consistency in sharing positive influence through educational videos on social media and initiating some charity projects, he was granted to visit some ivy league campuses in the USA, awarded as high achieving student by the government in Balikpapan-Indonesia, and frequently was requested to be a key opinion leader and motivational speaker in several events

Hajer Haytham

Hajer Haytham is a 16 year old student living in Qatar. She has been a public speaker since the age of 12, prominent for her role as a delegate, youth leader, and well known as an inspiring debater. As a person who seeks change in today's world, she firmly believes in changing the mindsets of young people to positive and powerful mindsets where they would be able to tackle and overcome the hardships in their lives. She has always been passionate about the well-being of every person, as she always finds her way to make them feel better when anyone is feeling down.

Hamdan Khan

Hamdan Khan is an 18-year-old who studies at Newton International Academy Doha Qatar in year 12. He currently holds the position of Head Boy at his school and also has a great book of achievements which consists of hosting MUN conferences and achieving over 5 awards in these conferences, being winner of Newton’s award of excellence, volunteering in the FIFA world cup and the Arab cup and taking part in the inter-house debate competition. To look at more physical activities of Hamdan, He has been part of the school’s basketball team and volleyball teams and also aims to be part of the school's cricket team. When not busy with organizing and taking part in events and sports, Hamdan likes to spend his time around cars and learning about them, going for some dune bashing on a buggy or perhaps taking a horse ride in the desert. Hamdan considers himself to be an ambitious young man who aims to achieve big dreams without feeling the need to be overwhelmed.

Hatem Salah

Co-founder and CCO of Showdown Qatar
Mr Hatem Salah is the co-founder and CCO of Showdown Qatar. An online platform that allows players to monetise their talent to build a professional eSports profession. Showdown has broken boundaries for esports and has facilitated several tournaments in Qatar, including the first eSports tournament in Education City.

Jannatul Mawa

A dreamer, innovator, and space-lover (and accidental firestarter), Jannatul Mawa is a high school senior who aspires to change the world through science, education and diplomacy. She is the founder of her school’s Space and Robotics club has launched many STEM-equality initiatives and has worked as an Ambassador for Qatar’s YouthClimateMovement and Doha Debates advocating for equality, inclusion and unity by participating in Town Hall Shows and workshops for underprivileged youth. Involved in the environmental protection/preservation of Qatar’s vast marine ecosystem, she has also participated in QNRF-awarded research on developing water-robotic systems, and building a nanosatellite prototype on an international stage. She hopes to use her experience and struggles to educate and inspire to help build a better future where our curiosity is not limited by our identity.

NIA School Choir

A group of students from Newton International Academy primary and secondary school led by music teacher Ms Daniella come together with a passion for singing.

Nour Ahmed

Student, Performer
Nour Ahmed is an 11-year-old gymnast within Qatar Gymnastics Federation Team. The first time she went on stage was 3 years ago as a host of a school concert. Her aim is to be an owner of a school that introduces a new learning system for children. This new system will be based on learning through acting and gaming.

Prof Dr. Nasser Al-Mohannadi

VP Corporate planning and Development at NOC, seconded from Qatar Petroleum (QP)
Prof. Dr Nasser Al-Mohannadi is a Professor of Practice in at Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University Qatar. From 2012-2015, was the manager of the QP Research and Technology Centre. As well as the Vice Chair of the Board of GASAL. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the Qatar Science and Technology Park until 2020. In 2016 Prof. Dr Nasser Al-Mohannadi was one of the first two Qatari to successfully finish an Ironman race at the South-African championship. He is the president and founder of the local triathlon club and a member of the Board of the Qatari Cycling and Triathlon Federation. Prof. Dr Nasser Al-Mohannadi has acquired several technical expertise in the exploration, production and development of oil & gas fields, research & technology, the global energy market, and the impact of climate change and future energy changes on the economy of countries. He wishes to utilize and expand his experience and be part of Qatar's renaissance.

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