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This event occurred on
September 23, 2023
Ekpoma, Edo

Welcome to TEDx AAUEKPOMA - the first and maiden TEDx event in Ambrose Alli University and Edo Central.

TEDxAAUEkpoma is an exciting and transformative event that brings together innovative thinkers, inspiring speakers, and a diverse community of attendees at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. It serves as a platform to showcase extraordinary ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and ignite meaningful conversations.

With the theme "BEYOND BORDERS," TEDxAAUEkpoma aims to transcend limitations and inspire students and the Ekpoma community to think globally and act as responsible global citizens. The event fosters a spirit of open-mindedness, curiosity, and collaboration, empowering attendees to explore new possibilities and envision a better future.
With our exceptional lineup of speakers who through captivating talks, will explore ideas around technology, business, entertainment etc., and engage in meaningful conversations that will spark a movement that embraces the power of thinking beyond borders; the thought-provoking performances, and engaging experiences, will see us embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

We will challenge conventional wisdom, push the boundaries of innovation, and foster a spirit of collaboration that knows no borders. At TEDxAAUEkpoma, we will strive to make a meaningful impact that extends far beyond our local community and reach for the world with our ideas.

At TEDx AAUEkpoma, you can expect a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, filled with lively discussions, interactive activities, and networking opportunities. The event encourages active participation, empowering attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, share their own ideas, and contribute to the collective dialogue.

Event Date: Saturday September 23rd 2023.

Event Venue: Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

Contact us @ +2347036731120, tedxaauekpoma@gmail.com

Follow us @tedxaauekpoma on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Threads

Chris Oyakhilome Hall
Ambrose Alli University
First floor
Ekpoma, Edo, 31010
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University (What is this?)
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Ekpoma, Nigeria