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Theme: Territórios

This event occurred on
September 30, 2023
Jundiaí, São Paulo

Território é o espaço delimitado por meio de relações de poder. Porém, para além da propriedade de uma superfície terrestre concreta, o território pode descrever e explicar o desdobramento das relações sociais estabelecidas pelos seres humanos nas esferas cultural, social, política e econômica. Os territórios, portanto, também são compostos por concatenações de expressões simbólicas, que permitem a apropriação do ambiente. Eles são os espaços vividos, com suas experiências e abstrações. Enquanto construções sociais, os territórios são mediados pela cosmovisão da comunidade, que os assumem como parte de si mesmo e da sua identidade. Quais são os seus territórios?

Espaço Expressa
Avenida União dos Ferroviários, 1760
Sala Jundiaí
Jundiaí, São Paulo, 13201-160
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Camila Tamara Rosolem

Ballet Dancer and Gymnast
Camila, a multidisciplinary artist who has already achieved recognition in dance and gymnastics, is also honored by the Jundiaí City Council for her artistic contributions and as an inspiring example within the community of people with Down Syndrome.

Carlinhos Faustini

Dance Teacher
Carlinhos Faustini is a renowned dance teacher who works in the areas of classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. But Carlinhos is not just a master of multiple dance forms; He is also a true pioneer in the field of inclusion, working with dance for people with disabilities through his collaborations with Amarati and PEAMA, in Jundiaí. His work exemplifies the true essence of what it means for the dance territory to be a space for everyone, showing that barriers can be broken down and that each body has a place in this vast expressive domain.

Deh Bastos

Author and activist
Founder of the Project "Criando Crianças Pretas" (Raising Black Kids, in a free translation). Co-author of “Maternidades Plurais” (Plural Maternities), Deh is also a partner and executive creative director of MAP Brasil. An advertiser by training, she has worked as a producer of creative content for major brands, in addition to winning the Monet Prize in the Best Female Program category with the production team of the program “Boas-Vindas”, on the GNT channel. She is also teaches creativity at FIAP's MBA and at the IPÊ Institute of Ecological Sciences' master's degree. She is currently a member of the Social and Sustainable Economic Development Council of the Presidency of the Republic representing the communications, marketing and advertising market. In November 2022, she was honored by Mauricio de Sousa Produções in the Dona da Rua project with the character Milena from Turma da Mônica.

Jesiel da Silva Mingotti

Contemporary Dancer
With a background in graphic design, Jesiel has found in dance a powerful medium of communication and self-expression. Experiencing physical disability since the age of 2 due to a spinal cord injury, he has never allowed it to limit his creative potential. For over 15 years, he has been dedicated to adapted contemporary dance, delivering performances that challenge perceptions and celebrate the human ability to adapt and thrive beyond physical boundaries.

Katú Mirim

Indigenous Activist and Rapper
Rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and indigenous activist, widely recognized for her provocative lyrics that explore the history of colonization through an indigenous perspective. Using rap as her platform of expression, Katú Mirim not only addresses issues of identity, gender and sexual orientation, but also sheds light on topics rarely discussed in the musical sphere, such as the recovery of ancestry and the indiscriminate use of indigenous culture.

Marcelo Fattori

Privacy Lawyer
Graduated in Civil Law from USP; DPO certified in Privacy and Data Protection by Data Privacy Brasil with several specializations in the area. Founder of legaltech Seusdados. Marcelo was president of the Digital Law and Data Protection Commission of the OAB of Jundiaí.

Rudá Franco

Water Polo Athlete and Sports Manager
Rudá discovered his passion and purpose in life at an early age, in Bauru, inspired by his athlete father, brother and uncle. But it was in Jundiaí, in the swimming pools of Clube Jundiaiense (led by the late Prof. Ernesto), where he became a professional water polo athlete. Since then, his career has been worthy of a champion: he defended teams in the national territory and also in Spain and Greece, in addition to representing Brazil in high-caliber competitions, such as the Pan American Championships, World Cups and even the Olympics. In addition to his sporting career, Rudá Franco also accumulates academic credentials in Physical Education and Administration. He recently assumed the presidency of the Athletes' Commission of the Brazilian Water Sports Confederation (CBDA) and began coordinating the water polo modality at SESI-SP.

Samy Fortes

Transgender Rights Activist
Fervent activist for the cause of the TT population (transvestites and transsexuals) and founder and president of the Support and Social Inclusion Center for Transvestites, Transsexuals and people in vulnerable situations in Jundiaí and the region, CAIS-Jundiaí, Samy has worked tirelessly to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

Sinésio Scarabello

Planning and Environment manager at Jundiaí City Hall
Graduated in Civil Engineering, with experience in Urban and Environmental Planning, Sinésio is currently the Planning and Environment manager at Jundiaí City Hall, where he previously held the position of Secretary of Public Works. He is also the author of several books that address topics crucial to our relationship with the environment, including “Na trilha de Proteção do Japi: O próximo passo” (On the Japi Protection Trail: The Next Step).

Vânia Feitosa

Cultural Manager
Specialist in cultural management. Graduated in administration, Vânia has a rich and diverse curriculum that covers sociocultural entrepreneurship, public administration of culture and cultural heritage. With experience as a cultural heritage advisor in Várzea Paulista and Jundiaí, she is also one of the creative minds behind 'Cine a Vapor' Productions, promoting several cultural activities in the region.

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Jundiaí, Brazil
  • Tainan Franco