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Theme: Bridging Boundaries, Igniting Change

This event occurred on
August 23, 2023
Mindelo, São Vicente
Cape Verde

Experience the electrifying event in Cabo Verde that challenges conventional thinking and embraces world-changing ideas. Join us to celebrate local heroes, inspire minds, and foster innovation. Connect with like-minded individuals in an independent space to nurture ambitious dreams and empower positive change. TEDxMindelo bridges local challenges with global solutions, preserving cultural heritage while embracing innovation. Together, we ignite a future where ideas flourish, cultures converge, and transformative impact is born.

Centre Cultural Mindelo
Mindelo, São Vicente, 2120
Cape Verde
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Ana Fernandes

Personal Growth, Resilience, Authenticity, Self-discovery
Ana Fernandes is a passionate advocate for personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery. Through her own transformative journey in São Vicente, Cape Verde, she found the power of authenticity and self-knowledge. Ana believes in the importance of cultivating self-love and realizing our potential to achieve our goals.

Anna Maria Kochanska

Remote Work, Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Sustainable Travel
Anna Maria Kochanska is a trailblazer in remote work, having been the first person in her company to work in this mode. Inspired by a desire to travel and explore the world, she quickly realized the significant impact of remote work in places where it is not yet the norm. Over the years, Kochanska has actively mentored others on mindset and remote work, demonstrating a different way of life and sharing her knowledge to help others follow her path. Her experiences during the pandemic led her to start public speaking to share her experiences and help others work remotely in a sustainable way, travel the world, and improve their lives. She is also an advocate of responsible nomading, showing other travelers how to positively impact local communities

Cesar Lopes

Personal Development, Motivation, Success, and Life Lessons.
César Lopes is a former professional football player, University of Phoenix MBA graduate, and successful entrepreneur. Born in Cape Verde, his journey from the football field to the world of business has been guided by his mother's life lessons. Today, he is a personal development coach who has positively impacted the lives of around 5,000 people and continues to inspire his children and others with his story of courage and determination.

Ga Dalomba

Music, Artistry, Social Activism, Addiction Recovery, Cape Verdean Culture
Ga Dalomba is a well-known Cape Verdean artist and social activist. Overcoming personal struggles with addiction, he now focuses on helping others through his addiction prevention project. Ga's music career is equally successful, with major festival performances and a recent signing to the music label Klasszik.

Helga Morais

Psychology, Self-Confidence, Resilience
Helga Morais is an Applied Psychologist, confidence coach, and author of The Confidence Journal. She helps young adults build self-confidence and resilience, enabling them to reach their goals and find contentment. Her work is inspired by her personal journey from Cape Verde to The Netherlands and her commitment to helping others overcome the same hurdles she faced.

João Ferrão dos Santos

AI, Startups, Entrepreneurship
João Ferrão dos Santos is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of AIsthetic, a company established with the help of AI. With a background in Business Administration and an MBA from INSEAD, João has spent ten years in the startup ecosystem, leveraging artificial intelligence for business innovation. His passion for creating against the odds continues to drive his professional journey.

Leila Portela

Women's Empowerment, Overcoming Adversity, Breaking the Cycle of Violence
Leila Portela is a passionate advocate for women's empowerment, overcoming adversity, and breaking the cycle of violence. Through her personal journey of resilience and determination, she aims to inspire others to believe in themselves and thrive despite life's adversities.

Paola Mariani

Environmental Balance, Human Connection to Nature, and Personal Development
Paola Mariani is a woman who has always sought independence, happiness, and a deep connection with nature. Her journey began with an innate facility for languages and a passion for people. This passion led her to Cape Verde for the first time in 1997, an experience that forged a lasting bond with the country. After a decade, she decided to embrace the challenges of a new life and moved to Sal, Cape Verde. Paola has navigated numerous hurdles since then, including the lack of basic commodities, differences in culture, language, and race, and the ever-present challenge of adapting to a new environment. Yet, these challenges have not deterred her; instead, they have invigorated her spirit, giving her a sense of purpose and vitality. Her love for overcoming challenges and creating something new amidst adversity makes her a dynamic and inspiring speaker.

Patrick Ribeiro

Community Arts, Representation, and Cultural Celebration
Patrick Ribeiro discovered the power of community arts at the age of 15 when he witnessed a theatre play featuring individuals from his own background. This transformative experience connected him deeply with the performers and made him feel like he was part of a larger narrative. Inspired by this sense of belonging and the opportunity to tell stories, Patrick embarked on a career in the arts. His mission now is to utilize his accumulated experience and knowledge to create plays that unite the Cape Verdean community and foster conversations centered around representation, respect, and love. Patrick firmly believes in the importance of community art as a tool to connect, preserve, and celebrate culture. His personal journey exemplifies how community arts can instill a sense of community, motivating him to share this transformative power with others.

Rosalina Lima

Management, Financial Education, Motivational Speaking, Youth Entrepreneurship
Rosalina Lima is a passionate advocate for financial education and empowerment. As an entrepreneur and financial educator, she is dedicated to helping individuals change their mindset and emotions to break free from financial limitations and achieve financial autonomy.

Sebastian Carlos Kruse

Mental and Physical Well-being, Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
Sebastian Carlos Kruse's journey is one of personal transformation and resilience. Having battled daily panic anxiety and depression for numerous years, he discovered the transformative power of mental and physical training. This profound experience ignited his passion for giving back and adding value to the lives of others. Inspired by Cape Verde, a constant source of inspiration in his daily life, Sebastian is committed to sharing his knowledge and experiences to empower individuals in their own mental and physical well-being journeys. Through his expertise and dedication, Sebastian aims to help others overcome their struggles, find strength within themselves, and live fulfilling lives.

Wesley dos Santos

Essential 21st Century Skills, Tinkering, Hustling, Circular Thinking
Wesley dos Santos is a passionate advocate for the most essential 21st-century skills: tinkering, hustling, and circular thinking. With a firm belief that these skills can empower Cape Verdean individuals to fulfill their dreams and contribute to the country's development, Wesley shares his expertise and experiences to inspire others. Having already delivered a TEDx Talk titled "Tinkhustcularity" in Rotterdam in 2019, he now aspires to share his message in Criolo, incorporating examples from Cape Verde and his personal stories. Through his talks, Wesley emphasizes that everyone can make a difference by adopting a tinkering mindset, hustling with purpose, and embracing circular thinking.

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Mindelo, Cape Verde


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