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Theme: Disruption

This event occurred on
March 28, 2023
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

Disruption: An interference, a tilting, a shift, a change, a rupturing, a rending, and--above all--a potential for change. We consider disruption to be an essential part of the human experience. What has changed you or the way you thought about the world? What systems are you actively trying to impact? What interruptions do you think we're in desperate need of as a society? Please join us as we consider all that disruptions, a notion that we interpret broadly, have to offer us.

North Carolina Stage Company
15 Stage Lane
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Carla Orner

Carla has more than 35 years experience working and managing CLIA highly complex hospital laboratories. In 2006 Carla started volunteering for Heart to Heart International and was hired in 2010. HHI is a non-profit focused on improving access to health in the U.S. and around the world. Her first project was to develop a laboratory that could be used in disaster response. The model of that disaster lab is still being used today when HHI responds to disaster. Carla developed test menus appropriate for rural Guatemala and Haiti, wrote and delivered training, developed standardized operation procedures and opened clinic laboratories in both countries. In addition Carla has developed a test menu appropriate for mobile remote clinics in developing countries. HHI developed laboratory training that has been delivered in Papua New Guinea, Cameroon and Haiti. Working with Safety net clinics in the US Carla developed test menus and protocols. Currently HHI has installed 36 laboratories in clinics serving the uninsured in the US. As part of her responsibilities Carla has responded to various disasters from the EF 5 tornado in Greensburg, Kansas to Category 5 super typhoon Hayian in the Philippines. She has seen the short-term devastating results of disaster and the long-term disruption to people’s lives. Carla has served as a private consultant for outreach laboratories in the United States. Carla is a regular speaker at international Laboratory professional meetings.

Charity Bridges

My name is Charity Bridges. I am a tenth grade student at The Franklin School of Innovation. I am an only child but I do have two younger cousins that are like sisters to me. I also have two cats and one dog. If you ever run into me, you will most likely find me with my family or my friends because I love spending time with the people I love. Some interests of mine are basketball, art, singing, and playing the ukulele. I also enjoy traveling and being able to experience new and different things.

Chris Martin

As a theatre educator for 23 years, Chris holds a M.Ed. in Theater Education and an Advanced Masters in Theatre Arts at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. In Asheville, he has directed over 70 productions with youth of all ages. He has been involved in Western North Carolina community and professional productions with Asheville Community Theatre, Haywood Arts Regional Theatre, Emmanuel Lutheran School, Brevard Little Theatre, and Hendersonville Little Theatre. Chris is currently in an improv group called The Pillow Fight Club. He takes improv classes weekly to hone his skills. Chris enjoys hiking, swimming, art, and traveling.

Cooper Bragdon

Cooper Bragdon is currently in his sophomore year of high school at the Franklin School of Innovation. He practices martial-arts and loves anything competitive. Cooper also enjoys spending time outside with his family and is an avid music lover.

Evelyn Knight

Evelyn Knight is an engaging speaker and leading expert in Early Childhood Education. She specializes in helping leaders navigate the business of child care while making sure the children always come first. Evelyn is a child care center owner who understands that you can have a successful business without giving up your life and your income. Evelyn has led several audiences through keynote speaking engagements, workshops and training series.

Jacen Sullivan

My name is Jacen Sullivan, I am a junior at the Franklin School of Innovation in Asheville, North Carolina. I like watching movies and cooking interesting food. My favorite time of day is mid morning. I am interested in health, environmental issues, and art throughout history.

Jessica Potter-Bowers

JP’s wandering career path has fed a determination to hold space for youth who need an extra dose of care and understanding. She has worked in the mental health, substance abuse and education fields, and holds a Masters degree in Education. JP is experienced in responding to crises, is constantly practicing the art of feedback and aims to bring her honest, laid-back communication style to all interactions. She is the proud and playful mother of two wild children and the well-fed wife of a former chef. JP loves to read, garden, swim, and go on adventures.

Nélida López-Fernández

Nélida López-Fernández is the Global Education, World Languages, and Dual Language Immersion Specialist for Buncombe County Schools. Formerly in sales for Fox Sports en Español and GLR Networks in Miami, she began her teaching career after a trip to Cuba 15 years ago. Cuban by way of Puerto Rico, from Miami, to China and now Asheville, North Carolina, Nélida is incredibly honored and excited to share her story with all of you.

Rhneea Riddle

I am Rhneea Riddle, the 8th Grade Math Intervention Specialist at FSI. I graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Middle Grades Mathematics and Middle Grades Social Studies. I have lived from coast to coast in the United States and even in Japan. I take the lessons I have learned from everywhere I have lived to create a safe environment for all students. When in college, I learned what Developmentally Responsive teaching was and it wasn’t until after my first year that I learned how important it really is. My speech revolves around Developmentally Responsive teaching and it’s importance in regards to young adolescents.

Samantha Kinton

My name is Samantha Kinton and I am a current senior at The Franklin School of Innovation. In my free time, I love to read. When I am reading, the words flow off the page and fill my immediate world with wonder and adventure. My love of books has encouraged me to find the moments where only the purest of joys fill my mind. These observations have led me to reevaluate what it truly means to be happy or melancholy. This journey is something I wish to bring out into the world. I hope to share my own experiences in the trial that we call life.

Silas Flaum

Silas Flaum (he/him) is a seventeen-year-old junior at The Franklin School of Innovation. He was homeschooled until his sophomore year, and since coming to the school has not budged from honor roll. Silas spends time inside and outside of school making art, and has thoughtfully worked with horses for a decade.

Zoe Manickam

Zoe Manickam is an educator and outdoor leader who has spent years exploring ways to take the “disturbance” out of disruption. Zoe grew up in the US, Japan, Singapore, and India. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Environmental Studies and minors in Marine Science and Music, she became a snowboard instructor, class V river guide and kayak tour guide. In 2010 Zoe joined the Peace Corps, working as a coastal resource management volunteer in Fiji. She then continued to travel the world, taking on jobs like cameleer in Australia’s outback and adventure guide in Tasmania. After earning an M.S. in Natural Resources with a focus in Residential Environmental Education from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Zoe moved to Colorado to revel in its natural beauty and work as a youth program manager for two non-profits. She went on to teach high school science and is now thrilled to merge all her passions and experiences in the role of Director of Mountaineering at Asheville School.

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