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Theme: Voices that should have been heard but were not

This event occurred on
March 11, 2023
Tashkent, Toshkent

For many years, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy was closed to society, but the day came when the bright minds of our university decided to share their ideas, as their voices must be heard because they carry wisdom and motivation.

University of World Economy and Diplomacy
54 Mustaqillik shoh ko'chasi Tashkent 100007
Tashkent, Toshkent, 100007
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Aziza Ravshanova

student at British Managment University
18 years old British Management University, winner of full-tuition grant IELTS 7.5 Speaking 8.0 Winner of regional English competition Winner of Public Speaking Contest in Ibrat&Wiki Camp Winner of Ibrat&Wiki Quiz Translator 2 years experienced English teacher

Fyodor Amanov

Student at New Uzbekistan University
The student at New Uzbekistan University was interested in AI and programming from an early age, which eventually became the impetus for him to choose a profession in the modern world.

Marjona Rabbimova

Sophomore, Electrical and Computer engineering student at Ajou University in Tashkent Motivated, independent, self-confident and positive person Whilst at work, someone who never stops until finds a solution to the problem Found of experimenting new concepts of life Focused in learning programming languages, especially Python to create websites 2 years experience in teaching English for school children, as well as in educating IELTS

Muhammadsolih Abdullaev

Student at University of World Economy and Diplomacy
The young and ambitious Muhammadsolih is studying at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and is interested in sociology as well as human science. In his spare time, he conducts English lessons for those who want to develop their English language skills.

Munisa Kutbiddinova

student of AUT. studying in the field of civil engineering. Her hobbies are reading books and roller skating.

Nargis Kholmamatova

A young and ambitious student of New Uzbekistan University with an interest in modern technologies, which today make it possible for absolutely everyone to live comfortably. A socially active and purposeful person

Ozodjon Arziev

University Psychologist at The University of World Economy and Diplomacy
Ozodjon Mavlonovich Arziev: Biography I was born on November 4, 1981 in the Dzhambay district of the Samarkard region. Uzbekistan.From 2010 to 2017, he worked as a medical representative for international pharmaceutical companies.Geroth Lannacher (Austrian company) since 2010–2013ROTA PHARM—since 2013–2015YURIA PHARM Ukraine from 2015 to 2017.In pharmaceutical companies, working as a medical representative, I learned the secrets of influencing people's decisions.2015–2017, I worked as a doctor at CITY CLINICAL HOSPITAL No. 2.In parallel, I always conducted my psychotherapeutic sessions and increased my competence in the field of psychology.Since 2018, I have been an active user of the Master Kit automated thinking programme and a mentor!He regularly participated in various television programmes as an expert in psychology.Since the fall of 2021, I have been working as a psychologist at UWED and continuing my medical practise as a psychotherapist.

Shaxnoza Sobirova

Student at Webster University
Young and courageous enough to discuss a variety of subjects and impart her brilliant ideas, Shaxnoza is a second-year student at Webster University in Tashkent.

Ulug'bek Khasanov

Chair of International Relations Department University of World Economy and Diplomacy Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Ulugbeck A.Khasanov was born in Tashkent in 1965. Between 1984-1986 he had served in Armed Forces. In 1986 he was admitted to Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), International journalism faculty. In 1996 he was appointed as a Senior Expert to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. During 1998-2000 Ulugbeck A.Khasanov delivered lectures at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2000 he was appointed as a Leading Consultant to the Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. From April 2009 to March 2011 Ulugbeck A.Khasanov served as Press Secretary (State Advisor) to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since 1998 he conducts lectures at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. He is fluent in Russian, English and Arabic languages. Since 2000 he is a member of International Press Institute, Vienna, Austria.

Umarbek Uzoqov

a student at Ajou University. A fluent speaker of four languages and currently learning Korean and Arabic. As a full-stack web developer, excel in creating innovative solutions to complicated problems. Teaching English is also one of his passions, and I have experience working with tech mentors and teams.

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Tashkent , Uzbekistan