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Theme: Upside Down

This event occurred on
November 4, 2022
4:00pm - 10:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Prague, Praha 5
Czech Republic

What can turn our lives upside down? What good can it do? What do such situations bring? How do we survive them? Or even how to take advantage of it? What does the world look like? And what about women, what role do they play in this new world? We will invite our speakers and be inspired by their boldest ideas, life stories and courageous approach to life. We will ask them where they see the roots of their strength, success and future.

ČSOB Kampus
Radlická 333/150
Prague, Praha 5, 15057
Czech Republic
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Ivana Kolcunová

Milovnice pohybu, vzdušná akrobatka a vystudovaná psycholožka, která se věnuje tématu ženské cykličnosti. V rámci vize podpořit ženy v přijímání sebe samých se vším všudy a inspirovat muže v přijímání žen, založila projekt The Same Self. Z něj - ve spolupráci s dalšími umělci - vznikla multižánrová inscenace obnaŽENA.

Kateřina Lesch

Manager and Data Scientist with a Natural Language Processing background
Kateřina is a manager in data analytics and artificial intelligence at Deloitte, a graduate of Matfyz in Prague, but also a mother of three small neural networks, as she sometimes calls her children with regard to her work. Her research focuses on automated natural language processing and machine learning on big data. She doesn't slack off on motherhood either, for example discovering the ins and outs of language acquisition. She tries to reconcile the world of work and family, and believes that mothers are the best managers. Although she doesn't like maternal clichés, the equation happy mother equals a happy child still holds true. If someone is frustrated with staying at home, that's just as bad as frustration with work.

Klára Kolouchová

Mountaineer and manager
Klára Kolouchová is the first Czech woman to climb the three highest mountains in the world. A long-haired, beautiful woman who looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert in the base camps, which are full of burly men. After climbing Mount Everest (8,848 m) in 2007, Klara stood on the summits of two eight-thousanders in 2019 - the sacred Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) and not long after that the charming and ruthless K2 (8,611 m), the second highest mountain in the world. You can see her harrowing journey in the documentary film K2 in its own way. Klara is married and has two wonderful children with whom she is at least in her thoughts during the climbs. Well, tell me, who's mom called from the highest mountains in the world?

Kristýna Toufarová

Volunteer firefighter
Kristýna is a volunteer firefighter of the third degree and the commander of the JSDH Chřibská squad. She has remained faithful to the family tradition and has been with the fire brigade for 6 years. This year, she experienced a truly scorching hell, when with hundreds of professionals and other good people she extinguished a fire in the Czech Switzerland National Park, where everyone was on the edge of human abilities. They rotated through 12 and 16 hour shifts and she nearly hit rock bottom several times. Even in tense situations, the motto: 'Firefighters as one family' applied.

Michaela Jonczy

Zpěvačka, členka týmu The same art.

Michal Šrajer

Happiness at work evangelist
Michal studied informatics and software engineering at MFF UK. After school, he and his friends from high school started their own mobile application development business, which he later sold to Avast. Even then, he set himself the position of CHO "Chief Happiness Officer" because he realized that the success of the company depends primarily on people. Among other things, he spent a year on the road with his family, where he walked around companies and mapped the corporate culture and happiness at work. In 2015, he founded the Happiness@Work project, which he still leads and organizes conferences and trainings in Prague under its banner.

Petra Fridrichová

Yoga therapy and psychomotor re-education of children
Petra takes everything with optimism and infectious humour. Even though she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) in early childhood. She hasn't given up. She has survived love and breakups, studied a unique yoga therapy and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Today, she strives to help other people with severe disabilities. In the spring, she met Maxim, a Ukrainian boy who had fled the war with his mother. His disability was beyond the control of the local health care system, and Petra is making extraordinary progress.

Petra Kruntorádová

Founder of "Pravý domácí" magazine, author and presenter
Petra is the founder of "Pravý domácí" magazine, author and presenter. But she is also a woman who breaks taboos and likes to talk about what is not usually talked about. Her journey began in the 3rd grade of primary school with her first article and led to studying journalism at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. She has gone on several radio and television shows and has enriched the world of literature with her own work and co-creation. For more than half of her life she has had a psychiatric diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder and panic attack on the side. While she has had many unpleasant experiences, it has also taught her much.

Zora Křičková

Executive Director of Facilities Management
Zora is a lover of travelling, mountains and skiing. Last year she finished her working career and since then she enjoys climbing the Czech Thousands. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. After college, the wind blew her to the world of technology as an IT programmer - analyst and to the companies Schomburg and Dell Computer for managerial positions. In 2004, she joined the Facilities Management unit in the banking industry as Operations Services Manager, where she was subsequently in charge of the "back office". From 2012 to 2021, she served as the Executive Director of the entire Facilities Management and was at the birth of the most environmentally friendly building in the country, which is a model for all other projects to come after it.

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Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic
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