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Theme: TEDxGoshen: Brick by Brick

This event occurred on
June 8, 2023
Goshen, New York
United States

The power of story has been the heartbeat of the human experience since the dawn of time. Yet in a world wherein instant gratification and immediate results rule the day, it is pivotal that we remember no one’s story is built overnight, and Goshen, New York embodies that sentiment. Established in 1788, Goshen has been a staple of American culture since our country’s founding, but its story–like our nation’s history–is complex. A blend of small-town USA combined with budding urbanization, this local town is constantly being reinvented… one step at a time. It is with this in mind that TEDxGoshen will be branded “Brick by Brick” as we aim to serve as a platform for members of our community to share their complex stories piece by piece. We believe that while our speakers might not be capable of changing the world on the night of our event, they are certainly capable of changing the way our audience thinks about the world.

Goshen Central High School
222 Scotchtown Ave
Goshen, New York, 10924
United States
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Dylan Owen

Music Artist
Orange County's Dylan Owen has become a beacon of light for tens of thousands of ardent listeners who view his songs as a soundtrack to their lives. His poetic rap songwriting has been compared to Conor Oberst, Elliott Smith, and Mac Miller. His fans sell out his shows, tattoo his lyrics, and compose countless heartfelt social media messages.

Eesha Ramanathan

Eesha Ramanathan is a Goshen High School senior who enjoys reading and hiking. She is on the Science Olympiad team and is also a fencer and musician. As she continues to make difficult decisions regarding her future, Eesha encourages others to embrace decision-making while learning what making the 'right choice' even means.

Grant Moore

Grant--a junior at Goshen High School--is a dedicated student-athlete and performer who involves himself in a myriad of extracurricular activities. On top of playing multiple lead roles in school productions, Grant is a 5-time AAU All-American diver. Through stories of diving, Grant implores you to use fear to buckle yourself into the roller coaster of life.

Judah Gordon

Judah Gordon is a junior at Goshen High School who loves sports, cooking, and movies. He is a member of the Goshen tennis and ski teams, as well as the school's mock trial team. As an avid traveler, Judah has met a number of interesting people and loves to hear their stories many of which have shaped him to be the person he is today.

Kyle Borisewich

Kyle is a recovering addict helping people shift their paradigm from rock bottom up

Lance Seung

Lance Seung is a storyteller. His background in digital filmmaking and stage production has developed from growing up with the arts in New York's Hudson Valley. This autumn, he will have his BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. When he's not collaborating with local independent artists, Lance is probably reading Wikipedia.

Liz Gallo

Professional Development Provider
Liz has taught engineering education for over a decade focusing on helping students solve problems and understand the human-made world. Through WhyMaker, she helps teachers teach in authentic ways. Liz motivates teachers to grow STEM education and believes design-thinking and project-based learning help students be successful in their future.

Nicholas Pantaleone

School Leader
Nick Pantaleone is a proud alumnus of Goshen High School and currently serves as the building principal. In addition to his work as an administrator, Nick is a professor at LIU and an active participant in community-based mental health initiatives. Pantaleone has been a panelist at the Making Healthy Choices Conference and the Mental Health Association of New York.

Robert Cepeda

Financial Advisor
Robert Cepeda is the owner and founder of Quest Advisory. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, he continues to help families achieve their personal goals and dreams. A graduate of Goshen High school, Robert continues to call the area home. He has also authored the book "Your Journey Goes On".

Zoe Kyrou

Zoë Kyrou is a senior at Goshen High School who plans to become a high school Spanish teacher. She is a passionate actress and singer, and enjoys performing on stage. An advocate for Hidden Disabilities, and a Girl Scout for 13 years, Zoë has devoted her Gold Award Project and Talk to spreading awareness about "the villain within."

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Goshen, NY, United States


Goshen, NY, United States