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Theme: The Silent Letter

This event occurred on
February 12, 2023
Guwahati, Assam

Everything has value, whether good or bad, large or small. Nothing in this world is useless, although we often mistake that for the case. Only when something is missing, do we realize how valuable it is. Even the minutest thing has value. Although a microbe that breaks down the dead is too small for human eyes to notice, its absence could disrupt life over the entire planet. We frequently overlook and fail to appreciate more minor things in favor of bigger things. However, the minor components that go into those more important things are ones we never notice. In reality, we cannot appreciate more than a little portion of our surroundings. Young people are constantly encouraged to create a significant impact, which causes them to focus primarily on the big problems. Small deeds, achievements, and moments are underestimated and ignored by us. Refusing to carry them out means letting them pass. Small things are necessary for great things to occur. It happens with a series of small items and is not done by impulse.

The word "Knight '' loses meaning without the letter "K." "Rendezvous" without its silent letters is not even a word anymore.
Similarly, we have a lot of 'silent letters' around us, which help distinguish many aspects and impart more meaning to life. Small things matter. Making sacrifices can help you become the person you've always wanted to be. These sacrifices are occasionally overlooked and hardly ever acknowledged. Successful people never discuss the pressure of winning; they only talk about winning. Billionaires never talk about the time they don't get to spend with their loved ones; they talk about becoming billionaires.

When Neil Armstrong said, "One little stride for a man, one big leap for mankind," as he took the first step on the moon, it changed the course of history. History can be made even with one "small stride." It must have been someone's dream to set a goal to step foot on THE MOON. This kind of giant leap does not happen overnight. It was composed of tens of thousands, or even millions, of little accomplishments.

The same holds for successful entrepreneurship breakthroughs. The outcome is frequently the same: either a firm succeeds or, worse yet, fails to gain popularity or notoriety. We must advance to grow in our efforts to get there. How do we go about it? The best plan of action is to appreciate every small step.

We all are endowed in many ways. And yet, most of the time, we ignore them. Why do we overlook these small things in our lives? We lose track of them, which can be a colossal mistake. In truth, these seemingly insignificant details significantly influence our life. That is why we must learn to appreciate their worth.

The "slippery slope" argument can support the idea of the silent letter, a normative logical fallacy in which a very modest action starts a chain of events that results in an enormous consequence (mathematicians refer to this as the "butterfly effect").
The butterfly effect teaches us two important lessons: small things matter, and we are all part of a more extensive system. You can transform someone's life with a simple gesture.

Small is the new big. Small activities form our habits. All ideas are made up of those little elements. Small activities begin our attitude and conduct. Over time, small things expand and become more efficient. The small stuff we ignore adds up to meaningful things.
What "small things" in life should individuals appreciate daily?

Have you paid any attention to the events that have led you to where you are now? Or would your life have been significantly different if you had taken another course, chosen another alternative, or never met a specific person? What about that life-changing incident that you will never forget and completely molded or transformed your thinking and acting?
Questions like these get one thinking.

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Guwahati, India
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