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Theme: Together for a shared future

This event occurred on
May 27, 2023
New Taipei City, Taipei

2023 will be a critical moment for us to officially bid farewell to the pandemic and step towards the future. Perhaps the road ahead is full of challenges and difficulties, but as long as we believe in ourselves, stay firm in our faith, fear no difficulties, and proceed step by step, success is just around the corner. Our future is not a dream. Let's join hands and move forward together, planting the seeds of hope at TEDxLinkou, and embracing a beautiful new life for the common good. Together for a shared future. We cordially invite all of you to join us at TEDxLinkou on May 27th (Sat) from 1 pm to 6 pm. See you there!

Linkou District Office
No. 378, Sec. 1, Ren'ai Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
New Taipei City, Taipei, 244020
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Albert Liu

Kneron’s Founder and CEO
After graduating from the Taiwan National Cheng Kung University,Albert got the scholarships from Raytheon and the University of California to join the UC Berkeley/UCLA/UCSD research programs, and then got his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)。 Albert has been invited to give lectures of computer vision technology and artificial intelligence at the University of California, as well as to be a technical reviewer for many internationally renowned academic journals. In addition, Albert owned more than 30 international patents in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision and image processing. He has published more than 70 papers in major international journals. In 2021, published Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4th Industrial Revolution, and received IEEE TCAS Darlington award。

Ally /Megan Liao

Host & Podcaster
Graduated from the National Yang Ming University, studied and major in Physical Therapy. Hosted Children’s and Vegetarian TV programs for many years. With her warm and friendly hosting style, she was awarded the Golden Bell Awards in Year 2016 and 2022. Ally started her own Podcast “Ally’s Pure Life” in 2021. In the Podcast, she shared her observations and awareness of her life.

Annie | Anechka Marchenko

Artist, TV Host, Actress
Anechka Marchenko is a TV host, actress, model, and certified Chinese culinary chef. She was born in Vladivostok, Russia, where she graduated from the most prestigious university of far East Russia, Far Eastern Federal University, where she studied Japanese history, culture, and Japanese and English languages. At the age of 20, after getting a scholarship from the Japanese government, she went to Tokyo to study at Waseda University where she went on to work as a travel TV show host for NHK Television. In 2011, she moved to Taiwan, where she started her masters program in performing arts at the Chinese Culture University, and pursued her career in acting, dancing, singing, and hosting TV shows. She became a champion of the 2018 CTC International Latin Dance Competition, and appeared in numerous variety shows, TV drama series, and movies. In her talk, she will tell the story of how she went from a young girl in far East Russia to accomplishing her dreams here in Taiwan.

Emile Sheng

President, LDC Hotels & Resorts
Dr. Emile C. J. Sheng is the President of LDC Hotels & Resorts, a franchise including twenty hotels in Taiwan, Italy and China. Over the years, Dr. Sheng’s career path has taken several unexpected turns, having experiences ranging from business, politics, media, as well as academia. He was Taiwan’s Culture Minister prior to the current job, and also served as Taipei City Government’s Commissioner for the “Research, Development and Evaluation Commission.” He also was CEO of the “Organizing Committee for the 2009 Deaflympics” and “Foundation for the Republic of China Centennial Celebration” . Prior to being a public servant, Dr. Sheng was a political science professor at Soochow University. He was also a political commentator and hosted several television talk shows. He received his Ph.D at Northwestern University.

Eros Tsai

general manager
Advocate for sustainable travel. A pioneer in promoting sustainable travel in Taiwan, he founded a travel agency and an integrated sustainable marketing company. He is the current President of the National Tourism Development Association of Taiwan Travel Industry. His company is the first company in Taiwan to pass the ISO20121 certification of sustainable activity management, and the only to pass four Sustainable Certified Travel Operator. Because of the excitement, he is the most dedicated. He is talented for creative event planning and forward thinking. He has successfully led Taiwan's travel industry to improve the quality of travel activities, implement cooperation with local industry players such as various industries and local creation, and continue to promote sustainability. The importance of travel for the future of the land has become more frequent and active supporter of sustainable travel to Taiwan.

Isabel Tang

General manager
Isabel Tang graduated from the Department of Economics at the National Taiwan University, and then got the Master's degree the Graduate Institute of Journalism at the National Chengchi University. Throughout her career, she promoted from being a journalist, senior media person, General Manager of Chateau de Chine Hotel at LDC Hotels & Resorts, Director of Hualien Tourism Department, to her current position as the General Manager of Argo Yacht Club. Her passions and the love of facing challenges has led her to be promoted beyond her peers and set an extraordinary record in her remarkable career. In recent years, the marine recreation industry has been thriving in Taiwan. Isabel Tang sees a great potential in this "blue ocean business opportunity." As the General Manager of Argo Yacht Club, she has been leading the company to integrate the upstream to downstream industry chain, and to create a new marine recreation industry in Taiwan

Kevin Lin

One of the best known endurance athletes in Asia. Together with Charlie Engle and Ray Zahab, we have became the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert in 2017. The sports business in Taiwan has been shallow in the past few decades, but I squeezed out of the bottom and made a way to break through all obstacles, which led to Taiwan's sports and marathon market booming. I am passionate and committed to organizing charity marathons and helping others to go beyond their limitations through running. I have been a professional marathon runner for over 30 years and have participated in more than 70 marathons worldwide. I organized and led a team of runners across the Sahara Desert in 2006, the ancient Silk Road in 2011, and the Great Gobi in 2013. The above challenges are the only human-long March Expedition in history.


Managing Director at Beam
I am born, raised, and attended National Taiwan University in Taiwan. After graduating from college, I served two years in ROC Navy as part of the mandatory military service in Taiwan. Following military service and my first job as financial analyst in the insurance industry for two years, I went to Michigan State University for MBA degree. Studying abroad is always my dream as I want to meet people from difference places with different background as I find it so interesting.In 2021 I promoted to Beam Suntory Taiwan Managing Director. I am a firm believer that trust is the number one priority when it comes to managing your own work as well as managing stakeholders and being a leader. Without trust, not much quality work can be accomplished as a team. I always encourage my team members and people around me to “dream big” as it is very inspirational even down to daily work. It doesn’t need to be a really BIG BIG dream but it’s always the mindset that drives you forward.

Pei-chen Lee

a well-known TV show host in Taiwan
Pei Chen Lee, a well-known TV show host in Taiwan, is happily married with two children. Her husband Tso Hsuan Wang is a famous cosmetic surgeon in Taiwan as well as in China. Pei Chen is also a movie actress and a writer, has published four books until now. To be a better manager in her own clinic, she completed a master’s degree in executive Master of Business Administration at National Taiwan University in 2022. Since her success as a working mother, she is recognized “The best wife in Taiwan”.

Steve WANG

Co-founder & General Manager of Activator Co., Ltd.
Since 2003, Steve WANG has been involved in the film distribution industry, distributing more than 200 Taiwan films and foreign films, and has experience across the fields of theater distribution, festivals, creative agent, copyright sales, and film production. In 2011, Steve established Activator Co., Ltd with two founders, who are well known as producer and actress Lieh Lee, and entertainment entrepreneur Tien-Tsung Ma. Activator Co., Ltd has distributed over a hundred films as a well-known film marketing brand in Taiwan, including “Jump Ashin! ”, “Beyond Beauty”, “Zone Po Site”, “Detention”, “i WEiRDO”, “Incantation", and created the box office record over 1.2 billion Taiwan dollars.

William Wu

General Manager of Hyatt Regency Jinshan
William holds a master’s degree in hospitality management from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and a dual bachelor’s degree in finance and information systems from NYU Stern School of Business。 With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Asia Pacific, William specializes in new hotel opening and hotel operations。 Prior to his hospitality career, William held management positions with Citibank in Taipei, and Deutsche Bank in New York. As a survivor of the 911 terrorist attack who was working at 130 Liberty Street on that day, William always pays special attention preparing comprehensive disaster recovery plans for his hotels. “It was quite an experience seeing how Deutsche Bank resumed trading in just a few days under those extreme circumstances. Having a complete plan in place does help tremendously,” says William。

Yarlane Chen

Chen Yarlane Taiwanese Opera Troupe Leader
: Yarlane is a versatile performing artist who has dedicated herself to passing down Taiwanese Opera. From 2018 to 2022, after four years of preparation, she produced, directed, and starred in the television opera "Lord Jiaqing and The Journey to Taiwan," which made her the first female actor in Taiwan to be nominated for and win the "Best Actor" award at the 57th Golden Bell Awards for drama programs, while playing a male role. Yarlane continuously appeals to all Taiwanese people to promote Taiwan's unique native theatrical art through various means and channels, ensuring the sustainability of local culture and the passing down of Taiwanese Opera for generations to come.

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