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Theme: Edge of Chaos

This event occurred on
November 20, 2022
Mangalore, Karnataka

The transition space between order and disorder. This zone is a region of bounded instability that engenders a constant dynamic interplay between order and disorder. It’s at this zone where the perfect amalgamation of these entities exists. Our speakers for the evening are the same, having mastered the interplay between these contrasting systems of order and chaos. Their recitals are an important counsel to us that by mingling method with madness in the right proportions we have the ability channelize our innate energies and keep the universe in our palms.

K S Hegde Auditorium
Mangalore, Karnataka, 575018
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University (What is this?)
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Ajanta Dey

Ajanta Dey is committed to building strategies as well as designing, and implementing projects for ecological conservation. Her work includes restoring the mangroves in the Sundarbans, on which the lives and livelihoods of the coastal communities depend, especially since the tropical cyclone of 2009 hit the area. She will take the stage at TED×Nitte DU 2022 to speak about where the world stands today, at the edge of a chaotic one-sided war with the environment, an edge that while others tiptoe on, she dares to jump across. With this talk, she intends to take all of us with her to the other side, the greener side.

Bijoy Ramachandran

Architect and urban designer, Bijoy Ramachandran, is the co-founding partner at Hundredhands, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Bangalore and established in 2003. The studio’s approach is grounded in the search for contextually appropriate solutions. The work seeks to identify appropriate metaphors for the particular exigencies of a project and our larger identity as a people - a search for ‘the beautiful idea’. Metaphors are fundamental to architecture and these are to be found in the unlabelled, the unsaid, the ambiguous and the liminal, between program, and at those thresholds between the realm of architecture and the world around.

Bose Krishnamachari

Contemporary Artist, Curator, Kochi Biennale Foundation President
An icon in the world of art, Mr Bose Krishnamachari is a pioneer in his field, who aims to reflect his motto of “Art has no rules” in all his work, a lot of which is inspired by his abstract perspective on the experiences he’s had in life. With a flair for the contemporary, he tames the chaos of the world with a stroke of a brush, and is also a maestro with sculptures and multimedia installations. He envisions using the red circle to help us explore how he translates the chaos of the world using the language of art and how art is expanding in parallel with science and technology. A man who has orchestrated massive international events like the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Mr.Bose is certainly a formidable addition to our assortment of speakers for TEDxNitteDU 2022.

Colonel Rajeev Bharwan

Indian Army Veteran
An officer having a sound professional attitude with pride in personal performance, having a reputation of moving even dead stones. With over 21 years of experience commanding regiments under the most physically demanding and mentally exhausting conditions. He also commanded the elite infantry/ strategic specialized airborne regiment and was involved in counter-insurgency operations in different parts of the country. From Airborne forces to combat in Assam, Manipur, Africa, Col. Rajeev Bharwan is hoping to share all his incredible experiences.

Jnanesh Salian

Sports photographer, Entrepreneur
Meet Jnanesh Salian, A passionate sports Photographer and an entrepreneur. He intends to translate the theme, ‘Edge of chaos’ through the lens of his camera.Sports itself is an ordered field of chaos and he strives to find his own transition zone. It would be wonderful to hear about his perspective on how the world is not a race track. We, humans are too busy planning how to win the race of life. Blessed with the ability to capture what the naked eye misses, He will talk about ‘THE POWER OF PAUSE,’ the one we all must take in order to keep a check on ourselves as well as appreciate all that is around us

Prajval Shastri

Her work is based on elements of space, especially black holes. Black holes are chaotic systems, with her work she tries to find order and reasons with the processes, operations and origins of structures present in space. She acts as a portal between disarray and order and enlightens us about how there is order in disorder. Astrophysics is an intangible realm, and many people don’t take it up as a career. She has set an example of how one can choose it to become theirs. Her ability to simplify abstruse concepts has intrigued us, which makes her apt for this event. Furthermore, the evolution of space and the formation of stars is a concept that is a grey area, and she has the potential to make it more transparent. Her tale of success which came into being by balancing these opposing forces would be an incredible one.

Rishabh Jain

Content creator, Labour law expert
Rishabh Jain, uses his channel ‘Labour Law Advisor,’ to spread awareness regarding Labour laws, finance, and common frauds that baffle even the most educated. We believe he fits into our sub theme of - “Non-Linear Impacts” as he uses social media, an unconventional medium, to create an impact amongst his subscribers about real life issues that have a long-term, life altering impact. He stands firm with his unprecedented thoughts about how one should not conform to the notions set by popular trends & influential individuals in the society. With his philosophy of ‘each individual’s money is unique,’ we feel that he would be able to make an influence on our audience.

Shailaja Padindala

The Bengaluru based filmmaker arrived on the scene with a 10 minute short film, and now stops at nothing after clinching the best film award at the prestigious tasveer south Asian film festival for her debut feature "Naanu Ladies", the first kannada feature film about a love story of two women( to be released soon). As she deconstructs the stereotypes within a typical Indian family, our speaker wishes to throw light on the future of paternal roles - how family as a social institute can co-evolve with the modern society. She wishes to establish equity within all genders so that they can play the role of parents with a fair share of power.

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