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Theme: Expanding Perspectives

This event occurred on
March 29, 2023
Ibiza, Illes Balears (ca)

TEDxDaltVila aims to bring together the local community of Ibiza to share ideas. It is time for Ibiza to be recognized as an island full of innovators, change-makers and inspiring people. Together we will create a place for citizens of the world to gather, commune and exchange ideas. Ideas which create trends, breed solutions and ultimately make a positive difference in the world. TedxDaltVila is going to be the next great place to share your idea that is worth spreading – a new idea that inspires, educates and entertains.

Can Ventosa
Avinguda d'Ignasi Wallis
Ibiza, Illes Balears (ca), 07800
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After 20 years writing words for music Ben is now writing a series of three historical novels drawing on Ibiza's ancient Phoenician settlement. 'Pine Tree Island' was published in 2021, the second novel is recently complete.


Benjamin De Loenen is a filmmaker turned changemaker when in 2001 he started producing a documentary called “Ibogaine-Rite of Passage” about an African traditional plant called Iboga and its process of globalization for addiction treatment. In 2009 he founded the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the complexities of Indigenous medicine globalization, in particular ayahuasca and iboga and the cultures and communities involved. He has been on the board of the Iboga Therapist Alliance. Since 2017 he has focused his work on relationship building with Indigenous community and spiritual leaders of different Peoples, mostly in Colombia and Peru and in 2022 came together under Indigenous Leadership with different partners for the creation of the Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund, a new relational philanthropic model that brings together global funders behind the leadership of Indigenous traditional knowledge-holding communities and their processes of repairing and protecting the planet, their territories, their traditional knowledge and sacred medicines.


Born and raised on the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza, Cesar Mayol is an entrepreneur who runs various projects. The first, launched in 2014, is Ibizaloe, a family business dedicated to certified organic cosmetics made with aloe vera from their own plantations in Ibiza. Another project, which started in 2017, is a construction company that builds new homes on the island of Ibiza at affordable prices, whilst carrying out sustainable practices during the building process. Perhaps the most original project, Bibo Park, which opened its doors in 2020, is the first botanical and biotechnological Park in Europe. Located in the center of the island of Ibiza, you will discover a beautiful display of the flora of Ibiza and Formentera in its own natural habitat blended in with cutting-edge biotechnology, where for example, you will find the first vegetal piano in the world.


Comedian, actor, clown, Charlotte Fox brings her sassy, psychedelic and surreal comedy antics to Ibiza. An alumni of Soho theatres galaxy of rising stars, she’s recently appeared on BBC1 Prime Time TV, hosted The Atrium Stage at Wilderness Festival, performed in shows at Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe (5*). She has also collaborated with BBC Radio 4 on award-winning show The Skewer and is delighted to be part of the TEDxDaltVila squad. It is going to be unforgettable show and we can't wait to see you


Holiday Phillips is a speaker, writer, organisation and community advisor devoted to moving us from oppression to liberation and disconnection to love. Threading together philosophy, mythology, mysticism and culture she offers countercultural perspectives on topics like race, feminism, justice, death and love. As an advisor she has supported organisations including Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Visa and the BBC. She is a leading voice in conversations around diversity, inclusion and racial equity, with frequent talks worldwide and several read essays including the viral “Performance allyship is deadly” read over 2 million times to date.


Jeremy has been passionate about sustainability and consciousness for 20+ years. He is Head of Impact at Rede Partners, a leading fundraising advisor. In 2008 he co-founded Berkeley Energy a private equity firm focused on renewable energy. In 2000 he co-founded CDP, the world’s leading environmental disclosure system, now supported by $130 trillion of AUM. In 2009 he became a founding member of the Ibiza Preservation Fund's Patronato, and a founding advisory board member of Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise and Environment. Jeremy has an MBA from London Business School, and BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


Theatre of the Ancients brings to life the myths, folklore and traditional culture of Ibiza through puppetry, masks and arcane visual storytelling devices. Established in 2015 by the British artist Joanna Hruby, the company’s ritualistic performances honour the timeless, mythical essence of Ibiza, in an attempt to heal the cultural damage inflicted on the island by mass tourism and globalisation. This TEDx performance features a musical score by Pere Verges Coma, and a film by Enrique Villalonga Juan which captures the dancer and performance artist Ines Sarmiento Huerta.


John Brevard is an American architectural designer and artist who is inspired by the principles of natural order. Following a near-death experience that left him without memory prior to age 14, Brevard became fascinated with fractals, sacred geometry, biomimicry, and the subtle energies of spaces. His curiosity led him on a journey of research that has influenced his practice and design philosophy. Brevard’s vision for the future lies in creating architecture aligned with natural order that blurs the lines between self and other.


Jorge N. Ferrer, PhD. is a clinical psychologist, author, and relationship counsellor. He served as professor and department chair at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. The author of several books, including Participation and the Mystery: Transpersonal Essays in Psychology, Education, and Religion (2017), Love and Freedom: Transcending Monogamy and Polyamory (2021), and Novogamia: Más Allá de la Monogamia y del Poliamor (2022), he was a member of the Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory and Research and an advisor to Religions for Peace at the United Nations. Learn more at www.jorgenferrer.com


Lilian Simonsson worked as an independent film maker across Europe for 15 years. After volunteering in the Calais Jungle from 2015-16, she co-founded Enthum House in the UK: Providing safe homes, 24/7 trauma-informed support, empowerment and cross-cultural integration for unaccompanied young people seeking asylum.


Lucian Tarnowski, Founding Curator, United Planet & UP.Game United Planet is a thriving Gaian civilization in harmony with all life. The UP Game is a time traveling immersive reality to create mythologies from the United Planet. Lucian is spent 2 years designing a platform for a planetary unifying narrative to respond to the crisis of meaning and trust. Lucian believes we succeed by reverse engineering the story from the future. Lucian is a Gaian on a mission to serve the birthing of the Planetary Age.


María Garcia is an artist, dancer, choreographer and producer. She is the founder and director of the dance production company “Lola”. Her latest productions include the flamenco dance musical “Lola” and the flamenco dance show “Vivaldi Flamenco”, which debuted in December 2021. Maria has also been directing her own flamenco dance school in Frankfurt since 2008. Lucas Ballejos, 27 years old, born in Argentina. He is a multifaceted artist who dances, trains acrobatics, creates music and teaches Parqour. He is also the founder of "B-Fluid Ibiza". A movement dedicated to young people to activate motor skills and apply the competition against oneself and not against others. Mimi Winters, is a 17 year old student at The Learning Project Ibiza.


Marina Kestner Pavlock was born in 2007 in Montana where she spent a substantial amount of her life. Immersed in a self-directed democratic school environment from the age of seven she is well versed in the benefits of what this model has to offer. Marina now lives in Ibiza, leading the way for a new democratic community called The Learning Project. As one of the older and more experienced students, she is paving the way for the rest of the community and helping to carve out the culture and foundation on which it is built.


Author + EdTech Founder
Marina Magdalena is a dynamic social entrepreneur who is making waves in the world of education. As the founder and CEO of Imaginarium Academy, she is passionate about releasing young people into the world of visual and performing arts. Marina's infectious enthusiasm for her work comes from her natural curiosity about how people learn, a passion that has been fueled by her own experiences as a home-educating mother. Marina's leadership of Imaginarium Academy has been marked by a commitment to innovation and a focus on nurturing creativity in her students. Under her guidance, the Academy has become a hub for children and young people who are eager to explore their artistic talents and discover new ways of expressing themselves. In addition to her work with Imaginarium Academy, Marina is the author of the “Antigone Kingsley” series, a collection of novels for older children and tweens.


Neliana is an awarded designer, entrepreneur, and innovator with a deep care for transparency in fashion. Her expertise in sustainable innovation and technologies is weaving solutions to accelerate positive impact in the fashion industry. Graduated from the University of the Arts London with a BA in Fashion Design and a Master's in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, she has 15+ years of experience working for renowned brands, startups, and, NGOs whilst committed to her mission — Empowering the fashion community to step into as active citizens powered by digital tools to demand transparency and accelerate positive impact. Founder & CEO of 'A Transparent Company.


Nicc Johnson is a musicologist and serial entrepreneur who has worked in music for the last 20 years. Originally from the Netherlands and raised in Spain, Nicc became a professional DJ in Ibiza at the age of 16. In his mid- twenties he became a resident DJ at Pacha Ibiza. Nicc was able to travel the world as a DJ and saw first hand the impact music had on all humans. Through these experiences Nicc became eager to learn more about the psychological and physiological impact music has on the human brain. His interest led him to Musicology studying music etymology and music taste.


The acclaimed artist and songwriter has come a long way - both experientially, musically and philosophically. Musician, composer and producer, Nick Mulvey’s work pushes boundaries in songwriting and sound, music both traditional and experimental, acoustic and electronic. A founding member of the award-winning British collective Portico Quartet, he left in 2011 to concentrate on his own material. Once solo, he released the Mercury Prize nominated debut album First Mind in 2014, and 2017’s celebrated Wake Up Now, along with a number of EPs. On his most recent album, New Mythology, our shared humanity becomes common sense and this humanity and the natural world are enmeshed. The possibility of flourishing futures becomes real. It was recorded during the pandemic in Paris with renowned producer Renaud Letang at Studio Ferber. Nick also credits his friends and family, teachers past and present who’ve helped him arrive at this point. Now Mulvey finds himself at the precipice of change and is ready to share his raw musings with the world.


Pablo Vidarte is the inventor and developer of Bioo, a biotech company focused on creating unique technologies to create a biotech world, involving biological reactors, living activators and plant bioluminescence among others. In the past, Vidarte has also led the development of hydrogen engines, geo-localization tracking hardwares, and evolutionary artificial intelligence software. With more than 117 internationally renowned awards, Vidarte was listed in the Forbes list at the age of 20. He’s led his company to prestigious recognitions including the Most Innovative Company of Europe in 2017 by the European Parliament and the Most Disruptive Company of the Year by Google in 2018 and South Summit.


Dr Rola is a multi-award-winning physician, humanitarian, campaigner, speaker, social entrepreneur and coach. She's the first Syrian TED Fellow and the founder of CanDo - a humanitarian organisation supporting frontline health and aid workers. She has helped build 7 hospitals in Syria, including the first-ever crowdfunded hospital, altogether serving over 4 million people. As a global advocate for health in conflict, her work has been featured in most media from the New York Times to The Daily Show including two BBC documentaries. Her online talks have been seen over 11 million times.


Ruth Ramsay is an adult sex educator and coach. She helps people understand who they are sexually, how their bodies and minds work, what they need and desire, and how to communicate that. Her style is upbeat, shame-free and pleasure-led. Ruth holds a coaching diploma backed with vast life experience. She won an Erotic Award for campaigning for the sexual rights of people with disabilities; was a striptease artist for 14 years; teaches exotic dance; and has been a sex journalist, activist and more. Her mission is for sexual energy to be recognised as a force for good.


Susie Pearl is an author, psychologist and brain cancer survivor.


Zandra Palma MD is an Environmental Medicine doctor and a writer/producer. She studied Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard as an undergraduate, received her medical doctorate from Columbia University, and did residencies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Most recently she completed Clinical Training in Environmental Medicine through EMEI. She is an avid creative and she loves making content that promotes information as medicine.

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