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Theme: TEDx Plattsburgh 4.0 Virtual Countdown Event IMPACT - Resilience for an Impactful Climate Action

This event occurred on
December 21, 2022
Plattsburgh, New York
United States

TEDx Plattsburgh 3.0 Virtual Countdown Event
IMPACT - Entrepreneurship for an Impactful Climate Action

How to turn Climate Anxiety into Resilient Actions?

Have you heard about the new global challenge? Climate-driven mental illness.

It is real and it has been shown that women are more likely to suffer from climate-driven mental illness, including eco=anxiety. Besides women face a greater risk than men of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following tropical cyclones in the US, Australia, and Myanmar.

Further, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) women are the largest single group of people to be affected by PTSD, and this is linked to a high prevalence of sexual violence worldwide. So this a perfect storm for women to have poor mental health, which does not only affect families but also societies and national economies.
It is not that women do develop different disorders from men, but it is their vulnerabilities socially that put them at a higher risk, thus increasing their susceptibility to climate change-related poor mental health.

On the other side of the coin:
• across 130 countries, women in government positions were more likely to sign on to international treaties to reduce global warming than men.
• women adopt innovative and preventative measures at a faster rate than men
• where women have higher social and political status, their countries have 12% lower CO2 emissions
“When women lose themselves, the world loses its way.`" Glennon Doyle

What is the Solution to Win?
As highlighted by Jules Chappel and Elisha London we need a global resilience plan to strengthen mental health and emotional resilience to break the vicious cycle whereby people are less able to cope with and adapt to the impacts of climate change, so that they can become increasingly more resilient when faced with further negative impacts.

Empowering women, youth, and people from diversity to become resilient leaders should lay at the core of that plan.

At this TEDx Countdown event we will:
1-Explore what mental resilience is
2- Have great insights and learn more about climate change and human resilience by Jules Chappel
3- Hear about why early childhood education can be one of the keys to climate resilience, as 50% of all mental health disorders start by the age by Evelyn Knight
4- Welcome great resilience models who work now on to help children become resilient

And we welcome you to ask your questions and share insights so we all can Learn-Act-Grow Together
- Are you one of those who believe in WOMEN, YOUTH, and DIVERSITY as the missing pieces of the success to have a Greener, Healthier, and More Equal World?
- Are you one of those who want to support a new generation of initiatives for Climate Action?
- Are you one of those who say `YES ` to Persistent Passionate Action for Sustainability Goals
Then, Come and Join us at TEDxPlattsburgh 4.0, we'll talk about all these topics and more:

- Dr Ayse Basak Cinar Lowe, Award Winner Coach 4 Leadership and Wellbeing/ Speaker/Sustainability, and
- Stephane Bilodeau, Eng., PhD, FEC, Chairman of Smart Phases Inc. and co-founder of the International SMEs Forum 4 SDG Acceleration.

Accompanied by an awesome set of international panellists for the exchanges and discussions.
- Jules Chappel is CEO of Kokoro, a not-for-profit that champions mental health as the foundation for a safer, kinder and more productive world. Kokoro supports initiatives at the intersection between mental health and the climate crisis. Formerly, Jules was CEO of London & Partners Events; She started her career as a UK diplomat, serving in Jordan, Iraq, the USA and Ethiopia. She was the UK's Ambassador to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador from 2009-2012. Aged 31 when appointed, she is the UK’s youngest ever Ambassador.
- Evelyn Knight is a Child Care Business Coach and the owner and director of Zoo'n Around. With degrees in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Psychology and Human. Development (with an emphasis in child development), she started working with children when she was 15 years old, and never looked back, now with over 15 years of experience in Early Education, helping children develop early skills and resilience in a sustainable way.

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