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Theme: The Choice Is Ours

This event occurred on
February 28, 2023
Kigali, Ville de Kigali

Built on the core value of inspiring positive change, TED is an event that brings together the world's leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline — technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, global issues, business, and development. The talks at the conference, called TED Talks, are then made available to watch for free on We are excited and looking forward to hosting an intergeneration of young and older people from Rwanda and beyond who will be availed an opportunity of giving a TEDx talk in which they would share their stories, ideas and problem-solving innovations with our TEDx community under the theme of “The Choice is ours “ in the spirit of ideas worth sharing.

Norrsken House Kigali
1 KN 78 St, Kigali
Kigali, Ville de Kigali, 1 KN 78 St
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ammar Karimjee

Senior Manager - GiveDirectly
Ammar Karimjee was born in Pakistan, spent many years in the US while growing up, and has lived in East Africa for the last 5.5 years, the vast majority of which have been in Kigali. Ammar works as a Senior Manager at an NGO called GiveDirectly, which delivers unconditional cash transfers to people living in poverty. He cares deeply about justice - and on a much less serious note - credit card points maximization. Be sure to ask him about South Asian food recommendations in Kigali - he's got a list that he loves sharing with everyone. Ammar attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University for his Masters's and Washington University in St. Louis for his bachelors.

Anand Tamboli

Anand Tamboli is an innovator, futurist, and a transformation wizard obsessed with bringing ideas to life and making them work for everyone. He helps people leverage emerging technologies, adapt, and develop an innovative mindset. The fact that Anand has a degree in engineering & business and has worked in a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures gives him a deeper understanding of the impacts of technology. He can see things with uniquely different lenses and knows how to work through them. As an executive coach for millennials and gen-Zs, Anand often works with entrepreneurs, helping make their ideas & strategies a reality. He also coaches high-calibre professionals and leaders for being innovative in their approach. In addition, he helps them build a sustainable ecosystem for a better future for their venture. Over the past 21 years, Anand has extensively worked with several Fortune 500 companies worldwide as a speaker or consultant. In addition, he was an innovation mentor for prestigious institutions such as Venture Cafe Sydney, CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization), and UNSW (University of New South Wales). He also volunteered as Hon. Treasurer of CSI (Computer Society of India) and as an active member of ACS (Australian Computer Society) for a few years. In 2019, IoT Hub Australia nominated Anand for the “IoT Pioneer” award, while the Consensus Group Australia honoured him with the “Best Author of the Year” award.

Ashaba Pride

Accountant, tax consultant & Recording artist

Carmen Mettler

Carmen holds a Business Science degree in Finance and a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting. She is the founder of Infinite Leadership, a consulting company that supports exponential change in organizations enabling clients to access new possibilities for growth and innovation. Carmen is a founding leader of the Evolve platform, a global online platform connecting members and leaders using an integrative approach to personal transformation. Carmen is a psychoanalyst in training at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich. Since 1998, Carmen’s impact has been felt by thousands of individuals on learning, leadership, team, and self-development journeys in learning institutions, business schools, universities, small, medium, and large businesses, including global listed companies and government and non-government organizations. Carmen has designed and facilitated transformational experiences for leaders across sectors as diverse as mining, manufacturing, public sector, retail, and banking. Carmen is committed to supporting clients, teams, and organizations through dynamic emergent processes to cultivate infinite mindsets and new ways of being, leading, and working. This enables clients to access new possibilities for growth, transform limiting patterns and habits, discover their talents, gifts, and unique purpose and contribution, unlock potential and creativity, challenge the status quo, shift paradigms, and build coherence, awareness, and presence. These are transformational journeys - journeys of discovery and exploration, tapping into resources including the hidden source dimension, science and ancient wisdom, intuition, imagination, direct experience, creative expression, and conversational and awareness-based technologies.

Christelle Ishimwe

Programme coordinator
Christelle Ishimwe is a programme coordinator at DelAgua and through this, she works directly with rural households to distribute improved cookstoves & educate them on the importance of clean cooking. She is is a firm believer that each one of us can create a positive impact within our communities.

Christian Kitumaini

Christian Kitumaini is an Investment Manager, Entrepreneur, TV show host, and Podcaster. He is a business leader passionate about growing and building companies using technology in Rwanda and East Africa. He runs a weekly business Tv show called “The 60x Business” that airs each Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday on national television interviewing CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs. He runs a podcast called “The School of business makers” interviewing guests from all over the world, running season 3 as of today. He is passionate about sharing knowledge, inspiring others, serving his community, and traveling. He has been featured 3 times on CNBC Africa sharing insight about business and entrepreneurship.

Damilola Fasoranti

catalyst coach and an award-winning social entrepreneur
Damilola Fasoranti is a catalyst coach and an award-winning social entrepreneur with a decade of experience across multiple sectors, helping young people and professionals to turn their education, gifts, and skills into solutions—jobs and enterprises—so they can overcome any barriers to development. Damilola is the Chief Catalyst at Prikkle Academy—a for-impact organization in Nigeria and Rwanda that uses open-source and personalized education to turn ideas, uniqueness, and knowledge into action. He helps professionals and organizations activate their skills, education, and expertise towards creating employment and positive impacts. He loves co-creating ‘chaos’ in the educational system, by creating ‘schools without teachers’ and decentralizing learning and action. He brings creativity, innovation, agency, and action into his learning facilitation.

Delah Dube

Poet, Singer & Creative
Delah is a seasoned performer with a boisterous portfolio Her art has been used to convey messages of creative innovation. wellness, women empowerment, and human rights advocacy relatable to global audiences

Dr. Dimitrios Tsoukas

Director 5th Orthopaedic Clinic for Advanced Arthroscopic Sports and Regenerative Surgery, MITERA Hospital Athens.
Dr. Dimitrios Tsoukas is an Orthopaedic Surgeon from Athens Greece specialising in Sports Surgery and Regenerative Medicine. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA and he has been the Director of Sports Orthopaedic Clinics of the biggest private hospitals in Greece for the last 20 years. He is the Director of the Orthopaedic Clinic for Advanced Arthroscopic Sports and Regenerative Surgery of the MITERA Hospital Athens. He has been a doctor in charge of professional and National sports teams and a member of the medical committee of the European Volleyball Confederation. He is an international teacher for arthroscopic surgeries, he has been awarded for many innovative techniques in Orthopaedic regenerative surgery and he became a global instructor for Regenera Activa Spain, Harvest USA, T-LAB Turkey and Lipogems Italy regenerative techniques.

Genevieve Batman

Genevieve Batman started playing the cello at age 5. Since then, she has played in various universities, Italy, and Carnegie Hall. This past summer, she traveled with the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps as the first cellist in Drum Corps International.

Jaason Geerts

PhD (Camb) Director, Research and Leadership Development / Directeur, Recherche et développement du leadership
Dr. Jaason Geerts is the Director of Research and Leadership Development at the Canadian College of Health Leaders and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at The Bayes Business School, University of London (UK). Jaason completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge on leadership for professionals after two Master’s and a teaching degree at Cambridge and the University of Toronto respectively. His work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC national news, and international peer-reviewed journals, and the model of leadership in a crisis that Jaason and colleagues created is the basis for a recent $450,000 CAD Government of Canada research grant (CIHR). He has also served as an advisor for the World Health Organization on pandemic recovery. He is a program director and instructor in executive education at the Telfer School of Management (Ottawa) and the Schulich School of Business (Toronto). Jaason was nominated for the Toronto Star’s Teacher of the Year.

Jean Eric Niyitanga

Author and Co-founder & CEO "Genius Africa"
Jean Eric Niyitanga is a Rwandan author, physician (in training), social entrepreneur, and Professional speaker. His popular book "The 4 Genius Windows" unfolds 4 typical ways we, humans, interpret the world. With his co-author and friend late Frank Rubaduka, Eric co-founded Genius Africa with the mission to revolutionize knowledge sharing in Africa through books and courses to equip young people with the mindset and professional skills required to stand out in the information age and volatile future work ecosystem powered by automation. He believes in knowledge-sharing as an engine for community transformation. Through Genius Africa, Eric has spoken to over 1000 university students and young professionals on personal development, digital literacy, and effective professional communication. He is passionate about the future and seeks knowledge on what the human race should be doing now to prepare for the future.

Kavumbi Dust

Disc joker, Music producer
Kavumbi Dust is a Multi-disciplinary artist, Performer, and social activist: Dancer Choreographer, instructor, mentor, Disc joker, Music producer, Composer, and Sound installation based in Kigali Rwanda. He has been part of and contributor to promoting urban dance in his community as the first generation after the genocide against Tutsi and a founder of Funky Friday a weekly electronic Music event that is promoted through art, culture, activities, food, and education.

Konstantinos Karypidis

Konstantinos Karypidis is a psychotherapist and change management expert. In 2022 he was ranked among the Top 50 Global Thinkers on Change Management. With a diverse background ranging from writing children's stories to consulting for multinationals and CEOs, he has dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible to live a full and meaningful life.

Liliane Nsengiyumva

Blogger and Partnership expert
Liliane is a proficient facilitator, blogger, public speaker, and expert in partnerships. She earned a bachelor's degree in real estate management and valuation from the University of Rwanda. Liliane is enthused by women's advancement in the workforce. She is currently the Partnership Manager at Resonate, an East African organization that promotes women and girls where she has worked for more than 5 years, She has expertise working with women and girls and was formerly employed by the women-led non-profit Ishyo Arts Center.

Manzi Mbaya

Dancer, choreographer and creative director
Manzi Mbaya is Dancer, choreographer, and creative director from Kigali, Rwanda, He is also the Founder and Creative Director of The Journey Space, a creative multimedia studio that produces podcasts and video content, since 2020.


Professional dancer and dance teacher
NICOLAS Mutima Yanece is a professional dancer and dance teacher who lives in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has 11 years of professional experience artistic field of Dance, for him, dance is one of the best ways to express or show his past through movement because with the movement he expresses joy and anger. In his professional career, he has done several dance competitions in his country and in East Africa. he also creates dance and artistic shows. For him, dance is a tool of expression because in his artistic field he is a Messenger!

Nsengiyumva Amani

Bone break dance artist & storyteller.
Farmer Fame is contemporary, HipHop, bone break, and House dancer. He is a founder and artistic director at DIALOGUE CONNEKT. an art initiative that works with a mission of connecting regional east African dancers and artists in order to share their artistic skills with a community of vulnerable children and teach them how dance and art can transform their lives mostly through the power and spirit of dance. He taught 200 street children how to dance as a healing process because of the different backgrounds and stories from their families and taught those all children how to do different handcrafts in a way of showing them how to make a form of income and solve some of their problems with no begging, stealing people passing on the streets. It’s an educational journey of two years and a half.

Olivia Promise KABATESI

Founder & Country Director, Empower Rwanda
Olivia is an enthusiastic Rwandan Feminist whose Vision is to empower girls and women especially the less privileged, have their voices heard, their rights respected & their lives socio-economically transformed. She is a seasoned advocate of Girls’ & Women’s Rights, a committed fighter of Gender Based Violence with exceptional negotiation & inter-personal communication skills in a multi-cultural environment and development programming all of which completes her professional cycle. Her feminism advocacy career span 9-year experience, working with Development Partners including UN Agencies like UNDP & ILO, USAID and Rwandan Government counterparts like Rwanda Governance Board and Media High Council and corporate bodies that are involved in corporate social responsibility. In this regard Olivia has worked with multi-communication corporates such as MTN, TIGO and Banks. Out of her exceptional passion to defend the defenseless, especially women and children,

Rolande Pryce

World Bank Country Manager

Tinna Hallgrímsdóttir

Environmentalist & Climate Change Activist
Tinna Hallgrímsdóttir is an Icelandic youth activist in the field of environment and sustainability as well as working as a sustainability specialist. Tinna has a BSc in Industrial engineering and an MS in Environment and Natural Resources. Currently, she is the chairperson of the Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association,Iceland's youth representative to the Nordic Expert Group for Sustainable Development, and Iceland’s rep. at the Youth4Climate summit. Furthermore, Tinna is a member of the Icelandic Climate Council, appointed by the Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate, as well as a member of Iceland's Sustainability Council. Tinna previously held the position of Iceland’s Youth Representative for the UN in sustainable development as well as being the vice-representative in human rights. Tinna has been awarded for her work, but she was elected Member of the Year 2021 by The National Youth Council of Iceland.

Yesika Aguilera

Founder of Clocky App
Yesika Aguilera is a technology business expert with more than 10 years of experience, who has twice been recognized by Forbes30Under30. She is the Founder of Clocky App, a technology company focused on increasing productivity and health with artificial intelligence. She has also Co-Founded Tespack, a company with more than 30+ international awards focused on mobile energy solutions for remote areas, supporting governments, rescue teams, and NGO projects in remote areas

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Saddam Hussein

Kigali, Rwanda
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