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Theme: Countdown

This event occurred on
December 31, 2022
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Knock knock,
Who’s there?
Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint who?
The one you left to scorch the earth.
In the era where industrialization and development are at their peak, we are at a stage where it is mandatory need for us to take a step back and look at how we have been exploiting the home given to us by nature. Here comes the role of our featured event called TEDxPrahladnagar COUNTDOWN.
This event is all about spreading a word of awareness to the ones ignorant that mankind is at the edge of entering into an era where it is threatening its very own survival by overcooking the resources available in nature. COUNTDOWN provides a platform for influencers, industrialists, and orators to amplify a word of information, a word of advice, or a cautionary warning on a global scale to make people aware of our degrading environment and to give birth to an urge in them to save our home and save nature.
As Robert Swan says, “The greatest threat to planet earth is the thought that someone else would save it.” With this event, we intend to spread a call to humanity and draw its attention to the need to take the matter into our own hands and contribute to this movement at a personal level.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380015
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Countdown (What is this?)
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Ahmedabad, India


Ahmedabad, India