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Theme: Entrepreneurial Spirit

This event occurred on
March 7, 2012
4:00pm - 6:30pm WET
(UTC +0hrs)
Coimbra, Coimbra

Entrepreneurial Spirit
What inspires people to leave behind certainty to pursue their vision through creativity and entrepreneurship?
The impact entrepreneurs and their ventures have on society at large, both in quantitative as well as qualitative terms, is very significant. The primary entrepreneurial contributions to society can be summarized in five main categories:
1. Entrepreneurship as an expression of a person’s unique vision, creativity, purpose and fulfillment in life.
2. Creation of material wealth as measured in shareholder value.
3. Innovation through new products and services as well as in stimulating competitiveness in the economy.
4. Job creation through venture employment and additional creation of jobs in supplier and customer companies.
5. Contributions to the quality of life in the local community.
People frequently choose entrepreneurship because they see an opportunity in the market or they see it as a preferred alternative to employment or unemployment. Some people make the decision based on both motives.
To better understand entrepreneurial people that are active in venturing, it is valuable to look at what specific elements stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in people.
Finding what are these elements is the aim of this TEDxCoimbraSalon.

Auditório do ISCAC
Quinta Agricola - Bencanta
Coimbra, Coimbra, 3040-316
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Coimbra, Portugal

Ana Arromba

Cantanhede, Portugal
  • Carlos Franco
  • Ricardo Cruz
  • Carlos Barradas
  • José Castro