x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Big Questions

This event occurred on
June 5, 2023
Hofuf, Ash Sharqīyah
Saudi Arabia


Anjal Auditorium
Aseefa Street
Hofuf, Ash Sharqīyah, 36291
Saudi Arabia
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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AbdulAziz Al Ahmed

My Name is AbdulAziz, I’m 15 Years old (grade 10).

Abdullah AlMaghlouth

Al Anjal international school student, 15, born and raised in Al ahsa, intrested in tech, medicine, and more.

Abdullatif AlAli

Im a 10th grader student in alanjal school who is trying to always improve himself

Abdulrahman Fuad Alnaim

My name is Abdulrahman Alnaim. I’m 16 years old, so I’m a tenth grader. I’m in Al-Anjal school. I live in Al-Ahssa (Saudi Arabia). I like playing several sports, but the most sport I enjoy is Padel. I can proudly describe myself as a hard-working person because of the things I achieved during my whole life, especially this year such as giving a speech about volunteering infront of the deputy governor of Al-Ahssa and tens of other people.

Alhour Ashraf Alhajji

" Hello, I’m Alhour Alhajji from 10th grade in Al-Anjal International School. I am a bit confident so in TedX performance, I will have my first stage performance and I hope to have a great time when I'm producing the work that I did and I’m proud of. "

Ali Al Ramadan

My name is Ali Al Ramadan, and I’m 15 years old . I was born in a Ahsa and lived in it. Im from the Al-Anjal school. And My interest is gaming, because of that I gave the talk about gaming.

Ali Bujbarah

My Name is Ali Bujbarah, I am from Saudi Arabia from Al- Ahsa city. I am 16 years old in grade 10/A in Al-Anjal school and I am Mawhiba program student.

Aljouhara almousa

Hey!! I'm Aljouhara, if you told me 5 years ago that i’ll speak in front of hundreds of people i wouldn't believe you.

AlZahraa Albeladi

I’m AlZahraa. I’m a thrill-seeker ! I am heading to commit one of my dreams, which is doing public speaking in English. Everyone becomes surprised when I say this is one of my dreams. They say it’s scary and overwhelming. And yes I agree with them but there is something beautifully different in this activity.I think people who watch horror movies will understand the thrill I am talking about because it is nearly the same.

Ayah Alhajji

Hello there! I’m Aya and if I have to describe my past 16 years with a word I’ll say opportunities, a train of chances. Life taught me to never give up, and to always fight for my try dreams. Life also has slapped me with failures and disappointments, but I’m still here alive and taking my nth chance to present a TEDX speech. I believe that I’ll change the world someday.

Dana Alafaliq

hello, I'm dana from grade 10, it's my first time performing in Ted-x and I am really looking forward for this experience and trying new things in life.

Firas alyahia

I'm a 15 year old student in alanjal school in Al hassa I'm in grade 10 and I like drawing and playing video games

Jana Ali Alali

Hello, my name is Jana Alali, and I'm a tenth grader who is ready to confront her fear, give her first TEDx speech in front of an audience, and keep pursuing her aspirations.

Jinan Alali

Hello, my name is Jinan Alali, and I'm a tenth grader. If you had told me a few years ago that I would give my first Tedx speech in front of an audience and confront my fear, I probably would not have believed you. Yet here I am.

Kadi Alboobaid

Γεια! I’m Kadi, a sophomore in Alanjal International Schools. Oneself, focus, discourse, are all philosophical topics we all would be interested in knowing the golden advices regarding them. Wouldn’t you like one of the greatest philosophers to guide you through such important subjects? Herein comes my role as representing Socrates of the greek athenians and the founding father of Western philosophy. As Socrates always did and said “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.’’ Stay tuned for me raising question for my students or as I like to call them these inquisitive young minds that are going to share their ideas with you and demonstrate wonder, the first stage of wisdom.

Khalid Aldajani

"I was born in 2007 Feb. 14 and spent my Pre-toddler days in Malaysia before shortly going to live in Saudi Arabia. I was enrolled in the Anjali School at a young age and was lucky to meet a lot of really kind classmates that are still in my class! I now spend my time training for Qudarat hoping for a great mark, maybe try to learn a new skill, and occasionally play with my friends. "

Leen Almalki

Hi everyone, my name is Leen a 10th grader in Al-Anjal International School. Since the 5th or 6th grade, I have waited for this moment to be presenting in Tedx! And yeah the moment is coming. When I was younger I thought that Tedx consisted of deep, rooted, and complicated themes. Also, thoughts of people being bored by speeches they are hearing . But reality said NO ! Tedx can be an interesting and great place to gain enriching information from . Or simply, you can find people who have the same points of view as you .

Luay Bukhamseen

Hello I’m Luay Bukhamseen I’m 16 years old I’m from Al Ahsa I’m in grade 10A from Al Anjal International school I like football , video games , technology I’m an energetic person I like spending time with my family about my grades it’s good

Majd Aljuwaiber

Hello, I’m majd, I’m 15 years old, and Im a grade 10 student in Al Anjal national school. I focus on the psychological aspects in life, which aids me to understand and analyze deep and complicated topics that need further explanation.

Maria Bohlegah


Mohamed Moataz

I am Mohamed Moataz I am from Egypt and I am 15 years old, I live in Saudi Arabia specifically in Al Hasa, I have been in Saudi Arabia since KG1 and know I am in Grade 10. I have went to many schools but know I am in Alanjal International School. I of my interests is cooking because it makes me feel relaxed and teaches me multitasking by making many stuff at the same time. I like to stay near to my friend and family and I like playing sport spicily football and table tennis. My idol is Cristiano Ronaldo because he works hard to achieve what he wants.

Mohammed alganam

I am Mohammed AlGanam, a grade 10 student in Al Anjal National School living in Saudi Arabia. I am always striving to achieve my academic goals. In my free time, I enjoy reading books and playing football with my friends. I aspire to pursue a career in the field of engineering in the future.

Mohammed Buzaid

I am Mohammed Khalid Buzaid I am 15 years old I am in grade 10 in Al-Anjal school

Mozon alabderhman

I’m a 10th grader who heard about TedX since I was a 6th grader and always wanted to do it

Rayan Ahmed Zazou


Renad Jaafar Alabdulmohsin

Hello, I am Renad, a 16 years old Alanjal high school girl. Im excited in doing my first tedx speech above stage and infront of audience.

Rimas Alotaibi

Hello, I’m Rimas ,a 15 year old teenager who’s more fascinated with the human mind than physical.It led me to understand the basis of human actions and behaviors. As a result, I have become passionate about exploring the field of psychology and its applications in the real world. I have spent countless hours reading books, watching lectures, and participating in online forums to expand my knowledge. I believe that by understanding the inner workings of the human mind, we can create a better society and improve the lives of those around us. My interest in psychology has also inspired me to pursue public speaking opportunities, where I can share my insights and ideas with others. I hope to use my voice to bring attention to important topics related to false memories

Saleh Alhafith

My name is Saleh Alhafith I am 15 years old I live in Alahsa Saudi Arabia

Sara Abdulaziz Almousa

Greetings! This is Sara Almousa, 15. I am but a humble vessel trying to do my best for our glorious country by spreading my philosophy as much as I can to anyone wise enough to listen. My greatest wish is for everyone to follow the same philosophy as I, life would be so much easier if it was like that.Yet public speaking for me is macduff on his way to dunsinane, and I’ve always been a Macbeth.

Wateen Almulhim

Hello this is Wateen Almulhim , a 10th grader in Alanjal International Schools , a high school student with big, big dreams. If I have to describe my preparations for this Tedx, I’d say nausea, anxiety, excitement and adrenaline; all knowing that the few minutes I’m standing on stage will make a huge impact on me. Can’t wait to make new memories with Tedx to look back at in the far future and smile!

Yousef Ahmed Al-Yousef

I’m student in Al-Hasa city at Anjal international school. I’m grade 10/A.

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